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Found my goal reward.

Posted Dec 02 2008 2:49am
I have done a lot of thoughts about a reward for whenever I reach my goal. While I would rather it be sooner than later, I wanted something really concrete that would represent goal to help motivate/ground me to get these last 5 pounds off.
As a celebration, I would like to go to Disneyworld, although that is not in the financial future this year :D.
I had thought of a tattoo, a small one of a butterfly, or a butterfly created out of the number 100, since that has big significance in my weight loss. However, I am not really a tattoo girl, and it would take me off the blood donation list for a year (and regular readers know I am a member of the Sixer club).

But, this weekend I found the absolute perfect thing. There is a cool artist community building in downtown Glens Falls called the Shirt Factory. There are artists and studios there year round, but this weekend was their holiday open house and there were many more artists there. This is also where I got my cool new bowl in the post below.

Anyway, there is a woman there who does jewelry, and one of her new pieces is a Monarch cocoon. You can actually see the wings of the butterfly through the shell of the cocoon, and the little gold dots on it. They are stunning. I couldn't figure out the material, and she said it was polymer clay! I guess there are translucent kinds, and she makes the butterfly wings, then wraps them in the translucent polymer clay for the cocoon, so you can see the butterfly inside. Totally amazing. And I thought, "This is it, this is my goal reward." I think it represents a lot of things, including beauty within, rebirth, and nature.
I'm so psyched!
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