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Fun-Filled Friday: NFL Hits, Vibram Five Fingers, The Mis-Informant, Stop It!, God Of This City

Posted Oct 22 2010 4:25pm

It’s that time of week that we like to call “Fun-Filled Friday” where anything and everything is on the table to talk about no matter what the topic. Call this my release post each week where I get to share just a glimpse of what interests me both inside and outside the realm of health and nutrition. If all I ever talked about was diet stuff, then I think I’d go officially mentally insane. We don’t want that to happen now, do we? Alrighty then, let’s get going this week starting off with a little National Football League football stuff.

Did you hear about all of the fines that players incurred this week following last Sunday’s games ? What was their crime that led to these financial penalties? Illegal hits according to the head honchos up in the NFL offices. But many of these so-called “illegal” plays didn’t even result in a flag on the field by the referees. In fact, one of the players James Harrison from the defensive prowess Pittsburgh Steelers who was fined $75,000 for a hit he made on an opponent last week threatened to quit football over this fundamental change in the way the game is played from what he was taught and has been displaying for so many years in the league. He has since returned to the Steelers and vowed to keep playing the way he has always played . Good for him! From the NFL’s standpoint, they attempted to clarify what they mean by an illegal hit vs. a legal one with this new video released to the teams today:

Oooooooohh, they’re putting the player “on notice.” Like that’s gonna scare these millionaire players. It’s really not about the fines although I think it’s disgusting to take away money from a defensive player especially who has been trained professionally to hit, strip the ball, and play at full speed. The unintended consequence of this action is higher scoring games because some defensive players will be hesitant about laying a hit on an offensive player out of fear of being fined, suspended, or penalized for simply doing their job. Where’s the middle ground? I understand the safety of the players on the field is important to the vitality of the game, but why all of a sudden is this turned into a crisis when big hits have been a part of the game for as long as I can remember. Just check out this video with vintage footage over the years in the NFL:

Part of the allure of watching NFL football games is the “BOOM!” of good hits. The NFL has even marketed itself in that manner for many years and sometimes it leads to unfortunate injuries, sometimes ones that are career-ending like what happened to Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann in the mid-80s after a rookie linebacker named Lawrence Taylor from the New York Giants gave him a hard tackle that broke his leg. If this has happened in the NFL in 2010, would Taylor be fined, suspended, or even kicked out of the game? Perhaps. Here’s video footage and retrospect of the most famous big hit of all-time in the NFL:

From big hits to big feet, check out what I got this week:

Yesirreebob, these are the famous “barefoot” shoes called Vibram Five Fingers and I’ve been meaning to get these for a long time. I finally found a local store where I could go try them on for myself and see if my 13 wide width foot would fit in them. Thankfully the largest size they had in stock (47) fit me perfectly and I’ve been using them all week in yoga, Pilates, and some cardio work. I noticed when they got wet I started getting blisters on the bottom of my feet, but otherwise I LOVE them! And the stares people give you when you wear them are classic. Many people even asked about them wanting to know how they are. The jury is still out but so far so good! I’ve never enjoyed going around barefoot, but these shoes make me want to do it more.

There are a lot of competing interests on some of the most controversial issues of our day. One of the more contentious topics of tug and pull from both sides is the subject of healthcare and more specifically the universal healthcare law dubbed “ObamaCare” after the 44th President of the United States. Some members of Hollywood like comedian/actor Jack Black believe so strongly in this issue that he has created a new video series called “The Mis-Informant” where he dresses up as Nathan Spewman going undercover to spread lies about healthcare because he’s being paid to do so by rich businessmen. Regardless of how you feel about this particular issue, what do you think about an actor like Black putting himself out there so explicitly on a political hot button issue like this one? Is he committing career suicide or what? Here are the first two episodes:

Alrighty, let’s move along to some news stuff:

- And the “Dumbest Dad of the Year Award” goes to Stefan Cristoltean who told his kid to call 911 to settle a dispute over dinner . DOPE!

- Dr. Robert Su from Carbohydrates Can Kill suggests that doctors and dietitians need to educate themselves better in nutrition despite their lack of proper education on these subjects.

- The beef you are buying in your local grocery store is becoming more inferior so it’s time to switch to local grass-fed beef. Check out and to find farmers near you.

- Since the job market is so bad, check out what this Boston College Law School student is proposing to the dean…gimme a refund and you can keep your degree!

Honestly, I had plenty of other stuff to share with you today, but as I was finishing up this post I got kicked offline. DANGIT! Lost nearly everything that I spent the past three hours working on. GRRRRRR! Well, it’s not gonna mess up my day so I’ll just give you what you got. How about one last video to epitomize how I feel on the inside right now:

STOP IT! STOP IT! I’M FALLING! STOP IT! Too funny. Okay, a fitting way to end this makeup FFF post is to add something that wasn’t slated to make it the first time around but maybe it has a purpose in this new one. I’ve shared some of the music of Chris Tomlin with you before, but I really like this video interpretation of his song “God Of This City”:

Ahhhhh, I’m feeling much better now despite the debacle that happened to my post. Oh well, things happen even on “Fun-Filled Friday” and I’m just grateful for the opportunity to share with you here each week. THANK YOU for reading and go out and enjoy yourself this weekend while the weather is still relatively warm. The cold days are coming soon! SEE YA SOON!

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