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Fun-Filled Friday: The View, Muslims, Liu Wei, GMOs, Sugar, Animals, Beast, Storm

Posted Oct 15 2010 1:33pm

It’s one of my favorite days of the week again–FRIDAY!–and you know what that means. It’s “Fun-Filled Friday” time where I share all sorts of fun and interesting stuff that may or may not be related to diet, health, and fitness. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t care about seeing anything other than columns on nutrition and healthy living, then nobody’s making you read this–feel free to skip it and move on to something else for now. But for those of you who enjoy this post each week, I’ve got some pretty nifty stuff for you today. Come on…let’s go!

The whole world seems to be talking about the spat that happened over at The View yesterday when Bill O’Reilly was on as a guest. They started talking about the proposed “Ground Zero Mosque” when co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar became so upset they walked off the set when Bill opined that 9/11 was conducted by Muslims. Here’s what that exchange looked like in case you missed it:

Now that was an interesting turn of events. I understand what Bill O’Reilly was saying that all of the terrorists were Muslims and thus they were the ones who killed 3,000 Americans. But he definitely didn’t articulate it well enough to exclude the peaceful members of the Muslim faith from the “extremists” who committed this terrible act against our country. This debate about Muslims isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, there’s a new cartoon coming out called “The 99″ featuring Muslim superheroes who embody the various attributes of Allah . Could you imagine what the reaction would be if the cartoon was about Christian superheroes? Would there be silence or outrage? What do you think?

Did you see who won the 2010 “China’s Got Talent” competition this week? It’s a 23-year year old man named Liu Wei who doesn’t have any arms and yet he plays the piano masterfully–with his TOES! This guy is truly remarkable if you’ve never seen him perform. Check out his version of one of the most difficult songs in the world to play even with HANDS called “Flight of the Bumble-Bee.”

WOW doesn’t even begin to describe this! He also played “Mariage D’Amour” as part of the competition and this video shows English subtitles so you can understand what the judges and Liu are saying. This was his first audition on “China’s Got Talent”:

This kid proves one thing emphatically–if you have a dream to do something, then NOTHING will stand in your way if you are willing to put forth the effort to make it happen. Kudos to Liu Wei and congratulations on what is sure to be only just the beginning of a successful career playing the piano. INCREDIBLE!

You know how much I love originality and ingenuity when it comes to promoting a message and the good folks led by Mike “The Health Ranger” Adams at have done just that with a fantastic new music video rap called “Just Say NO To GMO”:

Oh no he didn’t! Yep, he sure did and I think he did it rather well, too! Learn more about Mike’s plan to have genetically-modified foods banned by clicking here . Now if we could only get the word out about how detrimental sugar is to weight and health despite efforts by sugar advocates that it’s completely harmless in “moderation.” Yeah right! These people DEFINITELY need to watch Brian McKenna’s 90-minute documentary “Big Sugar: Sweet, White & Deadly” detailing the sordid history of sugar and why it needs to be avoided like the plague:

It’ll be well worth your time to watch Brian’s documentary from start to finish when you get a chance. Okay, it’s time for some comic relief compliments of a UK-based BBC One television show called “Walk On The Wild Side.” This stuff is hilarious!

I’m officially hooked on that show! British humor is always such a treat. Have you seen the Disney classic “Beauty & The Beast?” It turns out the artist Glen Keane is a Christian and made a fascinating parallel with his transformation to faith in Jesus Christ with the change the Beast made becoming the prince. Check this out!

I love hearing the back story of things like this. Neat stuff! Alrighty, it’s that portion of “Fun-Filled Friday” where I’ve got all sorts of neat stuff to share in bunches, so here they are:

- Have you heard of the comic strip called “The Adventures Of EBEN AND SNOOCH?” The artists recently did a strip on mashed cauliflower that will have a true low-carber laughing hysterically!

- Did you catch the article written in the scientific journal Nutrition recently called “In the face of contradictory evidence: Report of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Committee” expressing concern over the upcoming 2010 Dietary Guidelines coming from the USDA? It’s awesome this got published in such a prestigious journal and don’t miss the corresponding commentary about this from Dr. Jonny Bowden , Tom Naughton , and J.P. Fanton . If you want to hear from two of the authors of that published report–Dr. Richard Feinman and Dr. Richard Wood– by Dr. Robert Su on his “Carbohydrates Can Kill” podcast .

- This column was obviously written by someone who doesn’t understand the way food responds inside the body of a diabetic. Claiming the body needs carbs and that consuming fruits will not negatively impact blood sugar/insulin levels just proves this point. And yet this kind of nonsense continues to get published for unsuspecting eyes to read and become misinformed. It’s the kind of thing that led the “No Minister” blog to share a column entitled “Why I Hate Nutritionists” last week. AMEN!

- Need a sugar-free, flour-free birthday cake? Check out this recipe from my sugar-shunning friend from “First Ourselves” named Karly Pitman.

- Is conservative radio/television show host Glenn Beck doing blind from the aspartame in his Diet Coke? That’s what this column is claiming. Is it possible?

- Did you catch this study comparing a lower-carb Paleo diet with a Mediterranean-styled, Western diet on diabetics/pre-diabetics with heart disease? The results show great promise for people who adhere to a real foods, low-carb nutritional approach and I give Dr. Steve Parker props for sharing this with me. If you know of other studies observing the impact of the Paleo diet on human diabetics, then e-mail Dr. Parker .

- Did you hear about the 14-year old kid who wore a breast cancer awareness bracelet to school who got into trouble for wearing it? What was so offensive? The slogan on the bracelet states “I LOVE BOOBIES.” As long as he is honoring those stricken with breast cancer and not wearing the bracelet as a joke demeaning women with this terrible disease, what’s the harm?

- It seems as if people left and right are abandoning the vegetarian/vegan movement like the “Crunchy-Chewy Mama” blogger this week.

- Things like this should never happen in the United States of America where 50,000 pounds of raw cheese are destroyed because the FDA thinks it shouldn’t be sold to the public. This is nothing short of a travesty!

- Do you remember the low-carb Stallone protein puddings that were popular a few years back? Well, they went out of business about a year or so ago and now the creator of the formula for the pudding is suing actor/entrepreneur Sylvester Stallone for stealing his recipe and profiting from it. Two quick points: 1) Why wait until the product no longer exists to sue? and 2) But for the fact that Stallone put his name on all the marketing of this product it probably wouldn’t have seen anywhere near the sales it did.

And finally today, I wanted to share a video interpretation of an encouraging song I used to love playing when I was a Christian DJ back in the mid-1990s called “Sometimes He Calms The Storm” by an artist/songwriter named Scott Krippayne (who would later win the songwriting competition held by American Idol):

Wherever your life is right now, hopefully that song uplifted you today! That’s all I have for you in this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday.” THANK YOU so much for your continued support of the work I’m doing at the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog. I appreciate you immensely and consider it a privilege to serve you in this capacity each week. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you again soon.

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