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Free MedEfficio Report Makes The Most Of Your Doctor Visits

Posted Sep 15 2009 10:42pm

is one of the most unique free medical forms services I’ve ever seen!

A lot has been said about the current state of health care in America over the past year with the move by leaders in Washington, DC towards a government-run system for managing health. But regardless of what happens with that, there are ways for patients to help their doctors be more productive so they can spend more time discussing the best ways to take care of whatever ailment you might be dealing with. From heart disease, diabetes, brain health, and just about any reason you may have to see your general practitioner or a specialist, there is a brand new service I want to tell you about that could do just that. And the best part about it is it’s 100% FREE for you to use! The online service is called MedEfficio.

Created by a 28-year veteran company providing patient forms for over 194,000 U.S. doctors called Formedic, this new service is probably one of the easiest, most user-friendly, point-and-click, interactive health history questionnaire form web sites I’ve ever come across! When you visit the “Start” page at, you are guided step-by-step with specific questions regarding the kind of physician you are seeing, what you specific health issue is, and thoroughly detailed information regarding your condition. At the end of the questionnaire, you are given the opportunity to print out the report to take with you to your doctor’s office so you’ll have more time with you doctor rather than answering a bunch of routine questions that waste so much of your precious moments with our overworked physicians.

Can I tell you what an amazing service this is for patients and medical professionals alike? All you have to do is follow the easy-to-understand language of the questions posed about whatever health concern you have for visiting your doctor from any Internet connection. Keep in mind these questions are specifically tailored for the type of doctor you’ll be seeing and the exact reasons why you are seeing them. MedEfficio also provides the patients with questions they can ask their doctors about to best manage their specific condition. The report you print out and give to your doctor will be translated back into the medical terminology they will be most familiar with.

This FREE service also includes the option to send the report to their physician by e-mail, print a copy and bring it with you to their office, or even upload it to your very own personal health record. My favorite part about this service is what they do with the information once you are finished. Is it stored on the MedEfficio web site somewhere leaving it susceptible to being hacked later on? Nope! In fact, NONE of the information is accessible by MedEfficio and it is the sole possession of the patient once it is printed. All the information entered into the computer is completely erased once you are finished entering the information and printing it out.

I recently interviewed the Manager of e-Marketing & Communications from Formedic Amy Cesario for my podcast show set to air December 3, 2009. But I was so excited about this incredible service to patients that I couldn’t wait to get the word out about it. Cesario explains why Formedic decided to release this much-needed service at no charge to the public.

“Formedic has been a valuable asset to physicians for close to thirty years, and with MedEfficio we are now giving patients the tools they need to take an active role in their healthcare,” she explained. “MedEfficio answers the needs of a growing patient population who want to manage their health by using online resources, while providing the doctors with a complete health history report of the patient.”

With the technological advances made in just the past decade or so, Cesario contends the time is right to empower patients with a site like MedEfficio to give them a better chance to receive the kind of quality healthcare that they deserve.

“Studies have shown that patients are more likely to fully complete an interactive online health questionnaire than a traditional paper one,” she noted. “MedEfficio increases the satisfaction levels of both the physician and patient during the visit.”

One of the first things you’ll notice about MedEfficio is how thorough it is. That’s because it was developed with input from a wide variety of healthcare providers which includes many well-known and highly-respected physicians associated with America’s top medical institutions. With over 25,000 symptoms and in excess of 6,000 medical conditions in these questionnaires, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive patient-doctor tool on the Internet today. And it can literally be used on any office visit, whether you’re seeing the doctor for an annual check-up, visiting a specialist for the first time, or dealing with a newly-diagnosed chronic disease.

So go ahead and try MedEfficio for yourself. Play around with it, experience how easy it is to navigate, and shock your doctor the next time you go to see him or her about your health. You might just get a smile back from them for caring enough to take a more active role in your healthcare. In the end, that will make the system much more productive and beneficial to you the patient. And that’s a VERY good thing!

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