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Friday Mishmash

Posted Mar 22 2013 6:00am
I know I'm sort-of repeating myself, but for me, it's still a big deal to see my name in a magazine, so when it was put on the shelf at our local bookstore, I had to buy a copy, and of course, share it with you

Recently I got the chance to custom design my own T-shirt for free - I decided to do a knitting-themed one, since I'm kinda into that (not sure if you have noticed, lol).  I came up with this
I think a lot of knitters can relate to this sentiment...

I love the shirt, but pulled a typical Shelley move when ordering it - I picked XL as my size, so it's a little big on me.  Note to self:  you are not an XL.  It will work, but if I do this again, I'll be better at gauging my size (for the record, this is an American Apparel woman's cut shirt - verrrry soft and nice!).  The shirt is from .

I was so busy with working on the bathroom and bedroom that I didn't even get a chance to knit until Wednesday...I think that's the longest I've gone without knitting since I started!  I'm happy to report that the bathroom is completely done now - I found some inexpensive colorful things for that high shelf: I wanted to put some bright things up there that didn't break the bank, and everything I bought was a bargain (e.g. the orange vase cost $2.40)...I'm quite pleased with how it looks!
The bedroom is painted now - we went with the lighter gray of the bathroom ceiling (SW Tinsmith) for the bedroom walls, and white for the bedroom ceiling. 
  I bought a new duvet cover and sheets from Ikea - originally I was going to get the sheets in their turquoise color, but they were out of king-size when I was there, so I bought the dark gray.  I actually love how the bed came out, but I still think I need some color (maybe in the form of a rectangular throw pillow?) on the bed.  I also bought new bedside lamps and while I'm loving the crispness of the white shades, that is something I could change out, later on, to add some color.
With painting the room gray, however, the old gold chair that used to sit in this corner does not look good, so we have an empty spot (and nowhere to sit down and put on our shoes):  I have a few more pictures to hang, but it's hard to put things on the wall without furniture to "anchor" them, so I'm waiting until we get something there.
We don't have a lot of furniture stores in town, but I did see this chair at World Market that might look good in that corner It's not on sale at the moment, so I'm not in a huge rush to buy it, but it would be nice to get the room more finished looking; maybe there will be a coupon or something in the Sunday paper and I'll be able to get it!
Finally, I wanted to give a big "Get Well Soon!" shout-out to my running buddy Erica's mom, Blanche - she had hip replacement surgery on Monday.  She always asks Erica about Paco, so it was fitting that he helped to make a card for her - I sent it with Erica before she went to be with her mom, and these were the pictures she emailed me (posted with permission, of course):
Erica's mom and dad - how cute are they?!?
Have a great weekend!
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