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Fun-Filled Friday: Cruise, Features, Cats, Carlin, Validation, Piano, Bluegrass, And Men In Coats

Posted Mar 12 2010 4:49pm

Me drinking a pina colada on the low-carb cruise this past week

What day is it? One strange thing that happens when you go away for a few days, especially on a cruise ship, is you kinda lose track of time. Getting out of your normal routine can be a good thing, but getting back in the saddle again takes an adjustment period. That’s what I’m in right now after returning from The 3rd Annual Low-Carb Cruise to the Bahamas with nearly 100 of my fellow enthusiastic low-carbers since last weekend. It was a glorious time that I’ll be sharing all about very soon. But today is Friday, so it’s time yet again for “Fun-Filled Friday!”

That picture at the top of this post is me sipping on an alcoholic beverage known as a pina colada. I don’t drink, but we had a complimentary cocktail party provided by Carnival because our group was so big and the drinks were free. So why not try it? Well, from the look on my face, you can tell I wasn’t too fond of it. Christine got a strawberry daiquiri and it was a little better…but not much! I just don’t do well with alcohol I suppose — and that’s a good thing.

Right before I left on the cruise, I had several podcasts want to do an interview with me, a top health blog listing, and another really interesting story about my love of Pac-Man which is turning 30 this year. Don’t miss my appearance on the “Gab With The Gurus” podcast with Connie Bennett as well as a really fun one with the guys from “Healthy Mind Fit Body.” I was listed among 24 other fabulous health blogs in The Top 25 Blogs for Losing Weight and Staying Healthy . The Pac-Man article was published yesterday at the Generation X blog . LOADS of fun and not just about low-carb living either! Yes, there’s more to Jimmy Moore than livin’ la vida low-carb — GASP!

If you’ve read my Friday posts for long, then you already know I love cats. I’ve got four of the furry creatures roaming around my 900 square-foot house and they certainly add spice to our lives. Some creative YouTube videos are made all the time featuring talking cats and this was one that had me rolling recently:

Although he passed away not that long ago, comedian George Carlin was always on topic telling it straight up as he sees it. I don’t care for his language and I warn you there are some “f” bombs strewn throughout this video. But wouldn’t it be great to have someone (ANYONE!) in govenment with this much passion about making positive changes to make America what we believe it should be?

Oh well. Maybe someday. Do you need some encouragement that YOU matter? Yes, I’m talking to YOU. So many people walk around with low self-esteem and only need a little validation in their lives to feel like the somebody that they really are. I found this incredibly moving short video story starring T.J. Thyne from the FOX-TV show “Bones” that shows what the world would be like if we all just did our part to encourage one another:

WOW! I’ve watched that entire thing several times and it’s incredible how powerful the spoken word can be to uplift or discourage in an instant. Which will YOU choose? Besides cats and inspiration, I also LOVE LOVE LOVE music. You’ll see that in some videos from the cruise we’ll share in the next week or so, but here are some videos of quality music that I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

An impromptu piano duet at the Mayo Clinic by a sweet elderly couple:

Here’s an awesome bluegrass group called The Martin Family Band:

And finally today I’m gonna leave you with a hilarious little video featuring “Men In Coats” that is wildly funny by a couple of very strange entertainers:

Betcha laughed! HA! Especially with the breakdancing at the end. Wicked! Time for me to rest up now and catch up some more on e-mails this weekend. It’s good to be home and I look forward to lots more blogging about healthy low-carb living in the coming months. THANK YOU for reading!

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