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Formula for Weight Loss Success: Lots of Tries Plus a "Secret Ingredient"

Posted Feb 13 2010 3:19am

How many times have you tried to stick to your dieting regimen? How many times have you tried to lose the weight? How many times have you lost the weight but not kept the weight off? How many times have you tried to change yourself to make all of this happen?

Lots of tries and not succeeding are to be expected. Changing a habit means trying and not succeedingat least not at first.

But it's not "tries" alone that make the differencejust like it isn't time passing that makes us grow up. It's our experiences. It's what we do with our time. And the same is true of weight loss.

What are you doing with your "time"? How are you working on overeating and staying overweight? If losing the weight and keeping it off for good is a struggle you are havingthen time spent on correcting these problems must include re-learning experiences which will do the most for you.

In any form of habit changeweight loss includedyour work is mostly mental. This means you'll have to find ways of changing your old habits so they don't interfere with such mental activities as your persistencemotivationimpulse controlself-confidenceetc.

Make time and your efforts work for you. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can solve things by yet another dietor by doing again what didn't work for you before. Rememberdietinglosing the weightand keeping it off are mostly mentaland that's what you have to change over time--your mindset.

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