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Free Bodyweight Workout – Limited Offer

Posted Sep 21 2009 11:04pm

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Long term readers will know that I am a massive fan of bodyweight training and home exercise and when I hear about a chance that you guys and girls can get your hands on one of these bodyweight workouts – even if it’s not my own I’m going to give you the heads up on it.

Anyway, I recently made a connection a few months ago with a bloke named Adam Steer and he’s offering a FREE 12 Minute bodyweight workout but only for a limited time.

Bodyweight Coach, Adam Steer

Bodyweight Coach, Adam Steer

I love bodyweight training and I love short, intense training sessions so when you combine the 2 of them with FREE you’re getting something worth checking out.

Is there a reason for Adam giving up this program for free with his mate Ryan Murdoch? Sure there is. There’s two.

They’re re-releasing their popular Bodyweight Blueprint program in a couple of days and want you to know about their system first.

Secondly, basically, they want to earn your trust, rather than “bribe you”. Sounds fair enough to me.

Have I seen the program?
Yep sure have. Adam was kind enough to give me a sneak peak of the program a few weeks ago.

So what’s it like?
To be honest it was something that, at first, I wasn’t too keen to promote to others because it’s definitely a lot different from anything that I’ve ever seen before – and I’ve seen a few programs – not all of them I’m willing to put my seal of approval to. So I was reluctant to give this the seal of approval.

But after thinking about it, I realised that that is the perfect reason to recommend it to somebody just like you. BECAUSE it’s so different to everything else out there.

Why’s it different?
The degree of exercises are a big challenge to most people – even fitness pros like me. In fact, some of them had me thinking WOW! So I wouldn’t recommend this program if you are a beginner trying to embrace bodyweight training.

You can even do this workout on the beach

You can even do this workout on the beach

The program blows the myth out of the water, once more, that bodyweight training is all about push ups and squats. There are some really effective exercises in this program – and ones that I must confess I’ve introduced into my group programs over the last week.

This free ebook – which usually sells for $27 -that is up for grabs gives you a nice taste of what’s on offer before the launch so for the price of an email address you can get your hands on it and see if it’s your style.

The only catch is the free bodyweight workout is only available to 12pm EST on Wednesday September 23. So don’t stuff around.

Worse case scenario you’ve found a couple of bodyweight exercises that you can introduce into your home exercise routine.

Let me know what you think if you grab it – cause I think you’ll be going WOW like I was.

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