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Fun-Filled Friday: TSA, Yoga, Jump, Statins, Cholesterol, Hawaiian Atkins, Nourishing Diets, Thanksgiving

Posted Nov 19 2010 7:26pm

It’s been a busy, busy, busy week this week and I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like to. I’m trying to tie up some loose ends before Christine and I head down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida next weekend to get away for some rest and relaxation–just the TWO of us! It’s been about a year since we’ve done this and I can’t wait! One thing we will most certainly NOT be doing is flying with all the controversy surrounding the TSA screening process becoming more hands-on as of late. We considered driving to Charlotte or Atlanta to get a direct flight, but now we’ll gladly drive the 9-10 hours from Spartanburg, South Carolina to our final destination. I’m considering wearing this T-shirt the next time I do have to fly:

HA HA! Anybody wanna guess how fast I’d get kicked out of the airport with that shirt on? There are a lot of people outraged by what’s happening in airport screening lines now and leave it to Mike “The Health Ranger” Adams from NaturalNews.TV to take the most famous quote in the news this week (“If you touch my junk I’ll have you arrested”) to create a new rap song he calls “Don’t Touch My Junk.” This is actually a pretty entertaining video:

Oh my! It’ll be interesting to see how Thanksgiving holiday flyers respond to the special “love tap” treatment when they travel next week. Maybe we just all need to learn how to chill out and relax like this 89-year old yoga instructor named Barbara Lyon:

What an incredible woman! I love my yoga classes to help reduce stress and I commit to doing about two one-hour sessions a week along with the occasional Pilates and spin classes. While these may not help with weight loss, they’re perfect for relieving tension and the distractions of daily life. I’d love to have Barbara as my yoga instructor. But if she ever jumped out of a window a few stories up down to some mattresses , then I don’t think I’d follow. What’s really funny about this stupid human tricks video is the students are from the ultra-conservative Bible college Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. The kid was lucky he landed straight up because he could have been seriously injured. But I guess you think you’re invincible in your late teens. I don’t remember being that wild.

Something we know is dangerous for your body has got to be statin drugs . Here’s a humorous video once again from talking about this important subject:

The subject of cholesterol has come up quite a bit on my radar screen this week:

- Pharmaceutical company Merck is heralding an upcoming new breakthrough cholesterol drug called Anacetrapib that supposedly raises HDL cholesterol significantly while lowering LDL cholesterol. It is not a statin drug but the jury is still out on any side effects it may have. As excited as the medical community is getting about this new wonder drug which is still years away from hitting the market, the fact remains you can increase HDL cholesterol quite easily by eating MORE fat and your small LDL particles will reduce as well by simply REDUCING your carbohydrate consumption. Why wait on a pill when nutritionally you can make this happen right now?

- Speaking of those evil statins, a new study released this week from cardiologists at Johns Hopkins University says the popular cholesterol-lowering drugs are way overprescribed to those with very little calcium buildup in their arteries. Meanwhile, doctors still seem so clueless when it comes to treating “high” cholesterol and blindly prescribe statins to anyone who has a total cholesterol over 200. Keep your HDL above 50 and your triglycerides below 100 to insure your LDL-P is mostly the large, fluffy kind that are protective against a cardiovascular event. If I can understand this, then why can’t the really smart people with MDs and PhDs after their names get it?

- Regarding heart disease risk, it does seem the low-fat message that basically replaced saturated fat with carbohydrate (as my friend Nicki Anderson says has “created a world of carb addicts” ) is close to being history. At the American Dietetic Association conference this week a panel of experts, including Harvard’s Dr. Walter Willett challenged lipophobia head on stating the science supports a high-fat diet more than a low-fat one. Is this the beginning of the end of the low-fat diet craze ? We can only hope!

A friend of mine just returned from vacation in Hawaii where they obviously understand the importance of a high-fat, low-carb lifestyle and market it proudly in the restaurants there:

WAY COOL! Can you imagine if local mom & pop restaurants started posting signs like this in the continental United States from coast to coast? The big chain restaurants would have to follow suit to meet consumer demand. That’d be totally awesome. Of course, we could send Sally Fallon-Morrell to these companies to teach them about what a healthy diet is. Check out this 3-part video promoting sound nutritional principles called “Nourishing Traditional Diets: The Key To Vibrant Health.”

Amazing stuff! That’s not all the incredible quality low-carb diet and health information that caught my eye this week:

- My friend and fellow low-carb nutrition geek (and I mean that in the most affectionate of terms!) Adele Hite has penned a fabulous column entitled “Misled and Misfed: Bad Food Policies Mean Carbs Make Us Sick and Fat” that is a MUST-READ if you care about how nutritional policy in the United States will impact you and your family. It’s high time we get so fed up with the blatant ignorance of the science supporting carbohydrate-restriction that we do something about it and Adele is helping with this by being on the leadership of a new movement called Healthy Nation Coalition . Check ‘em out and get involved because this cause is too important to ignore!

- Speaking of the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines that are set to be released in a matter of weeks, be sure to check out this article published in the scientific journal Nutrition recently featuring a prestigious list of science-minded people who understand nutrition better than most. One of those experts is the great Brooklyn, NY-based biochemistry professor Dr. Richard Feinman who heads The Nutrition & Metabolism Society . Dr. Feinman gave a talk called “Saturated Fat and The Dietary Guidelines” at Wayne State University recently that makes a compelling case for a high-fat, low-carb nutritional approach. ENJOY these slides and be sure to check out my videos of Dr. Feinman’s talk from May 2010 at an N&M meeting in New York City .

- One more voice of reason about the government attempting to educate you on nutrition comes from one of my all-time favorites in the low-carb community Dr. Jonny Bowden . He penned an article called “Why You Should Never Trust The Government About Nutrition” that will have you outraged at the cozy relationship between big food corporations and those in charge of telling us what’s healthy to eat. This conflict of interest is summarily ignored by the general public totally oblivious to this fact. GREAT REPORTING, Jonny!

- The New York Times has finally given a voice to the incredible therapeutic effects of a high-fat, ketogenic diet for epileptics in their column this week called “Epilepsy’s Big, Fat Miracle.” While the media has often ridiculed this way of eating as being a “dangerous fad” with cardiovascular and cancer risks, it seems the work of people like Dr. Eric Kossoff and Dr. Deborah Snyder are having such a positive effect that they can’t help but report the amazing results! This is exactly the kind of news livin’ la vida low-carb needs to change public perception that it’s only about weight loss into a healthy way to treat and prevent disease. Once that happens, you’ll see low-carb living embraced as a healthy option for epileptics, diabetics, cancer patients, and more. We’re not far from seeing that happen.

- One of my favorite people in the low-carb community is Dr. John Briffa who recently appeared as a guest on my podcast to discuss his new book Waist Disposal. He’s making the rounds to some of the other low-carb podcasts now appearing this week on Dr. Robert Su’s “Carbohydrates Can Kill” podcast . I can never get enough of hearing Dr. Briffa espouse his support for the healthy low-carb lifestyle.

- Another fabulous new low-carb podcast I’m really digging right now is from a great guy named Hank Garner. He recently created the “Low-Carb Journey” podcast and invited me to be his very first guest . His second guest last week was FAT HEAD filmmaker Tom Naughton and this week he had fellow Atkins diet success story Kent Altena on to talk about his long-term triple-digit weight loss. If you’re not a subscriber to this podcast yet, then you owe it to yourself to go to iTunes and NEVER miss a show. For a brand new low-carb podcast, Hank is doing an extraordinary job!

- Wes Bertrand and Kevin Koskella from the “Healthy Mind Fit Body” web site (listen to my podcast interview with them earlier this year ) have compiled a list of “The 10 Most Important Blogs You Should Be Reading…if you care about your health” and my blog was listed among some of the most highly-respected health web sites out there from people like Robb Wolf , Richard Nikoley , Tom Naughton , Josef Brandenburg , Art DeVany , and others. THANKS for this very high honor guys!

- I recently had the opportunity to interview an awesome advocate of high-fat, low-carb living named Zoe Harcombe whose new book The Obesity Epidemic has been making quite a splash in the media. Here she is on FOX News in a segment called “Eat Your Fat, Not Your Vegetables?” My podcast with Zoe is set for Episode 427 on December 16, 2010.

- The Weston A. Price Foundation sent out an action alert this week urging the FDA to stop destroying raw cheese inventories on family farms . In late October, a farm in Missouri was ordered to destroy 50,000 pounds of raw cheese at a price tag of around a quarter million dollars because of an alleged risk of toxins present in the cheese. These kinds of raids are becoming more and more prevalent in recent months making it far more difficult for real food consumers to purchase the food they want to feed their families in these areas. Links are provided in the column if you’d like to help these farmers who have been unfairly raided.

- Wanna hear a scary fact I learned in this video about factory farming practices ? There are more antibiotics are used for animal food production in the state of NC than all of human medicine. Let that germinate in your brain for a while and see if it doesn’t motivate you to run to your nearest local farm to get some grass-fed beef next time you have an inkling for a steak!

- One of my recent podcast guests actually made it on The Dr. Oz Show this week talking about her low-carb weight loss success. Caroline Jhingory chatted with Dr. Oz sharing some of her favorite low-carb recipes and fat-loss tips with his audience as part of his show about “The Secrets Of The Skinny.” CONGRATULATIONS Caroline! You did awesome!

- Have you been itching to join us on The 4th Annual Low-Carb Cruise to Key West, FL, the Grand Cayman Islands, and Jamaica ? Then be sure to sign up no later than Thursday, December 2, 2010 to take advantage of our low group rate. After that date the price will be going up, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to hang out with the low-carb posse in May 2011!

And finally today with Thanksgiving coming up next Thursday, I thought I’d help get you in the holiday spirit early with this special stop-motion video that’ll bring a smile to your face:

CUTE stuff! Whatever your plans are for the Thanksgiving holiday, I hope you have safe travels to and from grandma’s house or whatever you’re doing. Christine and I will be sticking around the house since we’ll be hitting the road in about a week to head to Florida for our vacation time. I’m gonna be away from the computer and everything during that time so it’s gonna be glorious. Look for me to post a long list of new and exciting low-carb and health blogs later this week for you to gaze upon while we’re gone. HAVE A GREAT weekend and we’ll see you again soon!

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