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Fun-Filled Friday: Earthquake In Japan, Shatner, Discovery, Men’s Retreat, Psalm 42, Turning 69, Wholesome Ingredients On

Posted Mar 11 2011 4:31pm

This is going to be an abbreviated “Fun-Filled Friday” because I’m crunched for time today. But that doesn’t stop me from sharing things that interest me, make me laugh, and help make me more well-rounded in my own life experiences. Let’s hop to it!

I’m sure you were just as stunned as I was this morning when we woke up and heard about the 8.9 earthquake that took place in Japan today leading to a massive tsunami that caused further damage leading to hundreds of deaths. It’s tragic and a reminder of just how fragile life can be. I’m sure none of the people impacted by this earthquake expected to wake up today to this–but now it’s a major part of the rest of their lives. Look at this whirlpool that developed just after the earthquake hit today:

God bless the people of Japan who have had their lives turned upside down today because of this earthquake/tsunami. I pray for them to get back on their feet again quickly. And let’s not forget the people of Christchurch, New Zealand who are still rebuilding from their devastating earthquake a few weeks back. Meanwhile, it was an historic week for the NASA space shuttle Discovery taking its final voyage into space. On Day 12, the wakeup call was a familiar-sounding one to fans of science fiction–but with a really cool twist. Listen to William Shatner (who portrayed Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek series) provide a customized message to the crew of Discovery:

That was cool! Last weekend I had the chance to spend some time with the guys from my church on our annual Men’s Retreat. Our pastor’s brother was the guest preacher and he used to work in a Christian camp for a decade. Needless to say, he knows a lot of games to play that even grown men can have fun with while looking foolish:

It was even funnier being there in person! There were some really funky icebreaker games with precarious names like “Booger” and “Bumpity-Bump-Bump-Bump.” Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games over the weekend–here’s a fabulous message from Rev. Cory Horton preaching from Psalm 42 about thirsting after God:

Powerful stuff! It was nice getting away for some great Christian fellowship with my brothers in Christ last weekend. So, how’d you like to be able to do THIS when you turn 69:

HOLY COW, that’s pretty amazing! About the only person who could hang with him at his age is Art De Vany ! Very impressive.

Let’s take a look at some of the headlines that caught my attention over this past week:

- Everybody in the low-carb community knows by now that Gary Taubes was a guest on The Dr. Oz Show this week on television. Diet-Blog is conducting a poll asking “Do You Agree With Dr. Oz or Gary Taubes?” Place your vote in the poll! And I got confirmation today that Gary will appear on my podcast for a follow-up interview to talk about what REALLY happened behind-the-scenes of his appearance with Dr. Oz. That will air at the beginning of my podcast on March 17, 2011. By the way, fans of Gary in the Southern California area can see him in person at the Skeptics Society meeting at 2pm, Sunday, March 20th at CalTech in Pasadena . The meeting is open to the public with an admission fee of $10 for non-members. Seating is limited so get there early. A book signing will follow the lecture.

- Details magazine wants to know “Are Carbs More Additive Than Cocaine?” Try going without carbohydrates for just two weeks and see how you do! We’re a lot more addicted to them than people want to admit. Very well done column published in the March 2011 issue!

- My primal-promoting buddy Mark Sisson is taking pre-orders for his new book Primal Blueprint Quick & Easy Meals with lots of incentives for doing so. If you’re a diehard low-carber or Paleo enthusiast, then you need to get your grubby hands on this book!

- You know, maybe Gary Taubes is on to something when he says exercise merely makes you hungrier. A new study out of Queensland University of Technology this week found that exercise can actually increase cravings for high-carb foods like doughnuts which will then derail your efforts to lose weight. It’s unclear from the news story on this what kind and how much exercise would trigger this, but I would assume it’s the useless cardio that is so heavily promoted. Resistance and interval training in shorter bursts probably don’t elicit the same kind of response. At least not in my experience.

- Well shazam! Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan found in a two-year study that high-carbohydrate diets are the likely cause of increases in Type 2 diabetes. Can we call this one the “well duh” of the year? It’s about time this kind of research is being highlighted in the American Diabetes Association’s very own scientific journal. Does this mean we’ll see more acceptance of livin’ la vida low-carb from the ADA?

- Speaking of the ADA shifting its stance on low-carb diets, that’s the subject of a column my fellow low-carb blogger Laura Dolson wrote this week and it does seem they are moving more in the direction of low-carb than ever before. What impact would it have for low-carb if the ADA took a strong advocacy position in favor of this way of eating? It’d be huge in my opinion and I can’t help but see it happening sooner than later.

- Have you signed up to be a part of The Ancestral Health Symposium taking place in Los Angeles, California on August 5-6, 2011? Everybody and their momma in the low-carb/Paleo world will be at this event and I can’t wait to cover it. It’d be awesome to meet you in person and soak in all the amazing lectures from many people you have heard on my podcast. Hope to see you there!

- Get in touch with your inner Lady Gaga by sporting your own meat fabrics . YEAH BABY!

- Low-carb, high-fat living (LCHF) in Sweden is rockin’ and a chef named Birgitta Höglund received some major media attention appearing in Hello Alanya Magazine this week . WOO HOO! This tourist magazine reaches hundreds of thousands of visitors who will be impacted by the message of LCHF.

- We’ve always been told high-cholesterol leads to heart disease or stroke, but new research is showing triglycerides are much more important to track for assessing stroke risk in women than LDL cholesterol. And guess what raises triglycerides? CARBOHYDRATE! Will they ever make the connection?

And finally today, my wife Christine loves playing a game on Facebook called Farmville. I’ve never understood the purpose of farming virtually and Christine has often held me up from going somewhere because she has to “harvest” her crops (whatever that means). Earlier this week she saw something that caught her attention and she couldn’t believe her eyes:

Help grow “wholesome ingredients” right next to a field of wheat! And then there’s that ridiculous ad for Stouffer’s “Farmer’s Harvest” lasagna that’s been advertised in TV ads lately as healthier for people to consume. Seeing this kind of nonsensical information reminds me we still indeed have our work cut out for us. But I ain’t stopping anytime soon because this is much too important to give up on. That’s it for this edition of “Fun-Filled Friday” and I invite you to send me your fun, funny and interesting stuff anytime at .

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