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Friday Mishmash

Posted Jun 06 2014 10:00am
Thanks for all the Happy Birthday wishes!  Between Monday's post here and Facebook so kindly alerting everyone I know that it was my birthday, I got to see what it must have been like to be popular in high school...if only for a day.  Regarding that, my cousin Jill said it best:  "We shall never know...what it would have been like to waste your entire lifetime's worth of cool before you even became an adult" - so here's to not peaking early!

Speaking of my birthday, treats were had.  Sure, there was a very nice dinner, but afterward, dessert.  I mean, DESSERT
Flourless chocolate truffle cake with molten chocolate ganache filling...drool.  Jeff and I shared it - yum, yum, yum!

The next day, I split a fudge brownie from Blue Baker - holy moly, it was good
I took a bite before remembering to take the picture.  Obviously chocolate was the theme for this birthday! 
Not related to flea medicine application, but this shot of Henry made me laugh.  Also, could there BE a bigger size discrepancy between his fangs and his wee front teeth?
It's flea season here - luckily, my pets only seem to get fleas for a short time in the summer, but maybe that's why my cats get so angry when I put the medicine on them - they aren't used to it.  Earlier in the week I treated all three animals, and the day after?  I'd been out for several hours and came home to tufts of cat fur all over the house.  I think they both decided to scratch the medicinally-tainted fur off.  Vacuum cleaner to the rescue (and to Paco's distress...he hates that thing). 
 Really do hate dis ting, Mom.  (this was as close as I could get him to sitting by it)
Nothing substantial to report on the knitting front - I continue to make progress on that pink shawl.  I treated myself with some birthday money to a magnetic pattern holder and now I'm wondering why in the world I waited so long to get this.  Previously, I was using extra large Post-Its to mark the link I was knitting - I had to unstick, move, and restick it for each row Old school...
Now, a few magnets hold the pattern on the board, with a long magnet to mark my place - I just slide it down each row as I knit This has a cover, which is why it can stand up, easel-style.  I got it from Amazon (free shipping) but it's a Knitpicks product.
I started knitting a hat but it's the second thing I'm making with some yarn I received as a gift, and while I like the colors, I don't like them in this yarn - it's variegated and it's just not doing anything for me.  I think I'll unravel the hat and try making a felted bowl with the yarn, and if it works, I'll probably unravel the finished cowl and do the same They can't all be winners.  Actually, I like both patterns, but this yarn is just meh.
Tomorrow I'll be running 5.1 miles for my 51st birthday.  It's already very hot and humid, so this ought to be interesting.  I wonder how many of my runner friends I can convince to go the distance with me? 

Have a great weekend!
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