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Fun-Filled Friday: Thanksgiving 2010, Christina Denton, Babies Eating Meat, Bridge, Walk Off Weight, Bacon, Paleo, Expialidociou

Posted Nov 25 2010 11:37pm

It’s “Fun-Filled Friday” time–THANKSGIVING-STYLED! The holiday season has officially arrived now and I love this time of the year although a lot of people who are attempting to shed some pounds get frustrated by all the temptations that come their way. If that’s you, then be sure to check out this encouraging video I made to help you survive it! Our Thanksgiving has been a good one today as Christine and I ended up going the non-traditional route by opting out of eating turkey and all that other stuff today. We went out to get some food that we enjoy and happily ate it–low-carb, of course! We’re leaving on vacation on Saturday morning, so we didn’t want to have turkey leftovers in our refrigerator for nearly two weeks! That wouldn’t be a pretty smell. This turkey shares the REAL reason why we like to have their meat on Thanksgiving:

HA HA HA! Tis’ true, tis’ true…although the dark meat has all the fatty goodness IMHO. One of my Facebook friends posted a video today that was quite apropos for celebrating what today is–albeit in a demented sort of way! It’s a memorable scene from the Addams Family Values movie that is oh so hilarious:

Leave it to Wednesday Addams! Cute. With Thanksgiving behind us, next up is the infamous Black Friday. Honestly, I kinda like going out to get a specific item I want or need during these sales because I pick what I want, get it and get out. This year I’m heading to Wal-mart at 5AM on Friday morning to get a 32″ flat screen HDTV for our bedroom for less than $200. There’s not much else in all the sales that interests me so it should be easy. A friend from my church shared this humorous look at all the day after Thanksgiving sales that happen:

Sad but true! Speaking of sad, I want to commemorate the loss of someone very special in the low-carb community this week. Her name was Christina Denton, sister of Ramona from the “Lovin’ It Low Carb” blog. Check out this moving tribute Ramona posted today to learn more about this amazing woman who I had the pleasure of knowing for a few days on the 2010 Low-Carb Cruise. She experienced complications from having a tummy tuck surgery and now she’s gone. What a free spirited, creative woman Christina was and we had some thought-provoking conversations about her hopes and dreams for the future. Remember Ramona and her family in your prayers and you can make a donation in her memory to the Nutrition & Metabolism Society . Here’s a pic of Christina and Ramona from the cruise:

Rest in peace sweet Christina! Shifting gears a bit, I recently interviewed vegan activist Dr. Neal Barnard on my podcast show where he made the bold assertion that “babies don’t want meat” and they’ll just “spit it out” when parents try to feed it to them. The response from my listeners to that one part of the interview led to an influx of some really cool photos that I just had to share in a YouTube video juxtaposed with that portion of my interview…having some fun! Check it out:

Hee hee! Sorry, couldn’t resist. When you make asinine statements like “babies don’t want meat,” then somebody’s gotta hold you accountable. Yeppers, that’s what I’m here for. At least I didn’t go ballistic like the WGN-TV morning news anchors who were waiting for a bridge implosion on LIVE television when they cut away just for a few seconds and missed it. It’s funny to hear grown adults sulking, crumpling up papers, and banging her hands. This is an instant classic:

If that’s the most exciting thing in their lives, then me thinks they need to take up a hobby or something. Wow! Now if she wanted something to REALLY get upset about, then it would have to be this “Walk Off Weight” program from Prevention magazine:

Hat tip to my friend and fellow low-carb blogger Carol Bardelli who posted about getting this e-mail about how you could lose 22 1/2 pounds in 8 weeks “without dieting.” She ran the numbers on this and figured it doesn’t add up. If you walk 2 1/2 mph then you’ll burn 204 calories each hour on a 150-pound person (you’ll burn more if you weigh more and burn less if you weigh less). If 3500 calories equals a pound of body weight, then it will take 17 hours of walking to burn off just ONE pound of weight off your body since this plan is “without dieting.” If you take the stated goal of 22 pounds and multiply it by 17 hours of walking, then that’s a total of 364 hours of walking between now and Christmas. Something tells me even the contestants on The Biggest Loser don’t even workout THAT much! Nice analysis Carol! A better weight loss plan that would be a whole heckuva lot more fun would be the BACON diet:

YEAH BABY! Seriously, though, one of the up-and-coming nutritional approaches that is gaining steam in the mainstream thanks to people like Dr. Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf and many others is the Paleolithic diet. The Paleo way of eating hearkens back to the days of our “hunter-gatherer” ancestors and people are flocking to it in droves. Here’s a fantastic three-part video series on Paleo eating:

Fantastic series! This should educate you on the basics of Paleo living. And finally today I have a pretty neat video done in the style of sine wave bass featuring the sights and sounds of the classic Disney movie Mary Poppins. This track called “Expialidocious” is awesome…ENJOY!

Ahhhhhh, good stuff! That’s about it for this special Thanksgiving 2010 weekend edition of “Fun-Filled Friday.” I’ll be gone next Friday while I’m on vacation, but I look forward to being back in town on December 6th and sharing more FFF stuff that Friday. HAVE AN AWESOME WEEK!

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