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Fun-Filled Friday: Mariah Drunk, Bus Driver, McD’s Rampage, Spacey Impersonations, Drive-Thru Diet, Low-Carb Meatballs

Posted Jan 08 2010 8:36pm

Dooby-dooby-doo-wah, cha-cha-cha, bdumbadumbadum, tee tee tee…oh, hi there all you low-carb friends and lovers. Lend me your ears (and eyeballs!) for yet another edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” where we celebrate all the interesting things in life whether they have anything to do with diet and health or not. This is my chance to share other things that interest me and catch my attention. Here goes!

There were some really strange “drunk” stories in the news this week. Did you hear about Mariah Carey’s drunken acceptance speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival? This was so painfully hilarious, it’s hard to look away:

How can she NOT be drunk? While that’s hilarious, this is something that was not so funny. A school bus driver in upstate New York was wasted out of her mind drinking kids home from school. As you will see in this harrowing surveillance video, this bus driver put the lives of these kids in real danger:

While the kids may have overreacted a bit for the lady missing the turn, the way they handled themselves consoling the younger children and trying to keep everyone safe. Kudos to them and thank God they gave that driver some time behind bars for this! And while this next lady may not have been drunk, she sure was angry about getting a bad burger at Mickey D’s:

What’s crazy is the woman left the restaurant before police showed up and she’s still on the loose. It’s scary to think this was all over a busted Big Mac. She shouldn’t have been eating that carbage in the first place! I know a good mental health institution in Tennessee for her. And this guy definitely has a screw or two loose in his noggin:

Ahhhhh, as Christine says, “Make the stupid people go away!” HA! Well, let’s get away from the stupidity of humanity and go to some funny stuff. I’m a big fan of actor Kevin Spacey, but I never knew he did impersonations like these:

I LOVE stuff like this when it’s done well! You know what else? I like it when I find stuff like “Why men shouldn’t write advice columns.” HILARIOUS…and TRUE!

Ohhhh, have you heard about this ridiculous Drive-Thru Diet from those connoisseurs of healthy living, Taco Bell? This has got to be the most ridiculous promotion for a fast food joint I’ve seen in a long time…who’s gonna buy this crap?

If this weren’t so ridiculously real, then it would matter. But the folks at TB are 100% dead serious marketing their version of Subway’s Jared with this Christine spokeswoman. How long do you think this charade will keep up? If you REALLY wanna eat something healthy, try this low-carb meatball recipe on for size:

That’s about it for this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” and I hope you have a fantastic low-carb weekend. Enjoy some football, freezing cold temperatures, and fun-frolicking rock n’ roll good times until we meet again. E-mail me whenever you’d like about low-carb living or whatever else is on your mind at SEE YA!

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