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Fun-Filled Friday: Charter, Sheen, Aflac, Elizabeth Taylor, Vegan Myths, Conway, Celiac, Finger Pull-Up, Cholesterol Chronicles,

Posted Mar 25 2011 7:27pm

It’s not been a very fun week for me as I begin writing this “Fun-Filled Friday” post. I woke up on Monday morning and went straight to my e-mail box as I always do only to discover I couldn’t send or receive any e-mails. This ain’t good when you get about 400-500 e-mails a day and have committed to answering people’s questions about low-carb living when they write to you. So I called up my Internet service provider Charter Communications who I disconnected my cable television service with last year due to shoddy customer service and explained what was going on. After being on hold for 30 minutes I was told a work ticket would be put in and my e-mail would be fixed within 24-48 hours. I wasn’t happy about this, but had hoped it would get resolved. By Wednesday I was sending and receiving e-mails again, but it was down by midday Thursday. Again I called Charter and they said 24-48 hours to fix this for good. Then this morning it was working again, but after an hour the SAME THING happened again. Finally I spoke with someone today who said the problem is I had 25,000 message on the Charter server and needed to delete some or upgrade to Charter business. DUH! Couldn’t somebody have let me know about that before they went screwing around with my e-mail account?! Okay, my rant for today is finished. It’s time for some fun, funny, and downright radical stuff to share because I need a good hearty laugh to lift my spirits today.

Good ole Charlie Sheen. This poor schmuck gets axed from Two and a Half Men a couple of weeks back (although CBS-TV has said they actually want him back now ) after a series of crazy antics and war of words in a series of television interviews. But that hasn’t stopped him from creating a Twitter account with 3.2 million followers and climbing and doing some oddball acting gigs like this cooking show called “Winning Recipes”:

Charlie is a funny guy, I’ll give him that. He’s a spoiled, rich Hollywood-type with a narcissistic complex–but his ability to captivate the attention of people cannot be denied. I LOVED his comments about where good steak comes from around 2:10. HAHAHAHA! Winning! Somebody who is NOT winning right now is Gilbert Gottfried, the voice behind the Aflac duck that’s been a huge hit with consumers:

Cute ad…but Gottfried, whose unique voice lends itself well to voicing the famous duck, stepped into it deep this week when he made some insensitive remarks on his Twitter page about the victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. As a comedian, I’m sure he thought he was being funny. But it was no laughing matter and he got unplugged from a pretty good gig. Here’s Gottfried appearing in a bit on The Tonight Show making commentary about his recent firing from Aflac:

Hee hee! At least he can laugh about it now. Comics always walk a fine line between being tasteful and funny…Gottfried is paying the price for crossing that line. Now there’s a nationwide search for the “next voice of the Aflac Duck.” Think you could do it? I bet it pays well if you got the chops!

We lost a giant in the history of cinema this week when Elizabeth Taylor passed away at the age of 79. I found this hilarious clip of her appearing on the “What’s My Line?” television program on November 14, 1954. I love the way she attempted to mask her voice on the show:

RIP Elizabeth Taylor! You were certainly one-of-a-kind! From a legend to…umm, uhhh, this rather interesting video supposedly debunking the vegan myths:

Never mind the poor quality of the singing/rapping/or whatever that was, these so-called myths aren’t even the most important ones to think about regarding vegan diets. I’d love to know why so many vegans are leaving that lifestyle and starting to eat meat. Why is that if it’s such a perfect diet? There are a lot of myths about meat-based diets too that unfortunately don’t match up with the reality of a high-fat, low-carb way of eating. Educate yourself about which nutritional plan is right for you and then do it. After something that ridiculous, it’s time for something hilarious to brighten the mood. How about this bit with Tim Conway as a dentist on “The Carol Burnett Show”:

Yep, that’ll do the trick! I love how he cracked up Harvey Korman so much throughout this bit that he couldn’t stop laughing. Why can’t comedy be THIS good anymore?

One of my LLVLC readers Anne Luther was featured on television this week discussing the subject of gluten intolerance and Celiac disease:

Anne did a great job! Speaking of amazing, do you think you could do a pull-up with just one finger? That’s what Matt Russo does in this incredible video footage:

WOW! That’s incredible! I love people who get creative and use the latest technology to make a solid point about the truth. This is from my buddy Mr. Fritz at the “Beef and Whiskey” blog created “The Cholesterol Chronicles” that you MUST see:

This is the kind of stuff that will penetrate the consciousness of consumers in an effective, non-threatening way. Plus, it’s pretty entertaining. The script was superb! Nothing beats the real-life example of a life that’s been changed. Check out this inspiring video from the “Ben Does Life” blog .

YOU GO BOY! And finally today, enjoy this remarkable rendition of the famous Queen song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Jake Shimabukuro on a Hawaiian ukulele:

Simply breathtaking! I LOVE stuff like this. I hope you did too. That’s it for this “Fun-Filled Friday” and I’m grateful for your readership. If you have something to share with me for a future post, feel free to e-mail it to me at . I’m hoping to have a new e-mail address soon to remedy my Charter problems. I’ll let you know if and when I switch e-mails. THANKS for all of your support of my work! Have a super duper weekend.

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