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Posted by Dina C.

As a brand new member, I don't know what it means to become friends with others on this website. What are our responsibilities to each other?
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Hi Dina,

Welcome to the Wellsphere community! You can request a friendship with anyone on the website as others can request to become your friend. Here are a few different reasons why someone may request a friendship:

- Some members may request to be your friend because they want to support you in your goals or are looking for support.

- They enjoy reading your discussion topics. Once you become a friend with someone, their latest discussion topics appear in your your 'Latest Activates' on your My Wellsphere page. This allows you to see what your friends are doing on Wellsphere

- The member requesting a friendship maybe have similar interests as you and looking for someone to connect with.

There are many reasons why members may request a friendship from you, but remember, there is no responsibility attached to the friendship, although it is nice to support your friends through their goals, and you can always reverse the friendship.

I hope this information helps and feel free to contact me, though writing on my Whiteboard or sending me a message, if you have any further questions about the website.

- Larisa, Community Relations Manager

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