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Fun-Filled Friday: Sheen, Paleo, Taubes, Oz, Cheerleaders, MovNat, Motorcycles, Strandbeests, Barn, Miracle Whip

Posted Mar 04 2011 11:18am

It’s “Fun-Filled Friday” time baby! There’s so much going on culturally right now, I don’t even know where to start. Let’s just say this ain’t gonna be a boring post (but I hope it isn’t ever that way on Fridays–we are having FUN ya know?). So if you’re ready, I’m ready! LET’S GO!

With all that’s happening in the world right now, wanna know what the biggest news story of this past week was? CHARLIE SHEEN! I’ve never seen a Hollywood star go on such an unprecedented media blitz as this guy did trying to fight for his old job back at the now-cancelled season of Two and a Half Men. When this show first came out I thought it was a cute concept. But the show got pretty raunchy at some point–ostensibly from Sheen’s real-life antics spilling over into the plot of the show. We’d watch from time to time, but it had gone downhill comedically fast. Nevertheless, the show was one of the most-watched on CBS which made it a big moneymaker for the network and they ignored Sheen’s antics–until this week after some off-the-wall comments on various radio programs followed by being on just about every other major media outlet. The late-night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel got a big kick out of this public meltdown by Sheen and made the following funny “Charlie Brown” video featuring audio from his interview on ABC on Tuesday night.

I don’t know if we’ve seen the last of Two and a Half Men and quite frankly I don’t care. It’s baffling to me how much people care about what this overpaid, womanizing, self-agrandizing, arrogant punk drunk has to say. Is he a good actor? Sure. But if you ask me, I say good riddance to ever seeing Charlie Sheen in another television show or movie. Bring on John Stamos instead ! Wanna know who deserves MORE time on television? The leaders in the Paleo/low-carb community who are doing outstanding work spreading the message about what quality nutrition looks like. That happened this week when both Robb Wolf and Art De Vany were highlighted in an outstanding feature news story on ABC-TV’s “Nightline”:

I think we’re only scratching the surface with the media exposure that is to come for the cause of less carbohydrates and more fat consumption. As you know, Gary Taubes was on Dr. Mehmet Oz’ radio show last week and got treated quite fairly by Oz–but we’ll see what happens when Taubes and his latest book Why We Get Fat are prominently featured on Oz’ daytime television show on Monday . I had to laugh out loud when I looked on my iPhone on my DirectTV app to see what the subject line of this interview with Gary Taubes is called:

OMG! When I saw they were describing Taubes as “The Man Who Thinks Everything Dr. Oz Says Is Wrong,” I just about spit out the iced tea I was drinking. That’s so freakin’ hilarious I don’t even know where to start. If Dr. Oz and Taubes disagreed on so much, then why was there such fawning in their radio interview together? Needless to say, I think this interview airing nationally on Monday will be a little more contentious with quality debate than the radio show was. And in the end, I think that’s good for the livin’ la vida low-carb message. You know Gary Taubes is gonna provide evidence to make people think no matter what Oz throws at him. Set your DVRs now because you WON’T want to miss this one! Of course, when it’s over, you could jump, cheer, and gyrate like this group of cheerleaders did after winning a competition recently:

I don’t know what’s more hilarious–the head-banging cheerleader or the people behind the video laughing! It’s all something to bring a smile to your face when you’re feeling down. I’ve even seen some people get creative and put heavy metal music to this video like this:

HAHAHAHAHA! That’s great! Wanna know what else is pretty darn cool? A Paleo guy from France named Erwan Le Corre is the man behind a new exercise movement know as MovNat (move naturally) and in this video he demonstrates what it looks like:

The idea is to implement “natural” exercise into your life that aren’t as regimented as a trip to the gym running on the treadmill, for example. It’s a fascinating concept and I got to interview him this week for an upcoming episode of my podcast. And coming up in April, I’ll have a really cool opportunity for one of my lucky readers to join me in West Virginia at Erwan’s 5-Day MovNat Workshop in West Virginia coming July 4-9, 2011 . More details on that coming soon! We’re gonna have a great time. Almost as much fun as a bunch of Asian men riding motorcycles:

This video is to motorcycle-riding like Hoosiers is for basketball. INSPIRING! I marvel at the genius of quality design and creativity like Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests:

WOW! That’s so neat. It’s interesting they call this “life” when they were built rather than birthed. But it’s an incredible concept of making these “creatures” so they can “live.” One thing that isn’t alive and has no way of walking on its own is an old barn. In Bruno, Nebraska a group of 344 volunteers teamed up to lift a 17,000-pound barn to move it to where it needed to be. This was pretty spectacular:

Now that’s what you call teamwork! That was around 200 pounds lifted per person. AMAZING! It’s like training your body without the use of a gym. That’s what the trainer for the upcoming new Shedding For The Wedding television show named Jennifer Cohen shares in this video:

That doesn’t look difficult, but try it–you’ll be surprised! Kinda like seeing political strategist in a quirky new television commercial for Miracle Whip:

Now I may not be the smoothest marketing guy in the world, but why would a company conjure of ANY negative thoughts about their product in the heads of their potential customers? It “tastes like sweet lotion” doesn’t make me want to eat Miracle Whip. Yes, I know it’s a public awareness campaign of the brand, but I think it’s risky. It remains to be seen if these strange ads with Pauly D and others pays off. Odd odd odd! Kinda like seeing auric fields around your shadows while looking into water. Maybe it was just a windy day!

Call me cynical, but I don’t get this. I suppose it’s interesting to some people–and yet, what’s the big deal. This could be a case of having just a wee bit too much time on your hands. Something you should allot plenty of time for that’s well worth your time is what’s happening with low-carb and health headlines as of late that have captured my attention:

- Paul Jaminet , author of Perfect Health Diet, will be my podcast interview guest coming on up Monday. But he’s written a couple of brilliant columns on the subject of LDL cholesterol that I think will be of interest to anyone following a Paleo and/or low-carb lifestyle change: “Low Carb Paleo, and LDL is Soaring – Help!” and “Answer Day: What Causes High LDL on Low-Carb Paleo?” . ENJOY! For the record, my latest LDL cholesterol reading as of April 2010 is 301…and I’m not at all worried about it .

- There’s an outstanding article on the “Civil Eats” web site from a nutrition educator named Kristin Wartman on how the mood is changing about saturated fat playing a causal role in obesity and heart disease. I’ve asked Kristin for a podcast interview to discuss this trend further and to see if it is become more universal amongst her nutritionist/dietitian colleagues. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

- Former American Idol contestant-turned-Academy-Award-winner Jennifer Hudson has transformed herself over the past year or so doing something that should look quite familiar to most of us. In this International Business Times column , they note that Hudson “stuck to…Weight Watchers” and did whatever she could to “delete the carbs.” She even added: “I didn’t eat any carbs until today.” Hudson noted she ate nuts and “stayed away from the carbs. WAY TO GO JENNIFER!!! Looks like we’ve got somebody else who’s livin’ la vida low-carb. But what’s with doing a low-carb Weight Watchers? Intriguing.

- I was just listening to a local radio station this morning when the host with Type 2 diabetes was discussing some topic related to gastric bypass surgery and he made a rather outrageous claim I’d never heard before in my life: “I’ve considered this surgery because my doctor told me that as soon as you wake up from it you’re no longer diabetic.” Uhhh, say what say what? That doesn’t even make any sense at all and I welcome your feedback to comment on this if you have any insights to share.

- How’d you like to go into your local gym to find a sugar-free, dairy-free bar? That’s exactly what has happened in Toronto, Ontario at the Academy of Lions Crossfit gym with a new joint called “The Primal Grind” where coffee is served with these specifications. It’s a novel concept and I think one that could catch on as people become more and more health-conscious and move towards a more Paleo/low-carb approach.

- The National Pork Board has decided to move away from their quarter-century old slogan The Other White Meat to a brand new one focused on the 82 million current pork consumers called Be Inspired . I suppose change can be good to freshen up marketing of any product–but I think most people resonated well with the old slogan. Nevertheless, they’ve rolled out a companion web site for this new effort to help educate the public on why pork is awesome! If you’re livin’ la vida low-carb, then eat up.

- If you have diabetes, then what do you need to control your blood sugar levels? Most of us would say to watch the number of carbohydrates you consume, but not this new effort from a pharmaceutical company which manufactures insulin. They encourage people to take insulin to cover up the sins of bad eating. UGH! WAKE UP PEOPLE! This is the kind of nonsense that will only make your health become worse and worse.

- Coconut oil is making a big-time comeback! Check out this New York Times column talking about the health BENEFITS it provides despite years of propaganda from “that guy from CSPI” as my buddy Tom Naughton says.

- Low-carb friendly doctors keep popping up all over the place like Dr. Gregory Pennock in Tucson, Arizona who shuns medications for treating dyslipidemia and heart disease, but rather “recommends a low carb diet, exercise, fish oil or eating oily fish to combat high cholesterol.” WOO HOO! It’s so exciting to see low-carb champions featured in the media like this. Way to go Dr. Pennock! I couldn’t find any information about him online other than this column, but would love to add him to my “List of Low-Carb Doctors” blog if anyone has this information.

- You’ve heard about the Corn Refiner’s Association wanting to change the name of “high-fructose corn syrup” (HFCS) to “corn sugar” (after the failure of the “just like sugar” campaign )? Well, it seems the FDA is considering whether or not to grant GRAS affirmation (generally recognized as safe) to this new name and wants input from real people like YOU . Do you think they should approve “corn sugar” to replace HFCS? Make your voice heard!

- There’s an exciting documentary film on why low-carb diets are probably optimal for health called In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet coming out soon and here’s a fabulous interview with the filmmaker CJ Hunt about the progress of the film now in post-production . Listen to my June 2010 podcast interview with CJ Hunt about his much-anticipated film!

- You can’t make this stuff up–have you heard about Vitamin D-infused BREAD ? I wish this was a sick joke, but it’s dead serious appearing in the February 18, 2011 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Apparently these researchers think putting Vitamin D2 into the yeast of bread will make up for the deficit that so many people are dealing with. Gee, why not recommend people start taking Vitamin D supplementation to help instead of feeding them garbage like this bread?

And finally today, you’ve got to admire the ingenuity of the shopping bag from this fitness retailer who is trying to portray a certain image about their customers:

That’s so awesome! And that’s all I’ve got for you in this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday.” I’ll be back again next Friday when my brand new podcast “Low-Carb Conversations With Jimmy Moore & Friends” is set to debut and I can’t wait for you to hear it! It’ll be a half-hour of fabulous fun featuring real-life conversations with people who have made low-carb living their permanent and healthy lifestyle change. Don’t you dare miss it! Thanks so much for reading and I’m grateful for your presence here. Send me an e-mail with any fun or funny stories, links, videos or anything you’d like to share anytime to .

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