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Friday Food Product Review-Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers

Posted Nov 17 2008 8:57pm

Wow! Today you will all get a bonus post. This is something I have been wanting to start. I would like to share my thoughts on various food products that I try, and I will try to post one every Friday. Being a Mom and one that owns a business as well, I am always looking and trying to find new things to make for dinner or lunch that are easy and delicious.

Shopping last week, Hubby came across the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers. I guess he seen a commercial on TV about them. I had never heard of them. They were in the packaged meal aisle like where you would find Marconi and cheese.

I bought two different kinds, and have tried both of them.

The first day I tried the Ziti and Meat Sauce. My first impression of it, was that it was confusing. I had to read the instructions like 5 times before I understood what I was supposed to do. The first part was add water to the noodles and then microwave them. There was meat in the sauce, and that was in a different section, that was to be microwaved for 30 seconds after, and mixed with the noodles. I was thinking to myself "how is this fresh?" The only part that maybe fresh would be the noodles.

It was just okay, I wouldn't buy it again. The worst part is, I kept thinking how much plastic they wasted to make this and how bad that is for the environment.

A few days ago, I brought the second one, Sesame Terriayki Chicken to work. This one was different as it was a rice dish. You did the same thing, fill the one bowl up with water, zap it, and then add the warmed sauce after. The chicken tasted like ass, I couldn't even eat it. I took all the chicken pieces out, and then ate the rest.

Just as the Ziti, I didn't find anything "fresh" about it, and I was starving at work even after I ate the Terriayki.

I wouldn't recommend these at all. I think they are a big waste of plastic and they are confusing to make, and they don't even taste good. Your better off in the freezer aisle grabbing one of their frozen meals.

I give this product a big fat goose egg- a big Zero!

Let me know if my review was helpful to you. I love to hear feedback.
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