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Fun-Filled Friday: Super Bowl, Seat Belt, I Am Cow, Invisible Woman, Taubes, Pollan, Carnie Wilson, Cavuto, Brandy

Posted Feb 05 2010 7:25pm

Ohis it that time again? You betcha it is! As I sit here typing this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday,” I’m in a lot of pain from twisting my left ankle last night playing volleyball. I went up to block a spike which is my favorite thing to do as a 6′3″ tall guy and I landed straight down on top of the foot of the spiker. My foot immediately did turned sideways and I fell to the ground like a ton of bricks. Within minutes it began to swell and this morning was changing all sorts of funky colors. It’s just a bad sprainbut hurts like the dickens.

I’ll be okaybut playing sports with people half my age is probably something I shouldn’t do. BUT I LOVE IT! Lemme do something that’s not quite so physically endangering and that’s posting some really funfunnyand interesting stuff that interests me this Super Bowl weekend. WOO HOO! I’m a big fan of Peyton Manning as a University of Tennessee alumnusbut I wouldn’t be upset to see the New Orleans Saints take the title with all that has happened to that city in recent years. NeverthelessI’ll be pulling for the Indianapolis Colts. Should be an amazing game!

Speaking of the Saintsdid you catch this ESPN story about the diet change that helped their wide receivers Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem get into optimal playing weight? The “five-two” diet consists of “five straight days with no carbohydrates (no breadwhite riceetc.) followed by two days of virtually anything.” AWESOME! That sounds like mostly livin’ la vida low-carb to me and it’s so cool to see such prominent athletes touting the benefits of low-carb nutrition.

I really enjoy effective advertising pieces and this one about wearing your seat belt is one of the most innovative and moving public service spots I’ve seen in a while:

Makes you wanna wear that seat belt every time nowdoesn’t it? Have you ever thought about what a cow would sing if he could belt out a catchy tune? Maybe it would sound something like this:

I AM COW!!! Funny stuff and GREAT harmonies. One of the funniestmost inspirational speakers out there today is Nicole Johnson. She’s all about REAL LIFE and has a unique way of communicating her uplifting message like this one called “The Invisible Woman.” Let this encourage you women especially:

Christine and I saw Nicole and her husband at a Gary Smalley marriage conference many years ago and I’m happy to see she’s still at it all these years later. GREAT STUFF! More awesome stuff is this follow-up interview that Jorge Cruise did with Gary Taubes about the nutritional myths that still pervade:

By the wayI’m working on getting an interview with Jorge Cruise for my podcast show. He’s a super-busy guybut I’m hopeful we can work it out. Another interview guest I’d LOVE to have on my show is Michael Pollan. He’s been saying some really remarkable stuff about healthincluding this video clip called “Don’t Eat What You See On TV”:

Makes total sense! I only wish pop singer/reality TV star Carnie Wilson could get the message about healthy living. She is working with Dr. Mehmet Oz to find a weight loss plan that will help her get her obesity and health under control againbut I was privileged on Monday to take part in a conference call where I asked her point blank about the role a low-carb diet would play in her newfound efforts:

Maybe I planted a small seed in her to do something pro-active that will make a real difference that will last for a lifetime. And finallyI got a really neat personal hand-written note from Neil Cavuto from FOX News yesterday thanking me for my appearance on his program last week that was too cool not to share with you:

Cool stuff! They said they’d have me back on the show again in the future since I made some good points during the live show. Suh-weet! One last thing before I go today: A friend of mine from high school named Brandy is one of the most amazing photographers I know and she recently started her own blog called “The Original Rock Star.” Go flood her with some traffic this weekend and lemme know what you think. She’s a talented and hilarious writer tooso you just never know what’s gonna come out of that mouth of hers. ENJOY!

That’s about it for this “Fun-Filled Friday.” THANKS for reading and send me your stuff that you think is cool to ANYTIME! I love hearing from you and will even write you backtoo. See ya!

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