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Fun-Filled Friday: Pants Encore, Ripped, Bobsled, Pucker, Cats, Baby Hurl, 360 Photos, And Paleo Informercial

Posted Jan 22 2010 4:18pm

Fridaaaaaaaaaaay! What a week it’s been at the Moore household with having our floor jacked up because of falling joists, the thermostat breaking for a couple of days, plumbing issues with a leak under the house, Christine getting the stitch out of her neck and staples out of her head from her recent neck surgery…WHEW! I need a break from the realities that life throws this week more than ever, so “Fun-Filled Friday” is just what the doctor ordered. Here are a few things to hopefully bring a smile to your face and encourage you to be glad even when you are feeling sad.

After sharing about the now-infamous “Pants On The Ground” routine last week on American Idol, General Larry Platt was rewarded with an extension of his 15 minutes of fame by getting an encore appearance on The View this week:

That’s just hilarious to see National Football League Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre singing “Pants On The Ground” with his teammates after their big win in the NFC Divisional Playoffs last weekend. But there was a rather “different” kind of pants hitting the ground in this week’s AI that speaks for itself:

I was rolling when Cornelius Edwards said “my pants done ripped” and Simon’s witty comeback “well I’m gonna have to say ‘yes’ after that” were classic. OUCH! That’s still hurts to look at it on video. I’d be singing soprano if I did that. EEEEEK! That wasn’t the only ripping that took place this week. Did you see what happened to Gillian Cooke from the UK women’s bobsled team LIVE on worldwide television this week? Get a load of this:

Yikes! Something tells me that even if she wins a gold medal at the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympic games, Gillian will still be remembered more for this “wardrobe malfunction” than the gold. Such is our culture these days…thanks to YouTube. Another cultural favorite are all the videos online of children being themselves. This one was cute that I saw this week:

That pucker face was adorable! And other than babies, little kitty cats are pretty popular as well. As the owner of four cats (and Christine wants more, but I keep saying NO!), I’m a sucker for these kind of videos:

My cats are terrified of water and would claw my eyeballs out trying to get away from the running water in the sink. Too wild! And did you know that cats can pray? Well, this one can anyway:

HA! That one looks just like my little Peaches. Something else I especially enjoy is creative advertising and this one for a sticky dark brown paste sold in the UK called Marmite. If you’ve ever been a breast feeding mom, then you can relate to this one:

EWWWWW! Well, I can’t leave you with that image in your head for long, so lemme show you three magnificent 360 degree photographs that will blow you away. Check ‘em all out here, here, and here. Absolutely STUNNING photography!

And finally, have you ever wondered what an infomercial for the Paleo diet would look like? Well, wonder no more because here’s the transcript of it by the wife of one of my blog readers. TOO FUNNY Polly! That’s all for this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” and I hope the next week is a bit less adventurous than this week was for me. E-mail me your fun, funny, and strange stuff anytime at

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