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Friday Mishmash

Posted Nov 16 2012 6:00am
What a long week.  Not the best for me, but in the grand scheme of things, nowhere near the worst, either.  I was able to return my beautiful pink Newtons for store credit even though it was a few days beyond the 60-day time-frame for returns (the Newton rep was there and authorized it since my doctor doesn't want me wearing them), and dare I say I'm kind of excited about running tomorrow?  Here's hoping I can let last Sunday go and just enjoy the act of running.


Last Saturday, we finished the race expo just in time to watch the Veteran's Day parade in downtown San Antonio.  It felt very small town-ish - no small feat considering the population of San Antonio is well over one million - people were hooting and hollering to each other from the floats to the crowds, along with, of course, a lot of "thank-yous" being said to the veterans.  Here's a few shots from the parade
 Betsy Ross - kind of random for a Veteran's Day parade... Loved the older firetruck with the huge stuffed dalmatian on top.  A girl scout troop dressed up in the theme of Rosie the Riverter from WWII (We Can Do It!) rode on it.  No idea who this woman was, but what a sweet old car!  The Shriners were very entertaining - I don't know how you rate to get to drive the little cars in the parade, but I'm sure that's a highly-coveted job!
One last thing about San Antonio stunned us so much that I had to take a picture Under $3.00 a gallon??  We about fell over.  And now I'm going to sound like an old person when I tell you that back the mid-nineties, when we'd only been living in San Antonio for a few years, we regularly paid $.79 a gallon for gas.  We knew enough to appreciate that price, even back then!
Sit and Knit update:  I'm working on a couple more windmill bags - this is what I call "mindless knitting" because I don't have to think much as I go.  I really want to start on another sweater, but have these, plus a couple of other projects to finish up before I get going with that.
      Kip has taken over my knitting spot...and doesn't look very pleased that I bothered him with my picture-taking!
I had my camera in hand after taking the knitting pictures, and Paco begged for a cookie, so I got a shot of him waiting for his treat Gimme cookie.  Gimme cookie.  GIMME COOKIE!!!
Have a great weekend!
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