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Free Guidelines to The Isometric System For Muscle And Weight Improvement

Posted Jan 11 2009 3:52pm

Isometrics. What is it…and why should I care?

Well, if you already have the optimal health, body weight, and muscle tone…all you need is a definition before going on your merry way:

ISOMETRICS…according to Wikipedia: a type of strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction (compared to concentric or eccentric contractions, called isotonic movements). Isometrics are done in static positions, rather than being dynamic through a range of motion. The joint and muscle are either worked against an immovable force (overcoming isometric) or are held in a static position while opposed by resistance (yielding isometric).

ISOMETRICS…according to Merriam-Webster: exercise or a system of exercises in which opposing muscles are so contracted that there is little shortening but a great increase in tone of muscle fibers involved.

And, thanks for stopping by. Need more figures to satisfy your curiosity? A quick “google” for the term isometrics will yield plenty of pages worth.

Now, for the 98% of the rest of us who aren’t yet blessed with your physical attributes; we need a lot more info; but we need the more practical, applicable kind.

For a quick demonstration: Put your palms together in front of your body at chest height. Push together with as much force as is comfortable…now just a little bit harder…and hold it to the count of seven. Little is gained by holding for more than the seven seconds, so resist the temptation…especially at the beginning.

Congratulations. You have just completed the “intro to isometrics” course. Feel the warmth coming from the muscles you just stressed? Forearms, biceps, shoulders? That indicates that those muscles are aware of the attention they have received. The warmth is due to the increased blood flow and the metabolism boost.

Repeat that simple exercise once a day for a month. Your two plus minutes of “exercise” will yield some pretty pleasant results. Can’t, Don’t, Won’t believe it? Then prove it to yourself.

Take the one month, seven seconds a day challenge. You will be very, very glad that you did.

OK, so it’s not your above the waist sections that are of immediate concern. Want to work on that belly? Substitute, or better yet, include in your daily routine, the following: Take a deep breath and then exhale completely while bending forward from the waist. Don’t feel bad if you are unable to reach those toes—very few of us can.(I hadn’t even been able to see mine for years) When the exhalation is complete, hold your breath and stand up straight; but pull in those belly muscles as far as possible…and hold for that seven second count.

Now you have committed fourteen seconds a day to a powerful upper and middle body workout.

You say you could find an additional fourteen seconds a day?

Wherever you are most comfortable, push back, extend your legs and cross your feet. Keep them crossed as you try to pull them apart. Now, alternate feet and do again. No need to strain, but you will want to go just a bit past casual and comfortable. Very soon you can feel free to really put some power in these exercises; especially since you will already have more power. This one is particularly fun because you can place your hands on top of your legs and instantly feel what is going on.

These three simple exercises should provide you with all the proof you need. Isometrics has worked for thousands of people…even those of you who have avoided exercise saying that you just don’t have even a minute to spare. How about 28 seconds?

Just take the 30 day challenge–at either the seven, fourteen, or 28 second a day pace.
No matter, the results will astound you. There’s only one way to find out.

Since you have read this far, you are no stranger to the world of failed diets and exercise routines; and you know that diet and exercise are the two “must-do’s” for any successful weight control program.

The bottom line of any program, old or “new and improved” is pretty basic: EAT LESS….EXERCISE MORE. Our blog and website are totally devoted to the corollaries: EAT BETTER…..EXERCISE SMARTER. Both links will show you what we mean. Isometric exercise and Weight Control

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