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Fun-Filled Friday: Snow, Foot, Interview, Weathermen, Apple Rap, Baby Evil Eye, Impressions, 9-Letter Word, Paleo Garden

Posted Feb 12 2010 8:56pm

We got a winter wonderland in South Carolina for “Fun-Filled Friday”

It’s a f-f-f-frigid February “Fun-Filled Friday” today and as you can see from that picture above we got snow here in SpartanburgSouth Carolina. YesI knowmost of the country has been getting pelted with snow since Christmasbut this is a big deal when you live in the deep South where the flaky white stuff we see usually comes when somebody forgets to use Head & Shoulders shampoo. But seriouslyit was cool watching about 3 inches fall before darkness came and the snow is expected to keep coming down overnight for a total of nearly a half foot. WOO HOO! You know what that means–snowball fight with my neighbor Rachel again like we did in March 2009.

But I’ll have to be careful since I badly bruised my foot playing volleyball last week jumping to block a spike and landing on my opponent’s foot. It immediately turned sideways and ended up looking like this a couple of days later:

OUCH! It’s gotten a little betterbut it still hurts pretty bad. A physical therapist friend of mine said I likely tore some ligaments in the foot and will need to do some specific exercises once it heals to strengthen that area. My ankles are habitually weak when I play volleyball probably from all those years of carrying around 400+ pounds and taking statin drugs. UGH!

On a more positive noteChristine and I got to be on a great radio show today called “Better Food Choices with Ellen Briggs and Dr. Sally Byrd to discuss healthy low-carb living thanks to our mutual friend Valerie Berkowitz (who I’ve interviewed on my podcast show previously here). You can listen to the hour-long iTunes interview that was so much fun by clicking here. They were so gracious to us and I will be working on a follow-up interview with Dr. Byrd to discuss the role blood type can play in diet and weight loss…an intriguing subject!

Nowlet’s get into some of the FUN stuff that comes with “Fun-Filled Friday.” Sticking with the snow themelook at what these two weather guys decided to do in the spirit of that recent American Idol cult hit song by Larry Platt called “Pants On The Ground”:

OMG…”Snow On The Ground”?…what were they thinking?! More scary than funny really. HA! But while those weathermen were certainly oddthis one I think drank some Nyquil and Red Bull at the same time:

What in the world what THAT all about? Does meteorology bring out the loonies or what? Just kidding…or am I? LOL! Freaky is what YouTube is all about as thiserrr“rap” song about how much this guy loves the Apple store:

I love my Apple/Mac productsbut this was disturbing in a whacked out sense. One of the craziest things on video is when an animal or baby does something completely out of character that it makes you laugh. Have you seen the “evil eye” baby yet?

Now that’s wicked! If you’ve read my Friday posts beforethen you know I’m a big fan of impressionists who do it well. This voice actor named Josh Robert Thompson does fantastic ones that I think you’ll enjoy:

If you like riddlesthen try figuring this one out. What nine-letter work in the English language is still a word when each of the nine letters are removed one by one? There is only one word that fits this criteria. Can you figure it out? Think about it for a moment and then watch this video to find out what it is:

COOL! Finally today I wanted to give a big shout out to Zachary at “The Paleo Garden” blog for his recent praise of the work I am doing here at my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog in a post he wrote entitled “Doing Well by Doing Well: Jimmy Moore” where he heaps tons of encouragement on me for spreading the healthy low-carb message to the masses. THANK YOU Zachary and I’m glad to hear I have played even a small role in your own continuing education about health. God bless ya buddy!

Wellthat’s about it for this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday.” I’ve gotta snowball fight date to get ready for and I’m gonna smear Rachel at it again. Be safe and healthy as you keep on livin’ la vida low-carb everyone! SEE YA SOON!

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