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Fun-Filled Friday: MSN, Leno/Conan, POTG, Christine Hair, Cat Jury Duty, Jibberish Dog, And Dr. Carlson Snippet

Posted Jan 15 2010 4:59pm

Traffic today has been WAY up thanks to MSN Careers column

Whew, what a day this has been! I noticed fairly early this morning that this wasn’t gonna be a typical Friday. Traffic tends to slow down a bit by the end of the work week, but at 11:00AM this morning I had already surpassed the average pageviews seen on a regular Friday. But this was no “normal” day thanks to this column on MSN today written by contributing writer Rachel Zupek about careers that didn’t exist 10 years ago. At the top of the list was my “dream job” — BLOGGING! I was quoted by name in the story and a link to my official web site for the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” brand was provided. E-mails from curious people looking to make blogging their career choice have been pouring in and I’ve even chatted with several of them on the telephone to offer some tips for getting started. WHAT FUN!

Well, this is “Fun-Filled Friday” after all, so what did you expect? There’s always stuff to talk about that doesn’t necessarily fit within the teeny tiny box of diet, health, and nutrition. And boy is there ever a plethora of stuff to talk about that interests me outside of m normal blogging topics this week!

Let’s start with the whole Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien/NBC drama that has dominated entertainment headlines for most of the past week or so. This is one messed-up situation and I blame NBC for not taking care of its talent better than this. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was the #1 late night television program by a mile when Conan took over in mid-2009 as he was contractually promised five years prior. To appease Leno and keep him from bolting to another network, the executives offered him a prime time slot at 10:00PM nightly on NBC. It was a bold move that was supposed to revolutionize television and was aimed at saving production dollars to turn a profit. But this experiment failed miserably in the ratings and the local affiliates expressed their outrage for the poor lead-in to their late news.

It was at this point that NBC had a chance to do right by everyone. They could have bid a fond farewell to Jay Leno thanking him for nearly two decades of service to the network and sent him off with an amazing tribute show for his many years of service. While Conan’s Tonight Show ratings against Letterman at 11:35PM weren’t as good as what Jay had before he left, the fact remains that the transition had already taken place. Leno had a good run following the great Johnny Carson and this was Conan’s show to build a fan base for the next umpteen years. But NBC didn’t see it that way. They created this feud that will likely end ugly with Conan leaving the network altogether (and possibly going to a competitor for another talk show) and Leno sheepishly going back to his old job where he will have a tarnished image from this fiasco. U-G-L-Y! You gotta admire how these guys can still crack jokes through all this career turmoil:

Crazy stuff! I’m not a personal fan of Conan O’Brien’s style of comedy, but I at least think the guy deserved better than this. What a crying shame. If NBC was smart they’d hire the “Pants On The Ground” guy named General Larry Platt from American Idol this week who was the most entertaining act they had on the show for the debut week:

Is it creepy that I’ve been singing this song around the house all week? Christine has told me to “SHUT UP!” a time or two over that one. Speaking of my darling, did you catch her hairdo following neck surgery on Monday this week? It’s a classic reminding me of Heath Ledger’s hair as the Joker in The Dark Night!

Oh, I’m so dead meat now! Quick, let me show a cute little kitty video before she notices:

Awwww, I’m a sucker for this kinda stuff! Speaking of cats, did you hear about the cat in Boston, Massachusetts named Sal who has been called for jury duty? This is no joke and the jury commissioner insists the cat must report for his legal duty. Check it out:

Oh, won’t they be the fools if they make this owner take her cat for jury duty. How do you vote — MEEEOOWWWW! Too funny. Maybe they could put this dog on the jury:

LOL! Why does he sound so eerily similar to Steve Carrell from The Office, though? Scary stuff! But not nearly as scary as what this American Diabetes Association support group is doing for a fundraiser. WHACKED! I’m sure the amazing Dr. James E. Carlson would have something to say about that:

Can’t wait to see him and his lovely Monica on The 3rd Annual Low-Carb Cruise to the Bahamas coming March 6-11, 2010 leaving out of Jacksonville, Florida. We’ve had six more people sign up to join us this week and we’d still love to have you come, too. It’s gonna be the time of your life! Drop me an e-mail at for further details. That’s all for this “Fun-Filled Friday” and I’ll be back next week with even more stuff to chat about that will bring a big smile to your face! Have an awesome weekend. And if you found my blog from that MSN column, WELCOME and stick around a while. We’d love to see you here early and often.

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