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Friday and my very own 5K

Posted Nov 02 2012 4:39pm
Well my day yesterday was a busy, long one.  I got up, went and got an oil change and then headed up the road to take my mom to the hospital for her iron treatment.  We ended up spending 5 hours at the hospital but time went by fairly fast and there was no pain or discomfort for my mom.  She was in good spirits and very happy I was there with her.  Ended up a friend of hers from AA was in the chair across from her and him and his wife chatted with us for a long time. 

The doctor that did her bone marrow biopsy came by and I asked if I could see my mom's numbers this time so she went and got me a copy of them.  All my mom's numbers have come up since the blood transfusion and the doctor felt the iron would raise them even more.  Her red count was actually at the low end of normal now so that was a good sign. 

The other doctor has set up an appt for Jan 3rd for my mom to have an upper and lower endoscopy so I will take her for that.  I'm surprised they are making her wait so long for these test when the doctor has told her he thinks she has some internal bleeding going on.  I'm trying not to worry but waiting to months just seems not such a good idea.  I guess as long as mom feels ok she'll be fine to wait it out.  She goes back next week to have another iron treatment.  I won't be able to take her for that so she said she would get her girlfriend to take her. 

After the hospital I took her to the store and bought her a few groceries.  She said she had been without toilet paper for about a week. I'm hoping my mom can get better with her finances I'm starting to worry about her in that area.  She's on a fixed income and it seems she's been running out of money far sooner than the month is over. 

So I got back down the road around 9pm last night.  I had hoped to go see my niece and grand niece but it just got to late on me.  We did talk for a good long time on my way home which was nice.  Kevin seemed to be the main topic.  She is going to go visit him up in NY a few days after we see him so I'm happy about that.  I know it will mean a lot to him to have her make the effort. 

Tomorrow I will be having an unofficial 5K with some of my local TOPS folks.  We are going to have it at a local park and I'm hoping for a good turn out.  If it goes well I plan on trying to have one twice a year.  I'm really hoping to get my local groups more involved with each other and be more active.  Need to start planning a workshop sometime in the near future too.  I feel like there is so much more I could do to help people if I just put in the effort and stopped doubting myself.  I know J will help me with whatever I need too and my chapter so this coming year that's going to be a goal of mine. 

I've been really excited about the Niacin (B3) helping with my anxiety and it really feels great to be relieved of it. I'm hopeful it will continue to work.  Having daily internal peace feels really good to me.  I know the anxiety was a big issue for me but I really didn't realize just how big till I've not had it, I'm thankful.

Marie has her last soccer game tomorrow.  I'm glad it was moved to 4pm so it doesn't interfere now with my 5k so that Mike and I can enjoy the whole thing without worrying about having to run off to Marie's game.  She has a soccer party afterwards too so will be a nice day all the way around.

Sunday Marie will be playing her first basketball game of the season.  Evidently they don't have enough varsity players so will have her and 2 other jr varsity players be there for the kick-off tournament. 

Nick stayed home today claiming he was sick.  I don't know if it's true or not but he doesn't take off very often so after taking his electronics I let him stay home.  I'll know for sure if he was really sick when I get home if he's begging for everything back lol. 

Well it's quitting time and I'm ready for the weekend.  Hope everyone else has a good one.

Till next time...
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