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Friday happenings

Posted Nov 16 2012 7:15pm

Yay – the weekend!!  It’s starting to get the holiday feel, too, know what I mean?  That funny mix of fall decorations and Christmas ones. Last night we were at the mall after taking John out for his football dinner (booooo…..) and the decorations were up.  Plus the usual game stores that open this time of year.  We were on the look out for a new board game for the get togethers this year.   This store has all kinds of games!  And just about every kind of Monopoly there is.

If you think there is not a Monopoly for you, then choose this one!


After getting some suggestions on FB, we ended up getting Telestrations :


Should be fun.  I definitely want to check this store out before it closes at the end of the year when everything is discounted. I wanted to get Ticket to Ride, but the game was $50!!  :shock:  That’s a lot of money for a board game.  Why are board games so expensive?

Anyway, I think I forgot to show you all my chair. Remember my $3 garage sale chair ?  A good scrubbing and a $5 can of spray paint later and it is all purty in my house!  The color is called Purple Fury, but it doesn’t seem all that furious to me.

John actually decorated this chair.  My beloved Mr. Niblet is still out.  If I can’t eat the candy corn anymore, at least I can still keep Mr. Niblet out.

Also in the holiday spirit, we found this at the grocery store:

You all know how I loves the nog.  It is interesting. It smells just like eggnog and it tastes like it as well, only not sweet – and fizzy.  Like John said “Who watered down my eggnog?”

Update on Billy the stray.  He is loving life in the shop.

Nomf! I like food!

He actually is a very funny cat and makes us laugh.  He loves attention and doesn’t seem all that interested in going back outside.  I have contacted the rescue group that originally was going to help  with Boo and their foster homes are full right now. So, we are going to foster Billy while they put up his picture to adopt out.  Plus he will be going to adoption clinics when they have them.  We need to get him neutered as well. Here’s hoping he gets a forever home soon.  (Any local people can feel free to email me about him)

And lest we forget the real star of the house (and blog) – Pixie wants to show you she does wake up from time to time.

I can’t believe she is 5 years old now!

Looks like the bikes are going to be coming inside. I keep looking at the extended forecast for any temps in the 50s and nada for the next 10 days.  I’m just fighting the inevitable.

Have a great weekend!

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