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Fun-Filled Friday: Friday The 13th, Beaver, Stairs, Heart Attack Grill, Gary Taubes, Green Taco Bell, Christopher Monckton, Apol

Posted Nov 13 2009 10:00pm

Oh no! You know what today is, right? Yes, I know, it’s Friday, so that means we have “Fun-Filled Friday” stuff to share with you. But it’s also FRIDAY THE 13TH! Dum-dum-dummmmmm! I’m not superstitious or anything like that, but black cats and walking under ladders is just a wee bit harrowing on a day like today. It conjures up images from that famous movie featuring a hockey-masked cold-blooded killer named Jason Voorhees. I found a hilarious old clip of his character appearing on “The Arsenio Hall Show” a few years back:

Too funny! What did Arsenio think he was SAY? Did you happen to catch what a beaver did on CBS’s “The Early Show” this week? Hilarious and even better in slow-mo!

HA! “Aaack, it splashed my eye” then “Oh I’m sorry.” That’s classic. Have you ever wondered how you could get people to take stairs instead of the escalator? Check out what they did in Sweden testing the “Fun Theory”:

That would be cool! Make the keys light up and the percentage who would take the stairs would increase even more. On the opposite end of the health spectrum we have the Chandler, AZ-based Heart Attack Grill which brags about the food being “bad for you.” This is oxymoronic considering the health-conscious society we live in.

Did you notice the reporter didn’t eat the bun and only ate the hamburger patties? That’s pretty low-carb if you ask me. I admire the owner of this place for his ingenuity with this business. I’d eat there and just eat the delicious fat-dripping, cheese-coated beef hamburger patties myself. And I’d wear a shirt that was designed by one of my readers last week on CafePress that is awesome:

It reads: “STOP EATING CARBS: Carbohydrates raise blood sugar and insulin levels, make fat cells hold on to fat, and cause obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.” It looks like somebody has been reading Gary Taubes. Speaking of the Good Calories, Bad Calories author, here’s an interview with fitness guru Jorge Cruise (who was just a little creepy standing so close to and constantly jabbering his mouth and interrupting Gary while he was talking):

What’s REALLY funny is Cruise came out with a book a few years ago that bashed low-carb diets. Is he coming around or is he just whacked? Speaking of whacked, this is just messed up!

I love spoofs and this one was as realistic as any mocking the global warming hoax that’s been shoved down our societal throats. The move to “go green” was thoroughly rebutted by Lord Christopher Monckton last month at a climate skeptic event at the Minnesota Free Market Institute. This is a long, but fascinating lecture well worth your time:

This next video hit home to me as the owner of four adopted cats. It’s called “The Apology Video” and it highlights all the excuses people give for not taking care of their pets. It’s a gripping and honest look at a very serious issue:

And finally, as a Christian I couldn’t help but laugh at this mocking of those of us who call ourselves people of faith. Would you want to live in “Bubble Creek Canyon?” See for yourself:

Sign me up! LOL! That’s it for this week’s “Fun-Filled Friday” and I’m looking forward to doing some blogging this weekend…so be sure to check back. And don’t forget to sign up for my Global TeleClass coming next Thursday night to hear me talk about how to survive the upcoming Christmas holiday season. As always, you can send me an e-mail anytime at I LOVE hearing from you and enjoy writing you back. So feel free to write to me anytime. See ya soon!

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