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Fun-Filled Friday: Healthcare, Cholesterol, Breast Cancer, Google Goggles, Christmas Decorations, Once-In-A-Lifetime, David Afte

Posted Dec 18 2009 4:33pm
There’s just one more week until Christmas and I can’t wait! Much of the East Coast of the United States is getting pummeled with snow right now which is a welcomed treat for this time of the year. We always sing that song “I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas” and it may come true for a lot of places this year. While I can’t promise you’ll have a white Christmas, I can give you the gift of some pretty amazing stuff in this week’s edition of “Fun-Filled Friday.” ENJOY!

While the United States Senate debates the final version of historic healthcare reform in the next week, my blogging health buddy Sean Croxton has a perspective on this subject that I 100% agree with completely. Let the politicians pontificate about the policy of health, but the reality of the situation is people can empower themselves by taking proactive measures to make themselves as healthy as possible by implementing the proper nutrition in their own daily routine. This is some compelling stuff to think about:

One area where health could be improved DRAMATICALLY is cholesterol. If we could convince people of the truth about “high” cholesterol being a trumped up condition that is completely rooted in selling pharmaceutical pills known as statins and not improving health, then many of the costs associated with treating this can be allocated elsewhere for areas of genuine concern. The amazing Dr. Malcolm Kendrick blows the lid off of this cholesterol/heart disease myth in 77 seconds that is worth passing on to everyone you know who is taking a cholesterol-lowering medication:

I REALLY love creativity when it comes to promoting something you are passionate about and the workers at a hospital wanted to do a fun “Breast Cancer Awareness” video to shine the light on this issue that warrants great attention:

Wasn’t that AWESOME?! Speaking of incredible, I love the new Google Goggles feature for Android phones:

Pretty neat stuff! Would love to see that on the iPhone someday. Want an alternative Christmas decoration idea for your house that’s a bit offbeat and guaranteed to attract lots of attention next year? Try this on for size:

OMG, that’s too funny! Bet you’d freak some people out with that one! Wanna see some of the most incredible once-in-a-lifetime video footage all in one place? Here ya go:

WOW! Cool stuff! One of the hottest viral YouTube videos of 2009 was this one called “David After Dentist” that has garnered nearly 40 million views since it was uploaded in January. This is one of the most hilarious videos you’ll ever watch and this David kid has a future in showbiz:

“Why is this happening to me…will this be forever?” HA! What a cute kid! He’s not the only one, though. FAT HEAD filmmaker Tom Naughton has two very adorable little girls who I got to meet and play with when I stayed with him in October. Here’s a pretty awesome video he put up this week with them chowing down on some marrow:

Paleo girl power! And how can I NOT end this special Christmas week edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” without showing a clip from one of my favorite Christmas specials of all-time on the REAL meaning of the season compliments of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang:

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I’ll be heading up to Virginia on Tuesday to spend a few days with Christine’s family before coming back home in time for my birthday on December 27th. I hope you have a very happy and safe holiday season wherever you are going to be and get ready to rock the world for livin’ la vida low-carb coming up in 2010 in just a few short weeks!

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