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Frantically scrambling to get back on

Posted Jan 18 2011 12:00am
Oh this is just awful. I cant get things back where they were. What's so hard about drinking water and protein shakes and snacking on protein bars until dinner? At dinner I can have a dinner salad and a lean cuisine. That's not so hard! Why am I making it difficult? I am so mad at myself. I just want to lose this weight. I must stick to what I know works.

PS. Do not email me and tell me I can snack on raw veggies. I cant. I have IBS and I never know when raw veggies will trigger an extreme bout of diarrhea. I cant afford to have all that pain and cramping when I'm teaching school. During the school day and when I'm away at tournaments I have to eat as bland as possible to avoid an attack.
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