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Friday Mishmash

Posted Feb 01 2013 6:00am
It feels weird to do a Friday post and not announce a winner for something!  Never fear, next week I have a fun giveaway in store for you.  I guess I was a winner, though - yesterday I received a plethora of extras goodies with an order that I recently placed.

Backstory is that back in October of 2006, I bought a pot of lip gloss that, hands down, has been my favorite color ever.  It was expensive, but we were dealing with a stressful situation at the time, and this was a nice treat.  I tried to use the lip gloss sparingly, because I knew I'd have a hard time spending that kind of money on a frivolous item again.  Eventually, though, the pot was empty.  I saved it, and from time to time, thought about ordering more (I'd purchased this when I was in Oregon), but I never could let myself click the final "place order" button online.  I tried to find similar replacements, but nothing ever came close.   The other day I was straightening my drawer in the bathroom and came across the empty container of lip gloss.  I thought "what am I waiting for?" and went online to order some.  This may have something to do with my approaching milestone birthday and the realization that life keeps marching forward - until it doesn't - so why not get something that I've been wanting?  And in the grand scheme of things, I'm actually being pretty reasonable here...I've also been wanting a Mini Cooper for years, but you don't see me rushing off to go buy one (yet).  Yes, you might say that I am justifying, and you might be (a tiny bit) correct, but hey - some things are easier to make happen.
Left - new pot of lip gloss; Right - empty pot that I've saved for YEARS.  Not sure I can throw it away at this point!

Any case, I had to hunt around for my color because this stuff does not seem to be readily available.  I finally found a contact name (through a blogger's old review, ironically) and placed my order.  The contact and I exchanged a couple of pleasant emails, where I explained that I was treating myself for my upcoming birthday (this was after I went for broke and ordered TWO of the lip glosses - as long as I was paying for shipping, might as well, right?)(please tell me I'm not the only person who thinks like this).  She was celebrating HER milestone birthday (a different, younger one, but still a biggie) and said she'd throw in a treat for my birthday.  Well, I opened the mail to find two lipsticks, a different lip gloss, and two eye shadows, along with the two lip glosses I'd ordered!  What a huge surprise - I feel very indulged.  I know it probably seems like bloggers received a lot of freebies, and we do (some more than others), but this was amazing because it was sent just for me - purely a treat, and no review required.  Lovely.
The two boxes on the right are what I ordered...everything else was a wonderful surprise!
Knitting update:  I'll start with the dud.  I finished my sock.  Yes sock - singular.  I finished one sock, It doesn't fit me well, and I probably won't make the mate for it.  While I loved the yarn I chose, and I thoroughly enjoyed the company of women that I met up with to knit with each week, I really didn't like the pattern, especially sewing up the side seams.  Other knitters in the group did great with this project, and have lovely pairs of socks to show for it.  Am I down on myself because I don't?  No.  I realized that this wasn't a great fit for me - figuratively at first, and then literally when I tried on the finished sock.  But I did take away some things from doing this, such as learning how to use double-pointed needles; plus, now I'm wanting to make a regular sock, which is something that always felt overwhelming to me prior to this project.  I guess the moral is that you can't win them all.  Here's the loser See how it barely goes over my heel?  Yeah, it's a bit small.  In my defense, the pattern said that it's supposed to be snug, and that also it would stretch.  I guess measurements were in order...oh well.  Pretty colors, right?
Moving on, here's the Hurricane Hat I'm making with my Secret Santa yarn (Malabrigo Twist):
I'm loving this pattern - it's so easy to knit that I can even carry on a conversation while I'm working on it.
My other finished piece this week is the Hunt's Lane Cowl (again, made with Malabrigo Twist) - I wanted a cowl that was shorter than the blue one that I made, and this is it.  The pattern was intricate enough that I had to pay attention, but not so hard that I got frustrated with it.  I love how the cowl came out:
   Why yes, I DID buy this sweater to go with the cowl! Don't look too closely - I'm fairly certain I got off on the pattern, but hey, that's what makes it handmade, right? ;)
Lastly, pets - well, two out of three.  I can guarantee you that Henry is under the bed as I type this - he's a big 'ol scardy cat!
Kip on the fridge.  Why?  I don't know.  He rarely does this.  And he didn't look very ashamed at being caught, either! Paco.  He was a good boy and came when I called, but his eyes were on squirrels and birds, and I could barely contain him for the shot, before he was off and chasing again.
Have a great weekend - GO NINERS! (says this former Bay Area girl).  This Sunday, I'll actually watch the SuperBowl and not just the commercials!
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