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Friday Mishmash

Posted Jan 04 2013 6:00am
I guess I'm the oddball who doesn't really have any New Year's resolutions, but I do have a few goals for this year - all a bit challenging, but achievable, I hope!  This is what I'll be working on throughout the year
  • I'm going to (I will, I WILL) break through the mental block I have with running long distances.  I want to get back to that satisfied feeling I used to have when I finished, rather than feeling like I failed, which is where I am now (and yes I realize how ridiculous that is considering I FINISHED the mind, it's not always a fun place to be).
  • I want to learn how to play a particular musical instrument - one that I've wanted to play ever since I was a teenager.  I should be getting it in June.
  • I will knit a sweater, sleeves and all.  This will involve measuring and some math calculations, neither of which are things I enjoy, but if it will get me to knitting a sweater that fits, then I'll break out the pencil, paper, calculator, protractor, slide rule and whatever else it takes.  And then do the fun part, which is knitting! 
That's it - well, these, along with my Getting Lean in 2013 plan.  I'm excited to put everything into motion!


The winner of Book Giveaway #2 - Diet Rehab, is

Congratulations!  Please send me an email ( with your mailing info so I can give it to my contact.  If I don't hear from you within a week, I'll have to choose another winner.  The next book giveaway will be on January 8th.

I rearranged my office a bit and moved Paco's crate over to the corner behind my desk.  Apparently Kip immediately decided that this was a good thing, and took ownership.  He spends most of his day in the crate...and what's funny to me is that Paco doesn't seem to mind!
Is mine now.  Cats like cage, don't you know?
The reason I had to move the crate is because I bought a piece of furniture (the Expedit, by Ikea - of course) so I could organize my knitting supplies - not that I have a lot compared to other knitters, but I was stuffing things in different rooms and it was driving me crazy.
Plenty of room for (more) yarn!  I'd love to get some dividers in the top shelves (to go at an angle) - that would make for even better yarn storage.  I kind of cheaped out with the black bins on the bottom - they had much nicer bins, but cost around $15 each, and getting four of them would have been more expensive than the entire shelving unit!  These black bins are fabric and so far seem to work just fine.  Details:  Top left - the wire basket used to hold my yarn (my stash outgrew it months ago).  Now it's home to project bags and my yarn swift.  My knitting books fill one cubbie, and I finally got my patterns organized into the pink striped binder.  Top right - I bought the three little buckets and rack, which are storing my smaller knitting accessories.  Bottom - the bins, with "used" yarn (leftovers from projects I've already made), "new" yarn, finished projects and larger accessories, and big skeins of yarn.  (click on the picture to make it bigger, if you want to see everything in better detail)
Speaking of knitting, I can finally show you a picture of what I was working on before Christmas.  I made a bathmat - specifically, Absorba, from Mason-Dixon knitting .  It's a log cabin pattern, and was pretty simple to knit...well, at first.  You hold three strands of yarn together, and just knit the strips, round and round, turning the project after every 12 rows.  It got heavy, because of the size and weight of the cotton yarn, and it got harder and harder to pick up stitches when I had to start a new strip - not sure if that was because I'm a tight knitter, or that I was using cotton yarn, but it got to the point where I could only work on it for about an hour at a time before my hands and wrists were tired.  I originally planned on making a bathmat for several people, but pretty quickly decided that wasn't happening.  So my parents got the one and only bathmat as part of their Christmas present. 
I should have blocked it, but I was afraid it would never air dry in time for me to get it in the mail! My system for corralling the yarn cones - a beverage tub.
Finally, Max got the last part of his Christmas present this week - a pet rat.  Meet Civi She is the sweetest little rat!  Loves to hang out on the back of Max's neck, and is not scared at all of Kip or Paco.  They've come right up to her cage and she goes nose-to-nose with them - too funny.  Henry hasn't noticed her at all yet.  I'll be sorry to see her leave in a week, when Max goes back to school.  Little rats make great pets!
Have a great weekend!
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