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Fun-Filled Friday: Still Sick, Westman, Su, Lakers, SportsCenter, Cannon, Etheridge, Greene, 4 Burglars, Big Mac, Pizza Hut, Gui

Posted Jun 18 2010 1:05pm

I’m slowly crawling out of the hole I’ve been stuck down in for the past two weeks dealing with walking pneumonia and feeling somewhat better. I’m not all the way back yet from this illness that took me out for most of last week and has me on slow-motion for this week, but I’m surviving. Went back to the doctor on Monday and was put on a stronger antibiotic (yes, I’m taking plenty of probiotics to offset them!). My fever finally broke, but I’ve still got a hacking cough, snotty nose that needs blowing often, and a general feeling of lethargy. This is not fun for me since I’m a “go-go-go” kinda person. Hopefully the weekend will knock it out for good–wish me well as we kick it off with “Fun-Filled Friday” today! WOO HOO!

As I told you in last week’s FFF, I had a film crew from the South Korean television network SBC-TV in Seoul visit my house on Saturday morning. They were shooting a segment on butter and saturated fat and why it’s not as unhealthy for you as people might think. I was excited for the opportunity, but I felt miserable during the entire two hours of shooting. My fever was still high, I was sweating up a storm (of course, their spotlight didn’t help much), I had a hacking cough and blowing my nose profusely between takes, and tried my darndest to put on a happy demeanor for the camera. We’ll see how it turned out in the end and I’ll post it for you to see when it airs.

Got some good stuff to share with you today, so let’s get started:

Here’s another fantastic two-part interview Swedish low-carb physician and blogger Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt conducted with Duke University researcher and practitioner Dr. Eric Westman at the recent Seattle Nutrition & Metabolism Society conference in March.

Fantastic man and I’ve seen him working firsthand with patients using a low-carb approach. Another great physician using low-carb diets with his patients is Dr. Robert K. Su , author of the book Carbohydrates Can Kill. I encouraged him to connect with my fabulous podcast producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien at Disc of Light Media to create his own show and now it’s here: The “Carbohydrates Can Kill” Podcast ! Although I still wasn’t feeling great on Wednesday night, I was a pre-recorded guest on Dr. Su’s new show and look forward to sharing that with you when it airs soon. I wish him well as he seeks to educate the public on the dangers of consuming too many carbohydrates. And I LOVE his philosophy for practicing medicine with patients. Wish we had more people in the medical profession with this mentality.

Quick props out to the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers for a close Game 7 win against their arch-rival the Boston Celtics last night. It was a fun series in part because of the fabulous color commentary on the ABC-TV broadcasts. One of them was Coach Jeff Van Gundy who in Game 1 was sharing about the eating habits of Celtics player Ray Allen who hasn’t had any red meat in nearly two decades. He quipped that it would be impossible to drive by an In-And-Out Burger joint and not get one. An announcer on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” picked up on this line and noted that the burgers there are quite tasty, especially if you get them “animal-styled.”

“Protein-burger if you’re watching your carbs.” Suh-weet! GO BOY! Who says low-carb is dead in the United States of America? Of course, there’s a great use for carbs in case you haven’t seen it yet. We could just shoot ‘em out of a cannon at random stuff.

CLASSIC! Yes, it must be a guy thing to be obsessed with blowing things up. HA! But sometimes we see a “blow up” of a different kind like this Congressman from North Carolina this week named Bob Etheridge. Some college kids simply asked him if he supported his fellow Democrat President Barack Obama’s agenda and what happened next was both surreal and shocking.

What in the?! Why would a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives engage in physical battery of a constituent asking him a simple question in a respectful manner? Does he realize his actions of grabbing that young man by the hand and then by the neck is considered felony battery and he could be prosecuted for his actions? He has since apologized, but I think those kids should press charges against him for this incident to send a lesson to any other politicians who think they are above the law. Despicable!

Something else that is really crazy is happening right here in my home state of South Carolina. Last Tuesday in the Democratic primary an unemployed man named Alvin Greene won nearly 60% of the voters to defeat the establishment candidate to face Republican incumbent Sen. Jim Demint. The Democrat leaders in the state immediately cried foul and demanded him to step down from the nomination. They’ve even considered having another election (a do-over of sorts) because they say Greene is a “plant” by the Republicans. A court has rejected a new primary election and now Greene will face Demint in November. Here’s an interview with Greene on SCETV.

Reality check: It doesn’t matter who the Democrats put up against Sen. Jim Demint, he’s not gonna lose. He’s been a very popular U.S. Senator for our state and will win quite handily over Alvin Greene or anyone else. So this whole discussion and bellyaching is much ado about nothing. But it does make for fun political theater in the meantime. Perhaps Alvin Greene pulled off a trick like the “4 Burglars” in this card trick.

COOL TRICK, huh? I’ve always been a sucker for magic and card tricks and it’s nice to learn new ones like this from time to time. Speaking of disappearing act, an Australian man did a rather thorough investigative report on the ever-shrinking size of the Big Mac sandwich from McDonald’s now compared with the mid-1980s. Not that I’m running out to buy and eat Big Macs anytime soon, but this was curious.

Is it portion or profit? Maybe it’s both! It is interesting how people think they’re getting a value for their money eating at fast food, but this Australian man may have shown otherwise. Of course, it could be the decline of education happening amongst those in the fast food industry since the 1980s as evidenced by this actual sign I saw at a local Pizza Hut looking for people to lead the crew there.

Seriously?! They’re hiring “mangment” instead of “management?” And they had PLENTY of room to fit the whole word on the billboard…I just think they didn’t know how to spell it. Sorry, pet peeve of mine. And finally today I invite you to tune in to the “Kiss Your Life Hello” radio show on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 10AM EDT for a discussion between Dr. Howard Peiper and Cereal Killer author Alan Watson regarding the new 2010 Dietary Guidelines that were released this week. This should be a passionate discussion indeed and one worth checking out!

That’s all the time for this week’s “Fun-Filled Friday” and I hope to be back at 100% physically soon after dealing with this walking pneumonia for two weeks. I’m ready to be back at full force again, but it’ll happen in due course. THANKS for your support of my work and I’ll keep doing my best to bring you anything and everything you could ever want in a nutrition and health blog. Take care you guys and stay cool as we enter the hot summer months ahead!

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