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Four Smart And Easy Ways To Increase Your Calorie Burn And Lose Weight Fast

Posted Jan 24 2011 6:07am

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This is a guest post by Shannon Clark of

Want to as fast as possible? You’re not alone. Anyone who starts up on a diet programme wants to shed the weight quickly so that they can reveal their new and improved body. However, unfortunately, very few people actually understand the ‘secret’ techniques that can be used to rev their metabolism and burn more calories all day long.

Since there are 24 hours in the day, and you’re really only in the gym for maybe one of those (if you’re lucky!) what takes place during the remaining hours is really going to add up. If you can do something to increase the rate at which you burn calories over the remaining hours during the day, you are really going to notice a huge impact in the speed that you progress along.

Let’s take a quick peek and four incredibly smart and super easy ways that you can increase your daily calorie burn to help you lose weight fast .

Eat Protein Focused Mini-Meals

The very first simple and effective way to boost your metabolism is to eat protein focused meals evenly spread throughout the day.

Protein rich foods are going to cause an instant spike to your metabolism as your body actually burns off more calories breaking these foods down than it does any other nutrient.

So if you eat a meal focused around protein, you’ll burn more calories immediately after eating it than if you had a meal focused around carbohydrates.

So rather than having pasta salad, choose a lettuce salad with grilled chicken.

Furthermore, be sure to space your meals evenly throughout the day so you’re eating four to six times in order to keep your metabolism running and never letting it think that you’re entering a period of starvation.

Do Four Minute Bouts Of Activity

Second, the next way to rev your metabolism so you can burn fat fast is to perform ultra intense but short bouts of exercise. Skip those hour long sessions in the gym. Instead, pick a combination of four different exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, and burpees and perform as many as you can in a single minute, circuit-style.

This will take a total of four minutes, and after you’re done, your metabolism will stay elevated for hours.

Consider Using A Metabolic Enhancer Product

Third, another fast and simple way to increase your daily calorie burn is to use a metabolic enhancer product. Capsiplex is said to be one of the top products on the market right now, and it’s claimed that this product can help you burn an additional 278 calories each and every day.

This could more than double the rate of fat loss you see because that’s commonly how large of a calorie deficit most people create.

If you combine this product with a smart diet and a workout like just described, you will likely see improvement in the rate at how quickly the fat comes off your body.

Get More Sleep

Finally, last but not least on our list is to get more sleep. Yes, that’s right, sleep, when you’re normally burning very few calories at all is actually critical to the weight loss process.

First, if you have used all of our strategies listed above. You’ll now be burning plenty more calories while you sleep so you get the first benefit right there.

However, second, since sleep is the primary time that your body uses to recover from your hard workout sessions, by making sure that you get enough sleep, you’ll be ensuring that you’re maximally recovered and are maintaining and maybe even building leaner muscle mass.

For every pound of lean muscle, you have on your body, your metabolic rate will dramatically increase, so this factor alone can cause you to burn an additional 200-300 calories per day.

If you get at least eight hours of sleep at night and are sure to participate in a resistance training programme, you’re going to have an extremely powerful fat burning combination.

So there you have it, four very easy ways to instantly increase your success rate and get the body of your dreams. Each of these takes just minutes to implement into your lifestyle but will deliver very large benefits.

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