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Four Best Diet Practices To Help You Lose Weight

Posted by Heather J.

Well, this is no surprise: after reviewing more than a decade of dietary research, University of California researchers came up with the top four causes of weight gain: too much fat, too many sugary beverages, dining out at restaurants, and failure to eat breakfast. Flip that around and you have four good ways to maintain a healthy weight: moderate dietary fat, concentrating on “good” fats from nuts, olive oil, and the like; severely limit or eliminate sodas and sweetened beverages; eat at home more often, and use caution when dining out, especially at fast food restaurants; and always eat a healthy breakfast. Other factors that contribute healthy weight maintenance, the study reports, are a higher consumption of dietary fiber, more fruits and vegetables, and a reasonable amount of calcium and dairy products.

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What are some healthy breakfast items that are quick? All I can think of are bananas, low-fat yogurt, or 2% milk with a good cereal. Have any suggestions for a health cereal?

awesome, what a great tips! i actually have that in mind... sometimes dining out can be a reason for having less time to prepare food because of being exhausted from work. but surely, this is just too manageable.

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