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Fun-Filled Friday: Super Duper Make Up For Lost Time Edition!

Posted Apr 09 2010 4:09pm

It seems like forever ago since my last “Fun-Filled Friday” post since all my sites were down just one week ago when I was supposed to do it last. Plus, I’ll be gone NEXT Friday to Seattle, Washington to attend a low-carb science conference. What that means is we need to make up for the lost time last week and next week to make this one a SUPER DUPER edition that will hold you over for a little bit. Ready? Here goes!

I had two recent opportunities to be interviewed that I encourage you to go check out. The first one was with Dr. Kendra Pearsall and you can listen to me talking about low-carb living here . The other was with my blogging friend Connie Bennett who has me on a teleseminar call discussing “The Top 10 Reasons You Failed to Lose Weight or Kick Sugar.” I had a great time with both of these interviews and hope you enjoy listening to them.

When I was growing up, one of the coolest things you could have ever done was have a chance to meet the President of the United States of America. What greater honor than to shake hands with the leader of the free world and to hear him speak in person? Oh how times have changed with this generation. After passing historic and sweeping healthcare reform legislation after a contentious battle in Congress, President Barack Obama traveled to Portland, Massachusetts to tout his newly-signed law. But none of that phased this little girl who didn’t look too impressed:

Maybe she was tired from all the waiting, but that photo is indicative of the change in attitude about the presidency by the younger generation compared to when I was a kid. Somebody with a creative bent had just a little too much fun making this video parody of the classic “Seinfeld” show using real quotes from President Obama and many of his closest colleagues. ENJOY!

That’s some pretty funny stuff no matter what your ideological leanings. Did you hear about what Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) said regarding his concerns with overpopulating Guam? He says too many people living there could cause it to “tip over and capsize.” This is not a joke. See for yourself:

WOW, how do we elect somebody into office like that? Anywho! Enough about that, let’s take a look at a hilarious practical joke scare that was PERFECTLY executed:

HA HA HA! No, no, no, no, you…you get away!!! Runs for his life! That was so incredibly funny! Or as Matt says, “That was good.” Here’s another good one:

I gotta try this sometime with Christine. She’d so kill me if I did. LOL! We did have our own fair share of “odd” weather not long ago after we finished singing in our Easter musical at church. We stepped outside and saw some rather menacing clouds and I told Christine, “We gotta get home NOW!” So we drove the one-mile trip to our house and encountered some very light hail hitting our windshield. We pulled in beneath our carport and ran for the front door of the house when all of a sudden the skies started dropping HUGE pellets of ice in the form of hail. I caught it on camera:

That was a wicked experience. I’d never seen hail before that happened. Of course, knowing the stupidity of some people, there was probably some idiot out there who took one of his brand new iPad computers and let the hail beat on it like these kids who smashed theirs with a baseball bat. Again, I’m not kidding you. Watch this:

Are these kids nuts or so filthy rich they can do something so asinine? Sheeeez! OF course they did it to become YouTube stars and the video has already gotten over 1.5 million views. If you want to see the anthropological history of the magic of YouTube, here’s a wonderful video sharing about how it became a worldwide phenomenon. Note this video is 55 minutes long, but worth watching from start to finish if you wandered how we got the preeminent video social networking web site:

It’s neat to see how such a simple concept is now such a deeply-engraved part of our culture in the 21st Century. Think about it: without YouTube, how would we ever get stuff like this:

You gotta love it! You know what I loved growing up was “The Clash Of The Titans.” The kids are seeing the new Hollywood remake of this classic, but I have vivid memories of the original–especially this showdown between the snake-haired Medusa and the hero Perseus slaying her. Yes, the graphics are cheesy now compared with the CGI stuff of 2010, but this was cool stuff way back when:

Still gives me chills watching Medusa crawl around with those glowing eyes. Maybe I’ll go see the new film to see what they’ve done with it. Hey, after the movie, maybe I could go get one of those new menu items from McDonald’s. Have you heard about this yet?

OH NO THEY DIDN’T! Yep, they did. Somebody needs to go back to remedial English class man. WOW! Well, at least the new breadless sandwich from KFC isn’t a joke.

The new “Double Down” sandwich contains two white meat chicken breast fillets with a filling of bacon, Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese with the Colonel’s Sauce (a spicy mayonnaise). The chicken comes grilled if you’d like and of course all the “experts” are talking about how much fat and calories it contains. But it seems to be pretty low-carb. May try it one of these days just for something different. Something I won’t be trying but is awesomely cool is this:

Those guys are good! That’s like the car version of The Blue Angels I used to watch doing aerial shows on the naval base growing up in Pensacola, FL. I wonder how long they have to practice doing that kind of stuff? Breathtaking! Are you in love with bacon? Did you know it has so many versatile uses? CHECK THIS OUT!

Something you may not know about my wife Christine is she’s a Trekkie and a half! So anytime I see a video that takes a Star Trek twist, I show her. She loved this:

Have you ever watched a movie and at the end thought to yourself, “It shouldn’t have ended that way.” If you’ve seen the “Terminator” and “Back To The Future” movies, then you will roll over this 150-second video that does it up the right way. LOL!

It’d be cool if they made a full-length movie like this connecting two classic films. And finally today I’ve got an “I Can Haz Cheezburger” pic of my oldest cat Muffin that Christine decided to put a caption to (she LOVES her LOL Cats!):

WHEW! Was that enough “Fun-Filled Friday” for ya today? I sure hope it makes up for last week and next week, but we’ll be back again in a couple of weeks with more fun, funny, and downright disturbing stuff to end your work week. THANKS so much for reading and have a fantabulous weekend!

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