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Fun-Filled Friday: 9/11, Regis, Qu’ran Burning, Low-Carb Study, Google Instant, Lady Gaga Meat Bikini, Mom Song

Posted Sep 10 2010 2:47pm

Friday time, baby, and you know what that means–it’s my weekly “Fun-Filled Friday” post where I talk about anything and everything whether it relates to health and nutrition or not. There’s so much more to the life of Jimmy Moore (like being able to touch my toes now thanks to Josef Brandenburg ) than sharing about healthy low-carb living (believe it or not!) and here’s the one time during the week when I share stuff that fascinates or interests me both inside and outside the realm of diet. Since I’ll be traveling next Friday, we’re gonna load up this week’s post with lots of great stuff for you to enjoy.

We can’t allow this weekend to pass by without mentioning the ninth anniversary of the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001 by radical terrorists on America and pay our respects for the 3,000 Americans who sacrificed their lives that day in the deadliest action launched against us within the U.S. border in our nation’s history. It’s this generation’s Pearl Harbor and we’ll always remember where we were when those planes crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York City that unassuming Tuesday morning. I can hardly believe it was already NINE years ago because I remember that day just as clearly as if it happened yesterday.

I have a rather strange story about September 11, 2001 which began with a telephone call at 6:45AM from a producer with the Regis & Kelly television show in lower Manhattan. She said they had picked my entry to participate in their “Travel Trivia” contest for that day and that I’d be coming on the show LIVE over the telephone at 9:00AM. They told me I had time to research on the Internet about the guests who were on the previous day before they would call me back at 8:30AM. I was finishing up my thesis for my Master’s Degree in Public Policy at the time, so I didn’t have to be at work or anything that morning. So I started Googling the guests who were on the show on September 10, 2001 to be ready for a chance to win a cool trip somewhere.

After taking some notes and feeling confident I was ready to answer any trivia questions they’d ask me, I turned on the television set to my local NBC affiliate which airs Regis & Kelly when the producers called me back. What I saw on the screen as it came into focus was rather odd looking to me at first because it looked like a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center Towers. Speculation about what could have caused this “accident” was all Katie Couric and Matt Lauer were talking about on The Today Show, but the damage to the tower looked to be pretty major. When 9:00AM came and the show was supposed to go LIVE, the scene of the burning tower remained on the screen. The opening theme music for Regis & Kelly started up and they were planning on having a show that day. But I was on the phone and could hear what was happening in the studio just blocks from where the plane hit the first tower. Regis Philbin’s voice was obviously trembling as he and Kelly Ripa both were seriously concerned about what was happening just a stone’s throw away from where they were broadcasting. And then it happened.

The second World Trade Center tower was hit and by this time my wife Christine was watching this unfold with me. When we watched that second plane crash into the other tower, we both gasped, looked at each other, and immediately knew something major was happening to our country that was no mere accident. I could hear several members of the audience on Regis & Kelly screaming and at that point the producer came back on the telephone to say, “I’m sorry, but we’re gonna have to call you back. New York City is under attack!” and then she hung up. The rest of that day was a complete blur as those two towers came crumbling down with terrified New Yorkers running for their lives. Meanwhile, another plane hit the Pentagon and the infamous Flight 93 crashed into a field thanks to the heroics of those brave passengers who likely prevented the Capitol building or White House from being struck on September 11, 2001 as well. I don’t know how any American could ever forget the significance of what happened that day, but in case you’ve already forgotten what it was like I encourage you to watch this video of the images from that day.

Christine and I always talked about visiting what would become “Ground Zero” where the Twin Towers once stood in lower Manhattan someday and we got that chance earlier this year in April when we attended a planning event with the Nutrition & Metabolism Society . We stayed at the Milennium Hotel located directly across the street from the World Trade Center site. Looking out of our hotel room, the scene was solemn as we visualized what that day must have been like for the people who would never be with us again. It was moving looking down on the sacred ground where so many people died that day.

I am grateful that we had the chance to see “Ground Zero” and we enjoyed visiting the temporary memorial center just a block away until the official one is set to open on September 11, 2011–on the 10-year anniversary of the attacks. Click here to learn more about the National September 11 Memorial & Museum and how you can help donate to the cause for this important tribute of remembrance. So, whatever happened with that Regis & Kelly contest I was supposed to be a part of? It was on the air again a couple of weeks later and what transpired on this first episode back so hilariously funny that I just had to post this video on YouTube. Watching this even now still cracks me up!

What’s funny is I broke my wrist a couple of weeks before the trip, so I didn’t get a chance to play golf. They did give us an extra day in the hotel since we couldn’t use the golf and it was a memorable trip. I have taken up golf in the past few years, although I’m not very good at it yet. Maybe Regis can show me a thing or two with my swing! Do you have a story about 9/11 you’d like to share? Feel free to post it in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, furor over a Florida pastor named Terry Jones who has been promoting a “Burn-A-Koran-Day” event on September 11, 2010 has reached a fevered pitch this week as he has been universally condemned for such an incendiary act against the holy book of the Islamic faith. From the president to political leaders of every stripe, they have been working on having him cancel this event so as not to incite violence against Americans and the troops in Afghanistan in response to this. The drama continues as the burning has been on again, off again, and possibly on again with craziness all week long. In case you haven’t heard about this story yet, here are the details.

As a Christian man, there are several things about this story that bother me greatly. This Pastor Jones does not represent the loving spirit that genuine followers of Jesus Christ would possess. Hate and love cannot co-exist at the same time and burning copies of the Qu’ran is the height of disrespect for those who choose to be Muslim. That said, I wonder why there is such furor over the burning of the Islamic holy book, but nobody even bats an eye when a Bible or a cross which has great significance in the Christian faith is burned or desecrated? There does seem to be a double standard at work here that is worthy noting. Whether it’s the Qu’ran, the Bible, a cross, or a menorah, these meaningful symbols of our belief in a power that’s greater than us should not be used as political fodder by those seek to spread hatred for their fellow man. Regardless of your religious persuasions, that is inappropriate and wrong. Perhaps you have a different take…I’d love to know what you think about this.

The release of that study I blogged about this week claiming animal-based fat and protein diets like Atkins will kill you faster than veggie-based ones has certainly elicited quite the response from within the low-carb blogging community. From Denise Minger’s outstanding analysis of the numbers (looking forward to sharing my podcast interview with Denise coming up in Episode 405 on September 27, 2010), Chris Masterjohn’s methodical exposure of the flaws in this study , and Tom Naughton’s hilarious take on Dean Ornish’s reaction to the study , it’s pretty clear this study was dead on arrival because it was nowhere near looking at the Atkins diet or even the vegetarian diet for that matter. But that didn’t stop low-fat, plant-based diet apologists like Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Dr. David Katz from weighing in with their predictably arrogant anti-Atkins drivel. Now more than ever, average everyday Americans are looking for intellectual integrity from people who purport to be health experts because it’s obvious what we’ve been recommending people do to lose weight and get healthy–namely cutting the fat and calories, increasing whole grain consumption, and exercising more–has failed miserably. This back and forth squabbling about which diet is better is the wrong way to go about it. Why not encourage people to make informed decisions about what’s best for THEM and stop vilifying someone because they choose to eat meat in their menus as part of their healthy plan? I personally don’t care how someone else eats if it helps them attain the health they are looking for. Find the proven plan that will work for you, follow it and then keep doing it for the rest of your life. That’s been my motto from day one and I don’t plan on changing that philosophy anytime soon.

Have you heard about “International Hug a Vegetarian Day” coming up on September 24, 2010? I actually got a press release about this event today and I just about fell out of my chair laughing so hard at the hypocrisy of it all. No, I don’t have a problem hugging a vegetarian because I could never eat that way and keep my sanity. But what about having an “International Hug a Meat-Loving Low-Carber Day” or something like that? You never hear about this kind of thing, so on September 24th why don’t we just recognize “International Hug An Eater Day” and spread the love around to everyone? Most people aren’t even eating very many fruits and vegetables anyway , so show you care for people on the “Little Debbie Diet” that day, too! By the way, speaking of vegetarian, my interview with PCRM President Dr. Neal Barnard was supposed to happen last Monday, but he needed to postpone it due to some personal health concerns that he says are “not life-threatening.” Remember him in your prayers as he works through this issue. The interview was set to air in Episode 403 next Monday, September 20, 2010, but instead I’ll be sharing my interview with a childhood obesity expert from Harvard named Dr. David Ludwig instead.

Hey, have you checked out Google this week yet? If not, then you are in for a big surprise with the brand new Google Instant feature that immediately starts showing you search results AS you are typing them into the search box. It’s pretty darn cool technology if you haven’t tried it yet (go ahead and check it out if you haven’t already…but come back here to finish reading this column when you’re done!) and here’s a video from the Google geeks showcasing this new feature.

Awesome! If you’re not already a fan of shock rocker Lady Gaga, then maybe this next story will have you change your mind. Certainly not politically correct, she decided to tick off animal rights activist groups like PETA this week by posing on the front cover of the Japanese Vogue magazine with nothing on except for slabs of meat.

The “outrage” expressed by PETA apologists is hilariously funny considering they themselves have engaged in this same kind of marketing to promote vegetarianism by using images of Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson with strategically-placed cabbage leaves.

If you ask me, I think it’s all just a bit absurd to be wearing meat or even veggies on your body. Let’s encourage people to EAT those foods to make them healthier rather than trying to pull some publicity stunt that does very little to encourage people to nourish their bodies well. It’s enough to make a shrimp run for his life!

HAHAHAHA! Run, shrimpy, run! But whatever you do, don’t mess with a lady and her parking space in the Winn-Dixie parking lot (I LOVE this scene from Fried Green Tomatoes featuring Kathy Bates).

TOWANDA! Face it girls, I’m older and I have more insurance! YOU GO GIRL! And finally, since I highlighted a video about dad’s last week, it’s only fair I turn the tables and give you moms the props you deserve to end this week. Check out “The Mom Song” by a group called GoFish .

If you love your Mom, let me hear you say it–WOO! Mom’s are way cool and we should always honor them for the outstanding job they do day after day. THANK YOU MOM!!!

That’s about it for this extended version of “Fun-Filled Friday” today. Hopefully I’ve given you some stuff to talk about, smile at, think further on, and outrage you enough to share what’s on your mind this weekend. Please leave your comments below and I look forward to hearing from you. As always, if you see something that you think would fit the theme of this special Friday post, send it along to me anytime at . THANKS so much for reading and have a super-fabulous weekend! I’ll be traveling to Virginia on Sunday to spend time with Christine’s family next week. Don’t forget my podcast interview with Gary Taubes about his upcoming new book Why We Get Fat is coming on Monday! SEE YA!

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