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Fun-Filled Friday: Gary Coleman, Scarlett Johansson, New Atkins, Gary Taubes, Christopher Gardner, Food Pyramid, Wedding DJ, Fly

Posted May 28 2010 4:43pm

Yes, it’s “Fun-Filled Friday” time again, but we gotta start off with some somber news for those of us who are over the age of 35 and remember the hit television comedy Diff’rent Strokes from the late 70s/early 80s starring Gary Coleman playing Arnold Jackson. Gary died just after noon today following hospitalization for brain hemorrhaging. He lived to be 42. Here’s a montage of his greatest moments on the show that gave us the now-infamous line, “Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?”

They don’t make shows like that anymore. Such a shame. Wanna know what else is a shame? Actors who pretend to be an authority on something they obviously don’t know a thing about. Yes, take your pick on the topic and the actor, but today I’m referring to the lovely Scarlett Johansson who was recently on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno promoting her latest movie Iron Man 2. During their conversation, the subject of diet came up and Jay asked Scarlett if she was following the Atkins diet. Check out what this Hollywood starlet had to say about beloved low-carb living.

Clueless doesn’t even begin to touch this one. She could certainly stand to read a copy of The New Atkins For A New You by three of the top carbohydrate-restriction researchers Dr. Eric Westman , Dr. Jeff Volek , and Dr. Stephen Phinney. Check out this new informercial about the latest low-carb book that is burning up the New York Times bestsellers list.

Here’s Dr. Westman sharing about the new Atkins on an NBC affiliate:

It’s AWESOME to see low-carb given such a spotlight in 2010 when all the science is coming out fast and furious promoting this way of eating as the amazingly healthy plan that so many of us enjoy. It’s about time the rest of the world gets to see that for themselves! Someone else the world needs to see more of is Gary Taubes who penned the monumental Good Calories Bad Calories book. Recently he was a guest speaker at the American Society of Bariatric Physicians/Nutrition & Metabolism Society conference in Seattle, Washington. My Swedish physician friend and fellow low-carb blogger Andreas Eenfeldt was able to get Gary to sit down for an awesome 10-minute interview you will enjoy about why we get fat.

Can’t wait for Gary’s new January 4, 2011 release Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It that is going to be marketed as the more consumer-friendly version of Good Calories Bad Calories. He’ll be coming on my podcast show to talk about what he’s been up to lately this summer! DON’T MISS IT!

Another podcast series I’m working on in the next couple of months is to speak directly with the chief investigators of the most famous diet comparison studies over the past decade where low-carb has been declared the winner. One of those is Dr. Christopher Gardner from Stanford University with his oft-cited “A TO Z” study. Here’s a long but worthwhile video of Dr. Gardner sharing about why his research results were better and took him by surprise as a long-time vegetarian.

So far I’ve lined up Dr. Michael Dansinger for this special series, but I’m hoping Dr. Gardner, Dr. Bonnie Brehm , Dr. Gary Foster , and Dr. Iris Shai will also agree to come on my podcast for a back-to-back 5-day event featuring interviews with the lead researchers of the most famous low-carb diet studies out there. Should be interesting if I can pull it off!

One of my new Facebook friends had the following cartoon posted on her page that I thought was quite appropriate regarding the Food Pyramid scheme that has been perpetrated on the American people for the past three decades!

OMG, that’s freakin’ hilarious! And, sadly, true too! When will we ever learn? It ain’t happening with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines to be released soon, that’s for sure. And finally today I’ve got to leave you with some of the most bizarre video of a wedding DJ I’ve ever seen in my life. What he did goes well beyond the pale IMHO. Check it out for yourself!

What I want to know is why she didn’t slap that boy upside his head. He’s lucky she didn’t physically injure him or sue him for sexual harassment. That was just plain disgusting. What was he thinking? Oh yeah, he wasn’t! Well, we can’t end on a sour note like that, so how about this happy video featuring some stunning video footage of some flying fish in action.

Ahhhhhh, much better! That’s it for this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday.” THANK YOU for reading and have yourself a fantastic Memorial Day holiday weekend. Enjoy some fun in the sun and kick off summer right. We’ll be right here sharing all the best information about healthy low-carb living on the Internet for you as always. YOU GUYS ROCK!

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