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Fun-Filled Friday: Arthur, Podcasts, iPhone 4, Graeme, Isner, Vuvuleza, Donovan, Eclipse, Martin, Revelation Song, Babies, Price

Posted Jun 25 2010 5:00pm

YAHOO! You don’t know how good it feels to feel good again. For the past three weeks I’ve been dealing with a really nasty bout with walking pneumonia that has beat me down, chewed me up, spit me out, and turned me around every which way but loose. But today at long last my body is nearly healed and I’m feeling stronger and better than ever. I appreciate the prayers and support of so many of you as I went through this and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It’s been quite the experience but I’m certainly glad it’s over now.

Some people take great pleasure and pride is kicking people when they’re down and I’m certainly no exception to being on the receiving end of such attacks. Just yesterday I received a comment on one of my blog posts from a man named Arthur who made a lot of assumptions about me despite the fact he and I have never met nor does he know anything about me. I always get a good laugh out of people like this saying these kinds of things because it reminds you that you must be doing something right for there to be this much angst and opposition to the degree you are about to read.

One day, readers of this site will find out that Jimmy has died from a heart attack or another weird medical condition. His wife will tell us it is because of some unfortunate event. This will be all BS. Jimmy is killing himself with his diet. It kind of reminds me of someone called Atkins! His recent pneumonia is just another example of how his immune system is weak because of his poor uninformed nutrition that is not supported by science, just supported by fantasy repeated by a bunch of morons on the internet. The guy has been obese for years on this diet and now he can’t recover from a pneumonia on antibiotics after more than 20 days. Wake up dude, you are killing yourself. Switch to a healthy diet, lose weight and maybe you’ll be able to have your own kids one day. Maybe that’s the price God is charging you for spreading your venom and lies over the internet: a fat dysfunctional ugly body.

So, tell me how you REALLY feel! WOW, that’s something else isn’t it? Stand in line, Arthur. There are a bunch of Jimmy Moore haters and I’m cool with that. Whatever I did to pee in your Corn Flakes, I certainly hope you work through those issues at some point. They make pills for that! You gotta love it.

Despite how terrible I felt earlier this week, I was given the opportunity to be on not just one podcast, but two. The first one was an appearance on the “Our Natural Life” podcast with the adorable couple Jon and Cathy Payne. I had them on my podcast show in March 2010 , so turnabout was fair play and I had a great time sharing about my low-carb lifestyle and a few opinions here and there about healthy living. The other interview was with Dr. Robert K. Su on his brand new show called the “Carbohydrates Can Kill” podcast . After I interviewed Dr. Su on my show in April 2009 , I encouraged him to start up his own radio show to spread the word about healthy low-carb living. He took me up on that and hired my podcast producer extraordinaire Kevin Kennedy-Spain from Disc of Light Media to take care of the details of his show and I was honored to be the first guest and a part of the second episode of this exciting new low-carb podcast. Special thanks to both Jon & Cathy Payne and Dr. Robert Su for having me on your respective shows! I’ve added them to the “Media Appearances” section of my web site.

On Tuesday I tried to become one of the over 1.5 million people who got an iPhone 4 , but it just wasn’t meant to be yet. Was gonna wake up at 4AM to stand in line at my AT&T store that was to open at 7AM, but I was still feeling tired from my illness and slept through it. Good thing because there was a sign on the door at noon when I arrived that stated the launch was delayed until Tuesday, June 29, 2010. When I got home I tried Wal-mart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and the Apple store in Charlotte, North Carolina trying to find one–ALL SOLD OUT! Then I looked on the Apple web site and it said the new phone wouldn’t ship until July 14th…GRRRR. I called AT&T to see if I could be guaranteed there would be an iPhone 4 in stock if I showed up first thing in the morning on Tuesday and she said there are no guarantees. How about a pre-order? Nope. So I will try to venture out on June 29, 2010 to try to get the new iPhone yet again…wish me luck! I’m salivating at the improvements they’ve made to this phone over the older 3G version, especially the video quality as demonstrated in this video from a new user.

I’ve got so much to talk about today in this happy-go-lucky “Fun-Filled Friday” post and we’ll start off in the world of sports. Yes, I am a HUGE sports fan across just about every spectrum of activity that involves skill with a ball of some form or fashion. And this past week has offered up some truly spectacular feats of sports prowess that cannot be overlooked. I watched some or all of three amazing events from the world of sports that I wanted you to know about in case you missed them.

First, we have the incredibly exciting finish to the 2010 U.S. OPEN professional golf championship last Sunday afternoon. With major champions like Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods at the top of the leaderboard, everyone expected one of these big guns to come out and shoot a low score to win the whole shebang. And it certainly looked that way when the leader in the clubhouse after three rounds–Dustin Johnson–hit triple bogey, double bogey, and then bogey in a stretch of three holes at the beginning of the match that brought a whole bunch of people back into play. But nobody really wanted to take control of this and win it. In the end, Graeme McDowell from Ireland took home his first major title and became the first European winner of this tournament in four decades! This is what makes watching golf so much fun.

You know it’s a tough golf course when the winner finishes at or near even par. Amazing stuff and CONGRATULATIONS to Graeme McDowell for slaying all of the golfing giants to rise triumphant. As thrilling as the U.S. OPEN was on Sunday, who would have ever thought a first round match at the professional tennis major UK tournament Wimbledon would draw so much attention. But that’s exactly what happened when American John Isner faced Frenchman Nicolas Mahut. I bet neither one of these guys thought in a million years they’d be a part of the longest tennis match in history lasting a total of 11 hours and 5 minutes long with a fifth set that went to an astounding 70-68. It was the longest set ever played at 8 hours and 11 minutes long and Isner prevailed winning 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68. INCREDIBLE!

Unfortunately for Isner, he was probably so worn out from playing the equivalent of like four matches in one that he got ousted in the second round at Wimbledon. But I don’t think he or anyone will ever forget what this epic matchup that will likely never be repeated again in history. And speaking of historical, have you been watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches? Other than those obnoxious vuvulezas–oh, you haven’t heard this pleasant sound yet? Let me introduce you to it from an actual game.

Nice, huh? Can you imagine thousands of fans blowing on these things at an NFL football game? Security would throw ‘em out of the stadium so fast it wouldn’t even be funny. And that constant “buzzing” sound they make has been nauseating to listen to while trying to watch the U.S. team play their games. They’d played well in their matches in Group C where they tied their opponent England 1-1 on a freak goal in the first game, then came back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit of being down two goals against Slovenia to notch their second game at 2-2 leading to a must-win game three facing Algeria to move on to the next round of 16. After playing 90 minutes of scoreless soccer and looking like they would be ousted from the World Cup, I noticed the timekeeper added four more minutes to the game because of injury delays. When that happened I looked over at Christine and said, “Watch this…something HUGE is about to happen!” And boy did it ever! Watch this replay of the miraculous game-winning goal by team captain Landon Donovan.

GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL! Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of soccer. But it’s hard not to cheer on your fellow countrymen to play their hearts out in a worldwide matchup. GO USA and keep doing your thing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup! Okay, that’s enough about sports–let’s move on to the movies where the biggest film of the year is set to release on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 when the third installment of the popular Twilight series called “Eclipse” hits theaters nationwide. Here’s the trailer for this movie.

Is it just me or is this movie series just a wee bit overhyped? I saw the first one on DVD after everybody and their momma was talking about how stupendous it was and I thought it was a decent film. But to get all ga-ga, goo-goo about like it’s the second coming of Gone With The Wind or Titantic? Uhhhh, no. I’ll probably watch “Eclipse” when it comes to the cheap-o theater or on DVD, but I’m not gonna be a part of the mob scene of teeny-boppers plopping down $15 to see this one next week. Save your money and make Hollywood produce better quality storylines and motion pictures worth paying for. Truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I went to a movie theater to see a movie. Maybe the new Star Trek because Christine is a Trekkie…it’s few and far between these days.

I love good comedy and singing, so how can I not love when both of these crafts are combined into a brilliant masterpiece of raucous harmonies. And when you throw the legendary Steve Martin into the mix, it’s gotta be an awesome experience. He and a few of his buddies from a group called The Steep Canyon Rangers recently performed at the 2010 New Orleans Jazzfest a rip-roaring hilarious song entitled “Atheists Don’t Have No Songs.” You’re gonna be rolling with laughter during this one, so get ready!

OMG, that’s just too funny! But it’s true–atheists don’t have no songs like us Christians do. Love my worship songs, baby. There’s a fantastic new one we’ve been singing at my church lately that is so anointed with the Holy Spirit that I feel like I’ve been ushered into the very presence of God every time I hear it. The song is called “Revelation Song” and here’s a fantastic version of it by Gateway Worship with lead vocals from Kari Jobe.

WOW, love that song! If that don’t get your blood flowing and feeling fantastic, then I don’t know what will do the trick. It might even get a one-month old baby to talk!

Some parents had WAY too much time on their hands! And I wonder how many of YOU have done this to your zonked out babies. That Kate is gonna have payback someday for her parents doing this to her and posting it for nearly 5 million people to watch on YouTube. When they least expect it…WHAMMO! Payday someday. Something tells me this next little one won’t mind all the attention he’s getting for his instantly-famous jig that his parents caught on video.

That kid’s got some moves. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him become a professional dancer someday. If he’s got these kind of movements at 2, then think about how much better he’ll get by 12! Keep kickin’ my baby friend. Just keep away from the sugar sodas which used to be promoted as “healthy” for your child’s emotional wellbeing in a public awareness campaign fifty years ago. This is unbelievable!

And finally today I’ve got a fantastic story about the great work of The Weston A. Price Foundation . Featured in the video on educational television is both Sally Fallon and Dr. Mary Enig have been at the forefront of promoting high-fat diets for health for many years. ENJOY!

You heard Sally mention in this video how the government-recommended USDA Dietary Guidelines are leading us in the wrong direction. That’s exactly why she’ll be testifying before the 13-member advisory board on Thursday, July 8, 2010 in a brief but succinct 3-minute talk. I too will be sharing testimony before the Committee to express my concerns with the 2010 Dietary Guidelines that were recently introduced and I’ll be sharing more about this and an exciting opportunity to get some media attention for high-fat, low-carb living as part of this event coming soon. We have an excellent opportunity to make some noise on behalf of livin’ la vida low-carb and I look forward to telling you more soon.

One last thing I want to share on this “Fun-Filled Friday” post is about the 2010 IMS Summer Module Series presented by Innovative Metabolic Solutions . I recently had a representative from IMS named Jeff Clinger on my podcast to talk about the work they are doing educating physicians and the public about why carbohydrate-restriction is the preferred way of eating to control weight and health. He offered a very special deal for the readers of the “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog that I wanted to pass along. E-mail Jeff at to let him know you are interested in participating in the summertime lectures from people like Dr. Eric Westman, Dr. Mary Vernon, Gary Taubes, Dr. William Davis, Dr. Jeff Volek, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt and more and tell him you’d like to use offer code “LIVINLAVIDA” to receive 50% off of your registration. If you get all 7, then that’s just $25 each for lectures from some of the top names in the world of low-carb living where you can be interactive and ask them questions. WOO HOO! Click here to learn more and don’t forget to use your promo code to get your discount.

THANKS so much for reading and I hope you have yourself a wonderful weekend!

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