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Fridge Friend Note Recorder Review

Posted Feb 06 2012 5:16am

Every so often I am sent products to review by various people, and this review is based around something called the fridge friend. The idea behind this is that you can record small memos up to a maximum of 15 lasting approximately 80 seconds each.

It has two buttons on the front of it below the screen. The left-hand button has a power sign next to it as well is a play sign the button next to it is the record button, so in order to record a video message which could be to remind yourself to do some exercise or some particular diet tip, once you switch the device on , you will see yourself in the camera.

Then it’s just a matter of pressing the right-hand button and this will start the video recording process. Once you have finished, it’s just a matter of pressing the record button. Once again, when you do this your recording will be played back to you straight away.

If you want to look at your messages. All you need to do is keep pressing the play button and you will see the number of each recording that you have made the thing to remember is, you can record up to 15 lasting up to 80 seconds each. If you want to delete any of your messages.

All you need to do is be playing each one, and when you come across one that you don’t want to keep any longer. Press the right-hand button and this will give you an option to delete it or save it as the case may be. The video quality that you get from it is reasonable.

The only thing I would say that lets it down a bit is the audio quality is a bit poor. It sounds a bit muffled, but you can make out what you are saying. Apart from that it does do everything that it should do so in summing up this would be an ideal gift. Or purchase was somebody who wanted to keep small reminders in video format on their fridge. For things like exercise reminders or to eat something healthy or anything you like really there are endless possibilities.

If you would like more information of similar products, please visit their website, which is . You can also view a PDF with a description at this link

Disclosure statement: I did receive this item in order to do a review of it as well as keep it.



Post from: Weight Loss Blog (Lose That Tyre)

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