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Fun-Filled Friday: Taubes, Scene On 7, iPad 2, Video Screen Hack, Lipitor Paradox, Prescriptions

Posted Mar 18 2011 4:35pm

It’s my favorite day of the week here at the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog because we get to celebrate “Fun-Filled Friday” where I share stuff that’s fun, funny or incredibly interesting to me whether it’s related to diet, health and fitness or not. This is no holds barred baby where I share whatever I feel like, letting you know a little more about the man behind the blog, and all sorts of other great stuff. I’ve been doing this for several years at my blog, but I guess new readers don’t get what my Friday posts are all about based on the feedback from last week.

Some people criticized me for posting last Friday about the earthquake/tsunami tragedy that happened in Japan, but that was something that I felt was worth posting about because it interested me. It’s not that I thought it was fun stuff by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a tragedy that warrants our thoughts and prayers for the people impacted by this. Just because the name of the weekly post is “Fun-Filled Friday” doesn’t mean everything shared is just fun and games. Get a grip peeps and stop taking stuff so literally. Now, sit back, enjoy the ride and experience the rush of seeing all sorts of videos, images, and headlines that captivated my attention over this past week. Here we go!

After watching his appearance on the nationally-syndicated television program The Dr. Oz Show last Monday, I sincerely felt bad for Gary Taubes who was definitely shafted by the producers of the show as some whack job. Despite the fact that not everyone thinks Dr. Oz hung the moon , they certainly set him up that way as the great purveyor of nutritional wisdom. So I wanted to give Gary an uninterrupted platform for telling us what really went down behind-the-scenes of the taping of that show. Many of my readers were up in arms about a lot of things that took place on the program from the way Dr. Oz treated healthy low-carb living (that idiotic 24-hour diet experiment was a joke!) to Gary refusing to take the cholesterol test seemingly without a good explanation. That’s why I invited him to be a special guest on my podcast on March 17, 2011 in an exclusive interview to tell HIS side of the story that went much deeper than what people saw on television. Here’s a 3-part video of that interview featuring images from The Dr. Oz Show interspersed with Gary sharing about how his appearance was basically set up more for entertainment than education. Watch these videos and see for yourself:

Overall, I think Gary getting on Dr. Oz was a tremendous positive and the proof is in all the new people who have been contacting me since the program aired stating they Googled more information about him and found my blog, podcast, and other stuff. If that YOU, then welcome to the wonderful world of healthy low-carb living and get plugged into the amazing health benefits that await you when you start eating real, whole, delicious high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb foods to nourish your body and give you vibrant energy like never before. Eating this way has helped so many people not just lose weight (which is a nice perk!), but come completely off of medications, reducing or eliminating the need for insulin, and basically giving us our lives back. We are changed for the better because of livin’ la vida low-carb and will never be the same again!

One of the neat things I get to do because of my weight loss experience and turning it into a successful blogging/podcasting business is I am invited to appear on local television in my area from time to time as part of a rotating panel of people sharing their opinions about the news and headlines of the day. Most of the time there aren’t any health or nutrition topics discussed, but in my latest appearance on the “Main Event” segment of “Scene On 7″ on the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC CBS-TV affiliate WSPA, I got to chime in on a product sold in stores called lazy brownies. Here’s how that segment went when it aired on Friday, March 4, 2011 with host Kimberly Kelly and my fellow opinion-maker local DJ Jeff Lewis:

I enjoy doing these segments and love getting the chance to talk about stuff in a “live” format (although it is taped, they usually run it as is). This gives me good practice for when I will have more opportunities perhaps in the future to do more television. Here’s hoping! The only thing I hate is how Kimberly introduces me as a “fitness guru.” Ummm, no I’m certainly not that although I am a fitness nut. I’d describe myself as a passionate nutrition and health blogger who advocates for a carbohydrate-restricted lifestyle change–but I guess that’s too much of a mouthful so she sticks with “fitness guru.” Hey, call me Kermit the Frog if I can be on TV!

Well, I went and did it! Last Friday was the big release date for the latest gadget offering from Apple–the iPad 2. When I asked Christine what she wanted for her birthday in November, the first thing out of her mouth was “I want an iPad!” I tried to explain to her that a newer, much cooler version of the iPad would be out in early 2011, but she insisted. So I got her one late last year. However, I told her I was holding out on getting one for myself until they put a camera on it and that’s what they did with the iPad 2.

I weighed my options about where to purchase one on March 11, 2011 and initially placed my order with the Apple web site. But when I finished up with my work early last Friday, I thought I’d go down to my local Best Buy to see about getting one quicker since the Apple web site said mine wouldn’t ship for two to three weeks. When I got there at 4:00PM, there was a line of 100 people and all they had left were the 3G models. Since I wanted a 64 gig WiFi version, I left and decided to try Wal-mart on a whim.

When I walked in to the electronics section of my local Wal-mart at 4:55PM–just five minutes before they officially went on sale–there was no line and nobody seeming to wait. I asked the clerk at the register where the line for the iPad 2 was and she informed me that I was the first in line. YOU’RE KIDDING! She wasn’t and I stood right there waiting to get my hands on my new toy. Another guy who saw me walk away at Best Buy had followed me to Wal-mart and got in line right behind me. We were both happy campers since they only had 7 iPad 2 models for sale. This is gonna be a great investment into the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” business since I’ll be able to take more videos, do remote recording of interviews when I’m away from my computer, keep in touch better with my blog/e-mails away from home, and so much more! It’s well worth the money invested for what I do. If you needed more reasons to get the new iPad 2, then check out David Letterman’s “Top Ten Reasons To Buy The iPad 2″ he shared this week:

Good old Dave. What a dork! At least he didn’t claim to hack a video screen in Times Square in New York City like this guy says he did with an iPhone. Is it real or is it fake? What do you think?

This seems awful fishy to me. I’m calling his bluff because if he had this ability to hack a video screen just with an attachment to his iPhone, I would think they’d be trying to market this as a product to consumers. But I’d love to know what you techno-geeks out there think about this.

There’s a hilarious video making the rounds on Facebook this week about the cholesterol-lowering prescription drug Lipitor. It’s called “Lipitor Paradox” and features those cute robotic characters having a dialog representing a conventional wisdom physician and an informed patient. This is fantabulous:

That would be the “(insert country with the exception country here) paradox.” Bwahahahaha! Fantastic work naturopathic physician Dr. Tom Ballard from Pure Wellness Centers in Seattle, Washington. He’s also made another outstanding video promoting the healing benefits of taking more Vitamin D:

“Only crackpots don’t believe in vaccinations!” HAHAHA! Dr. Ballard is hilarious–and 100% on point. I’m contacting this guy to be a guest on my podcast sometime. He’s great! Let’s take a look at some curious low-carb news and health headlines from this past week:

- Have you heard about the Dukan Diet that’s been all the rage in France and about to debut in America? It’s being advertised as the French version of the Atkins diet, but from what I understand it’s a little more on the low-fat side of things than the original Atkins diet. While this Dr. Dukan describes the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins as a “legend,” he declares matter-of-factly “Atkins is dead.” Uh, yeah. What’s your point? I’ve been pursuing an interview with Dr. Dukan for well over a year and have known about the American invasion for most of the past eight months. But they won’t do any American media until the book is released in the United States–they said they’d contact me when that happens. We’ll have to ask Dr. Dukan about his high-protein, low-fat, low-carb approach that seems like a recipe for dietary disaster on face value. The Atkins diet is a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb nutritional approach, so I’m not sure why there are comparisons made to Atkins. The Dukan Diet sounds more like the South Beach Diet to me. I guess I’ll find out more if I get that interview. Stay tuned!

- I love seeing people who are of the Paleo/low-carb persuasion being given an opportunity to expand their horizons and have their columns published in places where people need to hear nutritional truth. Psychology Today has done that recently by adding in Dr. Kurt Harris from the “PaNu” blog and “Evolutionary Psychiatry” blogger Dr. Emily Deans to their lineup. Check out these incredible articles from Dr. Harris and Dr. Deans entitled “‘Cardio’ may cause heart disease – Part I” and “Your Brain On Omega 3″ that published this week. Dr. Harris appeared on my podcast during “Encore Week” in January and Dr. Deans and I will record a conversation next week for a podcast coming up likely in July. It’s great to see mainstream coverage of our message!

- There was a pretty good column on AlterNet this week entitled “Are Saturated Fats Really The Enemy?” by Sara Novak that makes some good points about how healthy saturated fats can be in your diet–and yet she still is stuck on the virtues of whole grains and warns that “high protein, meat based diets” are somehow unhealthy. Sigh. Will they ever FINALLY get it?

- Awareness of gluten and Celiac disease is certainly getting out there in the mainstream thanks to articles like “Clues to Gluten Sensitivity” published in The Wall Street Journal. Gluten sensitivity is a nice inroads to becoming more carb-conscious and leading people on the path of healthy low-carb living. I don’t wish any health problems on anyone, but it’s nice to see people discover the benefits of low-carb living when they begin making dietary changes to control their Celiac disease.

- The tide is indeed turning against the low-fat, low-cholesterol, give sugar/fructose a free pass diet that’s been thrown around out there for far too long. One of my readers shared with me a review paper entitled “Is the metabolic syndrome caused by a high fructose, and relatively low fat, low cholesterol diet?” that concludes physicians should be encouraging their patients with metabolic syndrome to “strongly limit the consumption of dietary fructose and other high-glycemic-index carbohydrates and to stop discouraging them from consuming foods rich in cholesterol.” AMEN!

- You’ll recall I highlighted a couple of kids who are the next generation of thinkers in the real food, low-carb movement on my podcast, including high school senior Sarah Czipowski . Sarah started her blog shortly after we did our interview and has been using it as a sounding board for topics of interest that get her blood boiling. You wanna see what real passion from a 17-year old looks like? Check out her latest post Kids and AntiPsychotic Drugs: I am furious.” Tell it like it is, Sarah! If a girl like Sarah in her teenage years understands this, why can’t the really smart doctors and nutritionists in charge of distributing health information get it too?

- Have you ever thought about what the individual cost of being fat really is? Well, researchers at the George Washington University School of Public Health And Health Services conducted a study on it released in September 2010 called “A Heavy Burden: The Individual Costs of Being Overweight and Obese
in the United States”
that quantifies it at $2646 annually for men and $4879 each year for women. Plus, the more overweight or obese that you are, the smaller your net worth (ostensibly from all the extra expenses tied to your obesity). Here’s an image from that illustrates these frightening statistics perfectly:

How Much Does Being Fat Cost Us?

- My low-carb Paleo-loving, diabetes-beating friend Steve Cooksey pulled something on his wife this week that I don’t think I could get away with doing to my sweet Christine. In a post entitled “Primal Humor” he tells his wife Tammy that he made her some roast beef–but actually it was beef TONGUE! Check out her reaction when she finds out what she is actually chewing:

Oh, you are so in the doghouse now, Steve! “Not good”–and if looks could kill! HA!

- We can always rely on the cast of Saturday Night Live to provide comedic satire of the most ludicrous stuff out there. This one is busting on the ads about HFCS and it kinda makes fun of both sides of the argument–those who oppose it and with the portrayal of the overweight little girl, those who choose to feed their kids this stuff. My buddy Hank Garner at “My Low Carb Journey” posted the video of this spoof on his web site this week.

- Diabetes Care published a study in the January 26, 2011 issue from Dr. Mary Gannon and Dr. Frank Nuttall about the glycemic impact of consuming Dreamfields pasta which claims to be low-carb. I’ve previously interviewed the President of Dreamfields Mike Crowley on my podcast about these concerns regarding his product where he answers why some people may see an impact on their blood sugar levels. He says as long as you cook the pasta for no more than nine minutes, the complex matrix that makes the pasta undigestible will not impact your blood sugar levels beyond the equivalent of 5g carbohydrate per serving. What’s your experience consuming Dreamfields pasta?

- Did you hear about the vegan couple who were denied their request to adopt a baby from Crete because social welfare officials there are concerned that an animal-free diet would be forced on the child. Hmmmmm, now that’s interesting! Can you imagine if it were the other way around–a Paleo/low-carb couple being denied the ability to adopt a baby because of their meat-based diet? Is either position the right thing to do?

- The Nutrition Journal this month presented an interesting review paper called “Why Were ‘Starvation Diets’ Promoted for Diabetes in the Pre-insulin Period?” where American doctors Frederick Allen and Elliot Joslin used fasting and undernutrition to control diabetes prior to the discovery of insulin. This idea of “starvation dieting” had no basis in science when low-carb diets were shown to be just as effective at controlling blood sugar levels naturally without going to extreme calorie-cutting. Sound familiar? Sounds like what happened with low-fat diets being embraced because of the assumptions made by Ancel Keys when low-carb was working just fine. Why would we get away from someone we know works to control weight and improve health so effortlessly?

- Fans of zero-carb diets mourn the loss of one of their heroes this week when Owsley “Bear” Stanley died in a car crash in Australia last Sunday . Stanley was a member of the Grateful Dead and well known for his LSD lab in the 1960s. In the health and nutrition world, “Bear” was one of the earliest adopters of a carnivorous zero-carb diet for health and it helped him live into his late 70s before this tragedy. I remember attempting to get an interview with him back in October 2006 and his typical “Bear”-like response to such a request . God rest his soul for being a pioneer and a rebel about many of the concepts we low-carbers are embracing today.

- It sounds crazy, but here are “10 Sure Fire Steps to ‘Let’s Get Fat!’” So, just do the opposite and you can perhaps infer that those will help make you lean. Hmmmmm…

- This is one of the best columns I’ve ever seen about what is healthy and unhealthy about nuts and seeds. A MUST READ!

- Have you wondered what a Paleo food pyramid would look like if the USDA ever woke up from their zombie-like low-fat, whole-grain trance? See if you agree.

- Is there a new B vitamin we need to be aware of ? My Facebook friend and low-carb loving neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Kruse thinks so and shared about it on his page this week. I interviewed him last Saturday for an upcoming episode of my podcast this summer that you won’t want to miss!

And finally today, have you ever got the feeling when you visit your family doctor that he’s working so hard trying not to get sued that it sounds a little something like this:

You’re laughing because you know it’s true! Wouldn’t it be great if our doctors would write a prescription that states, “Eat a healthy high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb diet and you’ll be free from taking expensive and risky prescription drugs ever again!” WOO HOO! That’s what livin’ la vida low-carb did for me and my healthy, baby! That’s all the time I have for this issue of “Fun-Filled Friday” and I hope you enjoyed what you saw today. Feel free to send me your fun, funny or interesting stuff anytime at . I always love hearing from you, so don’t be bashful. Have a super weekend and we’ll see you again soon!

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