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Fun-Filled Friday: Cruise, Laughing, Dexter Wolf, Christmas, Food For Thought, DeVany, Ghostbusters, New York, Hallelujah Chorus

Posted Dec 10 2010 6:25pm

Hey, who turned on the outside air conditioner this week?! Christine and I got back from our glorious cruise down to Key West, Grand Caymans, and Jamaica last weekend where it 87 degrees to come home to a strikingly chilly temperature of 18 degrees in South Carolina. BRRRRRR! This drastic change in the weather has been doing a number on my sinuses this week as I’ve tried to get back in the swing of things again. Makes me wish I was back on that boat again! That’ll have to wait until May 2011 when we go on The Low-Carb Cruise with over 100 of my fellow low-carb friends. It’s gonna be an amazing trip!

I’m still working on putting up some pics of the Carnival Freedom and the various stops we made along the way on the cruise. Give me a couple of weeks on that, but here are some fun photos Christine took of me on the trip:

And the one that defies any explanation is most definitely this one:

HA! This one was even too hot for Photobucket that they removed it!

See what you’ll miss out on if you don’t join us on the Low-Carb Cruise May 1-6, 2011? Like I said, I’ll have more photos and video from this cruise for you in a couple of weeks, but needless to say it was a fantastic time. I even did well on the Texas Hold ‘Em table too. Probably won’t have a lot of time for that when we go back, so I got it all in this time around. Alrighty, if you thought my photos above were a bit odd, then obviously you haven’t seen the “Laughing Yoga Man” video yet:

Oh…my…gosh! And to think they let somebody like this walk around on the streets. Scary stuff! Somebody who’s not very scary is Mr. Paleolithic Solution himself Robb Wolf (read my review of his bestselling new book ). But leave it to BrianP1350 for taking this mild-mannered nutrition expert and interweaving it with the popular serial killer television show “Dexter” to create this intriguing parody:

Love it! Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, so how about we get into the mood with some fun holiday songs to enjoy on this “Fun-Filled Friday?” Here’s a really cool Claymation version of “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Destiny’s Child:

And it’s not really Christmastime until you hear “Christmas Time Is Here” from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”:

Kids nowadays may think the animation is so archaic, but the message is so timeless. Switching gears back to nutrition, my friend Dr. Peter Ballerstedt who I met at the Nutrition & Metabolism Society conference in Seattle, Washington earlier this year has put together an incredible lecture entitled “Food For Thought” discussing the difference between the government-indoctrinated dietary guidelines and what the science is showing regarding the healthfulness of consuming animal fats and proteins. Anyone who fears consuming meat, cholesterol, and saturated fat and instead thinks eating whole grains is “healthy,” then you NEED to watch these videos:

Well done Pete! This is the kind of stuff that more and more of us who think a high-fat, moderate protein, low-carb nutritional approach is optimal for health need to be out there promoting at the grassroots level since it’s obvious this information will not be coming from the USDA, FDA, or other so-called health “experts” from the ADA, AMA, or AHA. Find your talent and use it to promote the low-carb cause! And you can do it at any age–just ask the great Art DeVany who is set to release his Paleo-styled nutrition book called The New Evolution Diet. Here’s a promo video for the book:

I’ll be interviewing Art next week for an upcoming episode of my podcast in early 2011. I previously interviewed him in 2008 and look forward to hearing more from this Paleolithic legend.

I’m a BIG FAN of improvisation. If I didn’t stay so busy with my blogging, podcasting and everything else I do, then I’d love engage in something like this “Ghostbusters” reenactment in the reading room of The New York Public Library on 42 Street in New York City. If you’ve ever seen the classic 1984 movie, then you know the film begins at this exact location. This is awesome:

Neat stuff! I came across this video on YouTube this week of a guy who attached a camera to a remote-controlled airplane to shoot some stunning images of New York City, especially around The Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty. INCREDIBLE!

Takes your breath away, doesn’t it? I’m surprised that guy didn’t get in trouble, but good for him doing something so awe-inspiring. Wait until you get a load of Hans Rosling’s 4-minute visual lecture plotting health and wealth data from 200 countries over 200 years. It plots life expectancy compared with income since 1810 and demonstrate just how much healthier modern society is compared with just two centuries ago:

That’s stunning! Of course, if we continue to promote low-fat, high-carb diets for health, then the life expectancy trend could be on the decline again with the greater prevalence of diabetes and obesity. We can only hope the cultural winds of change shift in time to prevent that from happening. Here’s more health and low-carb news of note:

- “Denver’s Diet Doctor” Jeffry Gerber recently gave a nutrition talk promoting the low-carb message that’s worthy of taking a closer look. You might recall my podcast interview with Dr. Gerber a couple of years back. Kudos to him for continuing to share his passion and zeal for livin’ la vida low-carb!

- There was a superb interview on Bloomberg Radio this week with Dr. Ron Raab from the Australia-based “Insulin For Life” who very clearly articulates the low-carb message for treating diabetes. He’s in the United States through Tuesday and I’m working on getting an interview with him before he returns home next week. I’d love to delve deeper into his thinking on livin’ la vida low-carb.

- Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. (ANI) is changing ownership hands again with Roark Capital Group acquiring the low-carb food giant this week. This is the fourth time in seven years the company has been sold since the company’s namesake died after a slip and fall accident on an icy sidewalk in New York City. The main problem with ANI is the fact they still don’t get it with the ingredients they are putting in their products that most low-carbers don’t care for at all–namely maltitol, soy, glycerin, and even sucralose (Splenda). If the new owners want to reach the low-carb market effectively, then I highly suggest they take a look at the formulation of the products offered and adjust them to keep up with an increasingly discerning customer base.

- My friend and fellow low-carb blogger Amy Dungan from “The Healthy Low-Carb Living” blog was a guest on “The Low-Carb Journey” podcast with Hank Garner this week. Hank has done an incredible job of interviewing people in the low-carb community in such a short amount of time and I encourage you to take a listen for yourself. He’s invited a panel of his low-carb heroes to join him for a special year-end podcast coming soon and I’ll be a part of that one! Should be a load of fun.

- Remember Genocide author and “Shock Doc” Dr. James Carlson ? He’s been MIA for a little while, but he popped back up on Dr. Robert Su’s “Carbohydrates Can Kill” podcast this week . I love Dr. Carlson’s in-your-face style to emphasize the seriousness of diet and health. He’s scheduled to be a guest speaker on The 4th Annual Low-Carb Cruise to Jamaica in May 2011…I look forward to seeing him again! And don’t miss my appearance on Dr. Su’s podcast during a Listener’s Roundtable Discussion with a couple of my readers . Fun stuff!

- Did you hear about the “World’s Fattest Woman” Terri Smith weighing in at 700 pounds at the age of 49 ? She’s in really bad shape and could desperately use inspiration from the former “World’s Fattest Man” Manuel Uribe who used to weigh over 1200 pounds and has lost about half of his body weight thanks to a carbohydrate-restricted nutritional plan. Hopefully Terri will reach out for help like Manuel did and get the assistance she needs before it’s too late.

- The “Fat Fiction” blog put together a list of “10 people who can solve the obesity crisis” this week that includes such fat-fighting heroes as the UK’s Jamie Oliver, Gary Taubes, Mark Sisson, and Tim Ferriss. Look who he named at #8 (with the cool shades sunglasses!)…THANKS!

- This came out of nowhere, but CrossFit Orillia trainer Kate Walsh from the Orillia Packet & Times gave “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” some exposure in a column entitled “Inspiration, words of wisdom just a click away.” She also named fellow low-carb luminaries Art DeVany , Josef Brandenburg , and Tom Naughton among her top five sites “offering great perspectives on the fundamentals of good health, nutrition and fitness.” SWEET!

- Speaking of Tom Naughton, if you haven’t seen his hilarious yet informative documentary film FAT HEAD yet (where ya been?!), it’s now available for FREE at Hulu . If you are a low-carb enthusiast or brand new to this carbohydrate-restricted lifestyle change, then you need to watch this film! Tom may even let you rub his head for good luck on the Low-Carb Cruise in May. Or you might end up singing “Elvira” with him at karaoke !

- Check out this press release for a German diabetic self-help book called All Of A Sudden: Diabetes that offers up livin’ la vida low-carb as a way to defeat this terrible disease. I’m not sure if the author would even be interested in appearing as a guest on my podcast, but I’d love to talk to her. Sounds like she’d be perfect!

- Read the column “It’s Not Science” and see if you can see an analogy between this argument and how low-carb is treated. Very interesting.

- You may have heard about a report a couple of weeks ago from the Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board about limiting your Vitamin D intake to a recommended dosage of 600-800IU daily , but leave it to Dr. Jonny Bowden to set the record straight . I personally take 10,000IU of Vitamin D3 gel caps daily (over DOUBLE what they consider the “Upper Level Intake”) and gladly so. There are just too many health BENEFITS to making sure your Vitamin D blood levels are optimal–around 60-80 ng/mL. It’s almost as if they’re TRYING to keep us unhealthy so we have to take all of those expensive prescription drugs. I’m not conspiracy theorist, but it sure seems that way.

- A nice follow-up to my response blog post to James Krieger’s post on insulin this week is a podcast interview on the “Healthy Mind Fit Body” show with Stephanie Murphy . Part 2 is scheduled to air in a few days, so be sure to check it out! Special thanks to Kevin Koskella and Wes Bertrand for getting such a qualified expert to respond to Krieger’s hypothesis that insulin has gotten an undeserved bad reputation.

- Well, looky here who decided to start blogging at long last: GARY TAUBES! Read his first blog post “The Inanity of Overeating” that will whet your appetite for his new book coming later this month called Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It . We’ve been begging him to start a blog and now it’s here. ENJOY!

- In the OMG department comes two columns from Time magazine’s “Healthland” section: “Overeating: Is It an Addiction?” and “Want to Eat Less? Imagine Eating More.” Has the state of diet and health these days really come to THIS?!

And finally today I have one of the neatest videos I’ve posted in a long time. You know how much I love the whole “flash mob” movement where people break out into song in a prominent public place. This one happened just before Thanksgiving in the Welland Seaway Mall Food Court in Welland, Ontario CANADA. Look at the delightfully surprised reaction of the patrons who heard more than 100 voices join in together on the classic Handel tune “The Hallelujah Chorus”:

That would be so neat to be a part of…one of these days I’m gonna do something like this! For now, I’ll just stick to blogging about stuff like this on “Fun-Filled Friday.” THANKS so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you see something that strikes your fancy that you think would be appropriate for a future FFF column, then send it along to me anytime at . Have an awesome weekend and we’ll see you again soon!

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