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Fun-Filled Friday: Health Care, March Madness, Drug Ads, Tom Naughton, Scale, Internet, Ice Skating, Parental Pressure

Posted Mar 26 2010 5:01pm

Fuh-riday!!! How’s your week been? Pretty good on the home front here as so much is going on so fast it keeps me busy enough to stay out of trouble. Or at least long enough until Friday rolls around for my weekly excursion into “Fun-Filled Friday.” Ready for some action? Here we go!

How can you not be aware of what happened last Sunday in Washington, DC? After more than a year of debate and discussion over health care reform, the Democrat-led Congress passed the bill and President Barack Obama signed into law on Tuesday one of the most sweeping changes from the federal government since FDR’s New Deal. Listen to the president speak to the nation after this legislation passed late Sunday night:

Some say this is a historic moment for America and others believe it is the end of the United States as we know it. What say you? The other big thing going on right now for fans of college basketball is MARCH MADNESS! Whether you watch the men’s basketball throughout the season or not, it’s fun to watch as the bracket gets whittled down to the Final Four. There have been some BIG upsets in this year’s tournament, too, including last night’s monumental win by 5 Butler over 1 Syracuse. Check out the highlights:

WHEW! That’s some fun stuff there. While watching all those basketball games, no doubt you’ve seen one of countless numbers of ads for pharmaceutical drugs. I found a hilarious spoof of those ads that will have you rolling:

OMG, that’s so funny! Wanna know what else is funny? My buddy Tom Naughton . You know him for his fantastic FAT HEAD documentary, but he’s a stand-up comedian by trade. Check out this bit on babies performed at Zanies in Chicago, IL:

Good stuff, Tom! We’ll have to let you do a comedy set for us on the Low-Carb Cruise in 2011. Speaking of that…we’ll be announcing the details soon about next year, but I’ll give you a hint: JAMAICA! Shhhhhhh! You didn’t hear it from me.

Anyone who’s ever lost weight before knows about all the little tricks that help you do better on the scale, right? You know what I’m talking about…things like going to the bathroom, taking off as many clothes as you can, sucking in your belly, and others. Have you done what Wes does in this video?

This funny outtake is from the upcoming film INSPIRED: The Movie that my friend Steve Yu is working diligently to get out there. I’ll be sure to let you know all about it when it releases!

Since I work on the Internet just about all day everyday, this pretty much sums up how I’d feel when my connection is lost for a period of time:

Okay, not really…but close! I enjoy entertainment no matter what you do–even ICE SKATING! I’d never seen this before this week, but it was just too good not to share Evgeni Plushenko having a blast on the ice:

That was AWESOME!!! And finally today I saw this PSA out of Canada that has a GREAT message for parents who like to put pressure on their kids:

Powerful stuff! That’s about it for this “Fun-Filled Friday,” but I appreciate you reading my blog. Hope you have an outstanding weekend watching basketball, enjoying the (hopefully!) warmer Spring weather, and whatever else the next few days hold for you. SEE YA!

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