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Posted Oct 26 2012 7:43pm

So glad the week is over.  It’s been feeling a little crazy around here in Casa Radiance lately.  Need to just slooooow down for a day or two.

I can’t believe how dark it is in the mornings now, can you?  It feels much earlier than it really is.  I made up some protein waffles to get the day going.

It was going to be warm enough to bike, so I saved that for later.

It’s been busy with work.  John has been having fits trying to get our new HDTV set up.  Time Warner has the worst customer service.  Nobody knows what they are talking about and it has resulted in I don’t know how many phone calls.  I am thinking there was at least 5.  John handled it pretty well, though.  He is practicing being zen (and this was a good challenge for that).

After lunch, I decided to take a break and go for a ride.  It was supposed to be sunny this afternoon, but the sun never came out.  It was about 62 degrees, so nice biking.  I did neighborhood riding and went by the canal for a bit.

Gotta get in the self portrait!

Check out how high the canal is right now. We have had so much rain lately.

And now this is on the way.  Wind and rain.

This is one huge storm!  You just hate the waiting, you know?  I don’t know what will happen with Halloween around here.   Guess it depends on if we have power or not.  Of course, Halloween is the least of the worries.

We are planning on a pumpkin carving party on Sunday, though.  Still plan on that.

Pink picture of the day – Pixie’s nose the other day, now her giant extra-toed foot today.

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