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Free Gym Workout Routine

Posted Mar 20 2011 7:51pm

To be honest, I’d usually prefer not to workout in a gym.

They’re crowded, play crap music and are full of people doing the wrong thing.

But every now and then I do give it a go and always avoid the busy time so I don’t have to fight for equipment.

If you are into your gym – here’s a gym workout routine that follows my Aussie Fatblast principles of short n sweet exercise to get the job done.

Check it out and let me know what you think:

It’s not for the faint hearted though.

But here it is:

Dynamic Warm Up – just bodyweight exercises doing Push Ups, Spiderman Twists, Waiters Bows, Squats, Side Plank x 3 of each

1) Squat Press x 10 – Use an olympic barbell with plates thrown on the side but you can also use a dumbbells – either one or two. Take your pick.

2) Cheat Chin Ups x 10 – These are tough. Sure you don’t have to hold your bodyweight off the ground for the whole set but you get the plyometric action because you have to jump up to the bar for each rep.

That cranks up the intensity a notch and gets your heart rate pounding. Basically, you can say it’s another great variation when you’re looking for some bodyweight interval training routines.

3) Rower 500m sprint – The heart rate’s already pumping from your first 2 exercises and then you have to crank out 500 metres on the rower – yeah it’s tough, but do you want results or do you want to be like that cardio queen over on the treadmill?

That’s it. I cranked that out for 3 sets through and was literally spent. It was 25 mins total time including warm up and stretching – I had a good stretch on the foam roller to finish that lasted for almost 10 minutes.

What do you think of that one? Give it a go and let me know.

Either way you’ll get a workout that will give you results if you stick to it and combine with a healthy eating plan like I provide in my Secret Guide to Smart Eating.

If you want the full gym workout routine that goes for 18 weeks, complete with the above mentioned smart eating guide as well as quick, healthy, recipes – you need to get you hands on the Aussie Fatblast Success System which is the complete system from start to finish that will get you back in your skinny jeans, or for the fellas, help you lose inches from your beer belly even if you’ve been burned by every workout or diet fad ever conceived.

 Free Gym Workout Routine

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