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Fruit and Veggie Days - Lose weight a little faster when you're in a slump

Posted May 06 2008 3:01pm 1 Comment

Have you ever gotten yourself into a rut with your diet? I mean, it’s not that I’ve really been dieting all that much to have lost the weight I did, but I still found myself in a plateau and decided that before the weight started coming back, I needed to do something.

I remember back in college in Florida, it was often just too hot to eat anything all that “carb-y”. Breads, pastas, potatoes, and anything greasy just made me feel sick to my stomach. So I had spent 3-4 days a week eating nothing but fruits, veggies, and grilled boneless skinless chicken breast. Now, the bonus here, was that on the other days, I was eating whatever I wanted, but I HAD LOST MY TASTE FOR FAST FOOD ENTIRELY. I mean, the smell of it made me ill. The thought of all that grease in my mouth had me reaching for ice cold water. I’d hypnotized myself!

It was amazing - I was losing 3 pounds a week, and never feeling tired or cranky or anything. I didn’t count calories, but I’d often eat a whole watermelon in a day, or two packages of strawberries, or a whole bag of salad with some chicken breast cut up on top. I didn’t worry about sauces or dressings (though I’ve always bought lower fat or low sugar versions anyway - but I didn’t worry about how much I was using) and I just ate when I was hungry until I wasn’t hungry any longer. Stuffed, even. On fruit! :) Of course I also had my coffee with milk and Equal in the mornings, a little diet soda (not too much, as then I preferred Crystal Light or water or even iced tea), and mainly water.

So, I’m going back to that. Yes, it can get expensive, but that’s why after work today I’m going to buy some seeds and seedlings for the backyard. It’s a done deal.

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We just planted some things ourselves. I can't wait to have some fresh from the garden veggies on the table. Yummy!!
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