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Fun-Filled Friday: Halloween Fun, Wolf Man Howls, V, 2012, Scene On 7, Christine’s Rocks, And Shake Weight

Posted Oct 30 2009 11:00pm

BOO! It’s a Halloween weekend edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” for ya!

Happy Friday everyone and I hope you have a fantastic Halloween on Saturday with all the fun festivities that come with it. My church has an event called “Trunk or Treat” that attracts literally thousands of kids all dressed up in their costumes to a safe environment to do their trick or treating. Although it saddens me to see all that unhealthy sugary candy being distributed to kids who don’t need it, I’m at least thankful to have a church willing to open up their campus for children and their parents to stay safe during this oddest of all holidays. With Halloween on the mind on this “Fun-Filled Friday,” let’s start with some related stuff!

This was from my buddy CJ Hunt from the upcoming documentary In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet:

The outlook was uncertain today after children, zombie-like, were seen refusing fast food, candy and super-sized soft drinks after a visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. “It’s horrible…and a miracle at the same time!” said Daisy Mae Mead, and it is now believed by locals to be the solution to the great obesity epidemic. Incredibly, the city fathers (and mothers) have embraced this amazing discovery, and can’t understand why they had not recognized this simple answer years ago. The solution is organic broccoli… eaten from a freshly picked head! Amazing.

HA! I LOVE that! Thanks for the laugh if but only we could make it come true. Of course, you could be like Bonnie with a goal to be “Hot For Halloween”:

GO GIRL! Keeping in line with the Halloween theme today, did you catch out the bizarre segment on CBS’s “The Early Show” featuring “The Wolf Man” doing his infamous howl followed by host Harry Smith trying his hand at it:

Hmmmm, must have been a slow news day for the morning show at CBS earlier this week! There is a VERY good new television show on ABC that is a remake of a popular 1980’s sci-fi favorite coming Sunday night that I’m looking forward to seeing called “V.” Do you remember this if you are over 30? Check out the riveting first eight minutes for just a taste of what this will be like. And the big movie that’s coming in November taking advantage of all the hype around the so-called Mayan predictions for December 2012 is called 2012. Here’s the trailer for that movie:

I’m gonna predict right now that the movie BOMBS at the box office. It’s an okay concept and very timely, but I think people are tired of these kind of movies being made by Hollywood. Well, speaking of television, I was recently asked by my local CBS affiliate WSPA-TV in the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC area to appear as a panelist on their “Main Event” segment for a show called “Scene On 7.” They bring in people from the community who are opinion-makers for a roundtable discussion of the topics of the day. On October 14, 2009, the big topics were a Canton, NC pastor and his church planning on having a non-KJV Bible-burning ceremony on Halloween as well as the Rush Limbaugh wanting to buy the St. Louis Rams NFL football team. Here’s how that went:

I wish they had a health-related topic for me to comment on, but I appreciated the local exposure. They’ve invited both me and Christine back for a segment together in late November. That oughta be fun! Speaking of Christine, she was featured on that same program just last night for her “Crazy Collection” of rocks. Check it out:

That’s my baby doll! What’s amazing is she would have NEVER done anything like this just a few years ago, so it’s good to see her coming out of her shell. Living with me helps. LOL! And finally, have you seen the latest fitness phenomenon catching on like wildfire in America? It’s the “Shake Weight For Men” that is…err…umm…a very “interesting” workout. You’ll not believe it until you see it!

Ooooooookay! No comment. That’s about it for this “Fun-Filled Friday” and I appreciate you reading and watching. Have a super duper Halloween weekend and don’t party too hard. SEE YA SOON!

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