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Friday Mishmash - Fashion Friday Frump Edition

Posted Jul 09 2010 2:30am
Why did I not know how good a bowl of cereal with fresh fruit is? Where have I been all my life?!? Recently, to branch out from my solitary dinners of turkey burgers and sweet potato fries (I know, where's the green veggies?), I sliced up some fresh strawberries, poured some Fiber One cereal and skim milk over them and wow - taste explosion in my mouth!


Speaking of green veggies, it counts if you eat more than the daily recommended amount in one day since you don't have any on other days, right? Hypothetically speaking, of course.


All right, I confess: Jeff has been traveling for months now and my zeal for cooking has died off when he's not home. At least I do make up for it when he is home...and I always eat a ton of fruit, so that's ok, right?


This post is not all about food, I swear...but has anyone tried Oikos Chocolate Yogurt?
Yum, this is a nice treat! Tart Greek yogurt with chocolate on the bottom that you stir in and then spoon up...this one is finger-swiping good! I like that they come in little 4 oz. containers - makes portion control that much more, well, controlled. At 110 calories and 10 grams of protein, it's a nice after-dinner sweet. Reminds me of Red Mango's cocoa-flavored yogurt. And no, I am not getting anything from Oikos (nor Red Mango) to say's just that good.


OK, last item about food...remember the whole wheat orzo pasta that I recently bought? Well, I channeled my inner Biz , who comes up with the best recipes at the drop of a hat, and came up with this
Orzo with Asparagus!

I saw a recipe in Cooking Light that had orzo, veggies and lemon juice, but when I went to go make this, I could not, for the life of me, find the magazine. Three trips around the house - there were not that many places that I could have left it, but that magazine was hidden. So I improvised - and it was good! I should do this more often. I cut up fresh asparagus, steamed it while cooking the orzo - drained everything, tossed with a little olive oil and the juice of a whole lemon, added some sea salt and cracked pepper, and then sprinkled a little parmesean on top. Nice way to combine veggies and carbs - Jeff and I both loved it. Quick and easy - my kind of meal! Oh, later on that evening, I found my Cooking Light - on the table next to my desk. Don't know how I missed it, but it was a happy accident. Here's their version , if you're interested.


And now, it's time for Fashion Friday - Frump Edition. I had a hard time with my outfit this week...we had a reception on Thursday evening, so I needed to dress up a little more than my normal summertime uniform of Bermudas or Capris and a top. I wanted to wear my recently acquired funky top with my nice jeans, but when I put it on...
Frump happened.
Then I thought to add a sweater - turquoise? Nah.
Lime green? Meh.
I ended up going with no sweater. And felt pretty blah all day.

Driving home, I was thinking about what else was in my closet that would make this top work for me, and I glanced down and saw the off-white color on the sleeve. Eureka! I totally forgot I had this C-U-T-E canvas jacket from Talbots - in off-white! Came home, tried it on, and yes - that is what I should have worn to work! Then I made Jeff come outside and take pictures of me in all of the renditions I tried, for your viewing pleasure.
What I wish I had worn to work on Thursday!

Now, fashionistas, (and I'm talking to each and every one of you...even you, Miz !) - is it always this hard to wear a funky top? Am I too short? The green and blue sweaters are old and too big, but I love those colors and haven't replaced them in smaller sizes yet. Maybe that's why they didn't work? Is the top too big? I want this to work, and I like it with the canvas jacket, but geez, why is it so hard to get dressed?!?

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