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Friday Mishmash - On Turning Fifty

Posted May 31 2013 6:00am
If you're reading this via a reader, click through to see my new header and layout!  I had to make a change since, in two days, I will be 50 and my tagline of "A Forty-Something's Weight-Loss Journey" will no longer apply.  I went bright, as you can tell...what can I say, I love color!  The new header reflects my current interests, as well as keeping my pink bike in the picture as an homage to where I started back in 2008.  I also changed the layout and streamlined some of the stuff on the was time for a little house-cleaning, so to speak.

So speaking of my birthday, yes, it's finally here!  I'm (almost) 50!  Woohoo!  I feel like Sally O'Malley!  Click here to see her exuberance about being 50 - I get it, I really do!  I'm very glad to have spent the last half of my forties living a fit and healthier lifestyle, and I'm excited for the future.  I wonder how I'd be feeling about hitting this milestone had I not made such a big change - luckily, I'll never know.  Because I'M 50!

Even my dad's early present didn't take away from my 50 glee
Yeah, can you see me flashing my AARP card for a discount? funny, Dad!


We started celebrating early.  Since my parents were going to be in town for Max's graduation, I decided to have my party the week afterward, so they could attend.  I figured since they were there 50 years ago, they should be present now.  This is also why Barbara and Theresa flew in - to celebrate with me!  The theme of the party was "Hawaii 5-0" - it seemed like a no-brainer since I was born in Hawaii, was turning 50, and hello - I love Hawaii!  Here's some pictures of the festivities The food!  We kept it pretty simple, with pork sliders (on King's Hawaiian rolls, yum), Asian chicken salad, teriyaki chicken on skewers (still on the grill when this pic was taken), mango salsa and chips, and a fruit platter.  Plus cupcakes with hula girls and ukulele boys as toppers - Theresa helped me decorate them; I think they turned out so cute.  And the napkins were from Barbara - too funny! The drinks!  Hawaiian water (OK, bottled water that I covered the label area with printed duct tape) and piña coladas were the stars of the party.  My dad was the bartender and boy did those piña coladas taste good! The decorations!  Barbara sent me the vintage ALOHA hanging; the tiki statues are from our trip to Maui in 2010.  A couple of old pictures and some leis completed the mantle.  The blue ukulele on the dining table belongs to my mom - she paired it with a pareo that I bought in Maui, some vintage post cards, and a kukui nut lei.
Barbara and I - so glad she flew in for the party!  I think the last time we spent my birthday together was when I turned 18.  I still feel 18 now... Clockwise from top left:  Amy, Julia and Pam; Virginia (former co-worker) and I; Amy and I; Barbara and Theresa (who fashioned a hair bow out of duct tape!) Julia sipping on a piña colada with her husband, Scott; Jeff and I; Captain Jack Sparrow, aka Coach Will, and I - I'd asked him to wear his costume for the party and he didn't disappoint!
Running club people - look, a rare non-sweaty picture Will, Cary, me, Julia, Andi, Wendy, Pam and Jeff
And here's more runners Standing:  Mike (running store owner), Will, me, Julia, Andi, Wendy, Pam, Jeff; kneeling:  Cary, Jenny and Erica.  Funny story - Jenny (my Tuesday running buddy) and Erica (my Thursday running buddy) connected at the party and discovered that they grew up in the same part of south Texas, are just two months apart in age (young whippersnappers!), and know many of the same people...what a small world!
It wouldn't be a party without the Happy Birthday song being sung, but this party came with a couple of ukulele players who played the song as everyone sang along!
My mom and dad - the complete party package, from chef to bartender to musical entertainment!
Needless to say, it was a fun party and exactly what I wanted to usher in my new age...woo hoo, bring on the FIFTY fun!
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