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Fun-Filled Friday: Happy Birthday To The United States Of America And All That You Stand For

Posted Jul 04 2009 10:24pm

I’m just a flag-waving American, a citizen I’m really proud to be!

Today is a special-edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” because it’s the 4th of July weekend. How can you be an American and NOT be proud to live in a nation of freedom and democracy? This is the home of brave where we have the inalienable God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Be sure to get yourself a FREE pocket-sized copy of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution from The Heritage Foundation. It takes about one minute to fill out your mailing information and they’ll send it to you within 6-8 weeks.

We’ll start this week’s post with an inspiring video featuring a reading of the Declaration of Independence from some of Hollywood’s biggest actors, including host Morgan Freeman along with dramatic interpretations from people like Kathy Bates, Mel Gibson, Renee Zellweger, Wynona Rider, Kevin Spacey, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Douglas, and MANY more! This is VERY appropriate and heartwarming for celebrating Independence Day:

Speaking of Independence Day, do you remember this famous speech by Bill Pullman at the end of the classic Will Smith movie?

Okay, everyone’s STILL talking about Michael Jackson’s shocking and sudden death at the age of 50 last week and today the last video footage of him rehearsing for what was supposed to be his summer tour was released to the public featuring the song “They Don’t Really Care About Us.” Michael certainly didn’t look “weak” and “frail” to me in what would be the final rehearsal footage ever:

So, have you seen the guy who can play piano with his balls? This is AMAZING:

Speaking of balls, what about B. Manley and his ability to shoot a basketball? Utterly incredible and I hear Shaquille O’Neal took up his challenge for a game of horse:

I just love creativity and this “Human TETRIS” video is about as good as it gets:

Speaking of getting creative, did you hear how some employees from Air New Zealand “bare” it all in their new safety video? This is their attempt to get you to “take a second look.” Apparently it’s working quite well at doing just that:

I’m a BIG FAN of contemporary worship music since my days as a music buyer for a chain of Christian retail stores in Virginia back in the 1990s. One of the most infectious songs being played on Christian radio and sung in churches these days is “O Happy Day” by Tim Hughes:

Get pumped up by this promotional training video featuring Sylvester Stallone:

Finally, watch this fireworks display that went completely haywire at the end:

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Have a FANTASTIC holiday weekend and stay safe. God bless the United States of America.

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