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Free Fat Surgery Farce: Sydney Personal Trainer Hits Out

Posted Jun 03 2009 12:16am
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Yesterdays news headlines screamed of a new scheme being proposed where obese people can have tax payer funded gastric band surgery to have their stomachs stapled in a bid to get rid of the belly fat once and for all.

As you may imagine, I am totally against this proposal.

Why on earth should my tax payer dollars go towards funding cosmetic surgery for someone who wants to take a shortcut?

My taxpayer dollars don’t go to smokers wanting nicorette patches does it? Neither do yours.

So why the difference?

Smoking kills. Obesity kills. Driving a car fast kills.

It’s all about people taking responsibility once and for all for their actions and what goes in their mouth rather than trying to blame everyone else for their problems.

By offering free surgery it does nothing to reverse the clogged up arteries from years of abuse from eating the wrong foods.

It does nothing to improve the health and tone of your skin from years of chemical abuse. Yes, eating unhealthy foods is putting a chemical in your body. Doing so time and time again is only going to lead to one avenue. And it ain’t pretty.

The perils of free fat loss gastric lap band cosmetic surgery

The perils of free fat loss gastric lap band cosmetic surgery

How about following these healthy eating tips instead of lining up for another handout:

* Stop eating low fat or fat free foods.

* Stop eating fast food for all of your meals. A well rounded meal does not mean having lettuce on your hamburger and eating fries because they are made from potatoes.

* Stop looking for diet shakes to be your quick fast solution.

* Start an exercise routine, especially with this Sydney Personal Trainer. Heck, I’ll even give you your first 2 weeks free if you are seriously committed to changing your lifestyle and fixing your obesity problem for good. Just tell me you saw this post when contacting me.

* Eat more fruit and vegetables and start eating breakfast every day.

* Reduce your portion size at every meal.

I could go on and on and on.

Free fat surgery is NOT the answer. The obesity epidemic is so bad that almost 3 in 4 men and half of all women are overweight. The cost of obesity related problems cost us over $50 billion dollars last year. Yeah, billion with a B!

That is scary.

That means our health care system is going to get smashed big time in the coming years with everyone dropping like flies because of diabetes related problems and heart attacks and everything else. Why just today I read that medicare is likely to get the punt in 5 years as we emulate the US model of user pays health care. Probably not a bad thing to tell you the truth.

Maybe that might be an incentive for people to take action if they have to pay for treatments out of their own pockets.

Instead of providing free lap band stomach stapling surgery, how about subsidised Personal Training and health fund rebates if you can prove that you are seeing a registered trainer.

How about tax breaks and health fund discounts if you can pass a fitness and health test each year? Rather than means testing these things why not make them health tested. Why should people who take pride in looking after themselves pay the same as someone who scoffed down 2 Big Macs today for lunch?

How about getting kids out active more instead of paying for every kid in school to have access to a computer why not pay for sunscreen and a hat for every kid so they can go outside and run around like I used to when I was a kid.

I didn’t grow up being glued to a computer screen or a TV and I certainly didn’t have access to a computer when I was in primary school.

I was more interested in playing handball and footy.

Why am I so passionate about this? Read this post here and you will find out why.

I’ve had enough of handouts and excuses.

Take action people before it’s too late.


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