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Fun-Filled Friday: Jimmy-Gets-Sick-With-Walking-Pneumonia-Styled!

Posted Jun 11 2010 3:57pm

See that poor sick fella to the left over there? That’s been what Jimmy Moore’s life has been like all week long this week and it’s been arguably one of the most miserable illnesses of my entire life. I’ve been chronicling it all at my Facebook and Twitter pages in case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. And you gotta know that I almost NEVER get sick at all rarely ever going to see the doctor for anything. Most of the time my healthy low-carb lifestyle keeps my immune system elevated and I stave off anything and everything that would bring me down. But that isn’t always the case no matter how good you eat!

It began last Saturday morning when I woke up with a dry throat and felt “spaced out” by the afternoon. I didn’t really feel bad until nighttime hit when the throat began getting sore. On Sunday morning, it was a full-blown sore throat like gasoline had been poured down my throat and a match lit! I took my temperature and I had a fever over 100 degrees. My voice became like Lurch from the old television show The Addam’s Family (“You rang?!”) on Monday and the fever became worse and worse hitting and staying at 102 degrees through Wednesday. The sore throat subsided, but the sustained fever made me break down and finally go see the doctor on Wednesday afternoon.

After taking some blood from me (white blood cells were surprisingly normal), testing my oxygen levels (another shocker at 97% capacity), and listening to my breathing with a stethoscope, he said it seems I have walking pneumonia. Despite all the cough medicines and naturopathic stuff I was throwing at it (upwards of 50,000IU Vitamin D3 gelcaps daily since this began, for example), nothing was working. He put me on the antibiotic Cipro, a prescription cough syrup, and Symbicort to help open the air passages a little more in my crackling chest. The fever is still off and on and I’m hoping I’ll be on the full mend soon. I’ve so missed blogging this week and I had to cancel SIX scheduled podcast interviews I had lined up this week now. Grrrr! If you want to hear an inkling of how awful I sound, check out the introductory audio to my two podcast interviews with Dr. Eric Kossoff and John McGran this week. Those were recorded when my voice sounded optimal. HA!

Well, this is “Fun-Filled Friday” time and I could certainly use some fun after my crazy week. Actually, I’ve got some pretty exciting stuff happening on Saturday morning as a documentary film crew from South Korea will be at my house taking video footage of me working and doing my thing with my blog and podcast. They’ve been big fans of the work I do promoting healthy high-fat, low-carb living and the focus of their project is on how fat isn’t as unhealthy as we’ve been led to believe. YES! Hopefully my sickness will be better enough so I can sound somewhat coherent and like my normal self in the final cut.

I want to start off this edition with a bit of a blast from the past in my life. Long before I was thinking about things like gluconeogenesis, metabolic syndrome, and lipolysis, my occupation was in the Christian music industry. When I was in college I was introduced to contemporary Christian music with the likes of artists like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, dc Talk, Steven Curtis Chapman, 4Him, and Truth, just to name a few. It was controversial among more conservative church leaders for bringing the “devil’s music” to the sacred Word of God. But that music transformed lives and is still having an impact on people to this very day.

I became a disc jockey at a Christian radio station in Virginia Beach, Virginia in the early-to-mid 1990s going on to host my own weekly countdown show featuring the top songs in Christian music. At the same time, I was hired as a music marketing manager for a regional chain of Christian bookstores located throughout Virginia called Heaven & Earth where I was privileged to rub elbows with most of the biggest Christian music stars in the world. While the pay was woefully inadequate for supporting a family being in that industry, I had the time of my life and sometimes miss being involved in it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly passionate about livin’ la vida low-carb and will be for a long time to come. But Christian music encompassed such a growth period in my life that it would be impossible for me to ever let go of that passion as well.

Sometimes I am reminded of my Christian music past when something happens like this week. One of the Christian rock pioneers Dana Key who was one-half of the group Degarmo & Key (aka D&K) died on Sunday at the age of 56 as a result of a ruptured pulmonary embolism. Key was a Christian music giant and had a true heart for people. I remember when I was at The University of Tennessee at Martin in the early 90s when he came and sang a solo concert for our campus as part of the Baptist Student Union and I was a part of the background choir for him. The song that really sticks with me that we sang is especially prescient now with what is happening in the world–”Pray For Peace.” Here’s a very fitting tribute to the life of a man who did his part to share Jesus with everyone he could in a way that met them right where they are.

Rest in peace, Dana Key! The rest of eternity has just begun for you and I hope you find heaven to be everything you expected and more. You will be sorely missed! Something else in the news that is impossible to ignore is the uproar over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that BP is taking a huge public relations hit over as the oil continues to seep and seep. While the finger-pointing and blame game has already ensued and will continue to happen into the foreseeable future, I thought this parody video of all the pontificating and blabbering over this “crisis” was pretty freakin’ hilarious.

As I’ve been laid up with this illness this week, I’ve been watching The Food Network with Christine and noticed quite a few advertisements from the Florida tourism industry trying to convince people to come vacation in Florida where most of the beaches are perfectly fine. As serious as the problem is, it does seem the media has blown this much more out of proportion than it needs to be. It’s too bad a lot of people will choose to go on vacation elsewhere and steer clear of Florida this summer. That’s gonna hurt their economy which relies heavily on tourists. Of course, that means more people will come to my home state of South Carolina to visit Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, and Charleston, so I guess it all works out. Just kidding!

Oh, remember that American Society of Bariatric Physicians conference I attended a couple of months ago in Seattle, Washington with the Nutrition & Metabolism Society offering the latest in low-carb research? Well, I just heard from them this week and they are making available both the DVD and the CD/Syllabus notes to the public of the entire weekend worth of lectures from people like Jackie Eberstein, Dr. Jay Wortman, Dr. Richard Feinman, Dr. Eric Kossoff, Dr. Stephen Phinney, Dr. Donald Layman, Gary Taubes, and more! Click here for all the ordering details and enjoy staying on the cutting-edge of low-carb research and information. I’ll be providing some more interesting low-carb science information on the blog soon (was gonna do this sometime this week, but you what happened!), so be looking for that in the coming days. And looky who showed up on HealthBeat Brooklyn this week ( click here and then click on “New Diets & Nutrition” in the video menu to watch the great Dr. Richard Feinman from The Nutrition & Metabolism Society talk about nutritional health).

My buddy Methuselah from the “Pay Now Live Later” blog is back again after a one-year sabbatical with another fantastic video as part of his “Paleo In A Nutshell” series that I’ve featured previously here at “Fun-Filled Friday.” He’s touched on diet and exercise in the first two videos (both went viral scoring views of 150,000+ and 50,000+ so far and counting!) but this time he wanted to talk about the fantastic role sunshine plays in the health of someone eating a healthy Paleo/low-carb diet. Check it out and share it with everyone who is curious about why they need to be getting MORE sun, not less!

LOVE IT! He really does a fantastic job putting these videos together and I hope we don’t have to wait another year for Part 4. I came across another fantastic video making fun of all the government regulations on restaurants regarding what they can serve the public. Quite frankly, if somebody wants to go to a restaurant and order French fries cooked in trans fatty oils, soak ‘em in iodized salt, and wash ‘em down with a high-fructose corn syrup-laden soda, then that’s their prerogative and right in a free country. Now they also must suffer the consequences of making such poor choices, but in the end it will be just that–THEIR choice. Episode 1 of this video series called “The Nanny Zone” takes on what the world would look like if the bureaucrats had their way and totally banned salt from being served in restaurants.

Sadly, we’re not that far from this being reality. Hopefully common sense and personal responsibility will prevail in the end. And finally today, check out this Canadian public service announcement about buying local, real, whole foods sponsored by a most unlikely source–Hellman’s mayonnaise! I think this is a great sign of the times if companies are beginning to recognize the value in encouraging people to know where their food is coming from.

Well, I’ve just about worn myself out writing up this “Fun-Filled Friday” post, so I had better stop now. I’m doing my darndest to get all the way better so I can be back to blogging and podcasting like a madman really soon. THANKS so much for reading and being a part of the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” family. Have a fantastic weekend and I appreciate your prayers as I continue healing from this walking pneumonia.

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